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Blaze arknights drawn by libiadan sample-358ef2a2fe21f95f90d10fea44d42889.jpg
Archetype: Combat Cyberadept
Hacker in Training!
Chainsaw Cat is Go
MetatypeHuman (Surge II: Glowy Cat)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
PriorityMetatype - E
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - C
Skills - E
Resources - A

Character Information


Clawdia is a fish out of water. She's a Relic of a bygone age, twisted and reformed by this new world she finds herself in. all the cybernetics made her feel strong, but she felt strange in the mind, like everything was duller and less exciting, driving her to be even more and more energetic just to feel like she use to. She found that she could see things she couldn't before, a shining new world for her to explore out in this man made reality called the matrix. She's been adapting pretty well, it's all very shocking, but she has been taking it in stride and adapting, and evolving.


1. She is seeking a sense of normalcy like she is use too, and the money to achieve it

2. She wants to dive deeper into the matrix, and learn everything there is to know.

3. She wants to get a Nixodorf Sekretar W/ Liebesekretar


Youya is a former military trained soldier from the fifth age. She had a great degree of national pride for her country, stemming from how well her family had made it after immigrating from Asia. Her father made very sure to instill her original culture as she grew up, giving her a strong connection to her original cultural traditions. But the call eventually pulled her in, the love of her home spurring her to enlist and begin what would be a very short career. Upon Finishing basic training. she was deployed directly into the conflicts of The war on Terror. During her deployment she was Cripplingly injured by an IED, and brought back stateside. Her arms and legs were damaged beyond repair, but the more pressing thing was that she never woke up. Her family had bought into the concept of cryogenics, so they chose to have her frozen when they finally gave up hope that she would awake.

Years turned into decades. Her family getting swept up into the chaos that was the new world. Her parents died, and so too did her brothers and sisters, leaving children who had never even met her with the bills. They, like many others, just stopped paying for it, and the company started to falter, and eventually fall. One of the many corporations of the sixth world stepping in and picking up all the pieces discreetly. The cadavers frozen pre-magic's return were all used for whatever use could be found of them. In Youya's case, that was what could only be described as cybernetic resurrection.

They had no idea who this person was, two matrix crashes worth of data loss seeing to that. Based on the Tags around her neck, they thought she was Claudia, one of her squadmates. What they weren't prepared for was the fact this person had changed while she was in the ice. The return of magic, the Comet, the birth of the Otaku, the birth of the Technomancer, her body had been collecting all this energy in the thick ice she was frozen in. When they broke the ice, all of that collected energy expressed itself on the spot. In an attempt to play god, they replaced all the broken pieces of her body, down to every detail, getting greedy and excited on such a bizarre occurrence. They Succeeded, Youya awaking in the year 2082, after being asleep for over eighty years.

Youya's last memory was being in a warzone, awakening inside a lab was GREATLY misinterpreted. while they all celebrated, she acted Immediately, a knife on the table, an a strange connection to the technology around her serving all the purpose it needed too in her confused and hasty escape. Now loose on the streets, she finally started to realize how different this place was. She spent a lot of her initial time learning from technomancers, a chance encounter with Angela getting her the direction and assistance she needed to contact them and learn about her powers, and thrive with them.

Youya has been living in Seattle for six months now, slowly figuring out how the world works. She doesn't like it, but America is dead to her, this is reality now.

Narrative Significant Qualities


CHANGELING(Surge 2): She is a Kawaii Catgirl >3> (functional tail, Keen/cat ear)


Down the Rabbit Hole 3: She's not use to the sixth age entirely, she's EASILY distracted by new things.

Poor Self Control: (Thrill Seeker): She needs that HYPE (she thinks all that cyberware they jammed in had an effect on her)

Code of Honor: (Soldier): Youya went through boot camp and had a short career overseas, she has a strong sense of values relating to that. Looting a body for personal profit is morally wrong. Taking things from a body is only appropriate If it pertains to the mission, denying assets to the enemy, or to keep yourself properly equipped, all such weapons picked up should be properly disposed of after the mission is complete.

Bioluminescence: her Hair has glowing gold highlights when it gets dark.(also circuit style patterns on her skin)

Unusual Hair: Her Hair has GLOWING HIGHLIGHTS. its pretty unusual.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Beetle Thief BustedBulldogc6 December 2083
Of Bears and Burny BirdsEdward25 November 2083



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Angela 4 2 Fixer(K,N,G,A) Library Organizer and Teacher A Bird in a Cage, Techno Teacher, It's In a Book, Hidden Knowledge, Under the Belly of the Beast, Host Dweller Even
Mr. Cromwell 6 1 Gear Black market trader for large transactions Weapon Dealer, Loves forbidden goods, Cyberware Dealer, Bioware Dealer, Armor Dealer, Transport Network, Black Market Pipeline Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result


Amelia Airheart R4: Fake License rating 4 (Exotic Weapons License) , Fake License rating 4 (Firearms License) , Fake License rating 4 (Restricted Cyberware License) , Fake License rating 4 (Driver's License)


Youya is a 5 foot 6 inch woman, with an average but endowed build. she has long black hair and ice blue eyes, with a hint of Teal. She has young looking features, but not so much as to confuse her with a teenager. Notably beyond the realm of natural features though, she has functioning cat eyes, Cat Ears, and Cat Tail, making hte fact she is a surge obvious as hell. If that wasnt enough, her skin gently glows, just enough to be noticeable in the dark. it gives her an almost religiously healthy glow. On top of that, there are portions of her hair in the form of highlights that shine brightly like gold as soon as the lights turn off.


Youya has a very utilitarian style. She wears a red headband, and a Tank top that goes right into a pencil skirt made of a stretchy material. a Large majority of her cybernetic legs are hidden by thigh high socks, which are held up by belts with a pouch on each side. she wears several bags and pouches n her waist, using belts to suspend them along wit hthe massive case she uses to hold her weapon. To finish the look, she has a waterproof jacket.

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