Sinning Jenny

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Sinning Jenny
Mundane Grifter Face
A minor actress coming back to the even humbler roots (grifting).
Discord@Keeper M#0043
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.March the 9th, 2060
PriorityMetatype - E
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - B
# Initiations2

Character Information


Born as a national UCAS SINner to a lower-income troubled family, a former small-time actress in fantasy and SF movies produced by Pathfinder Multimedia, fallen into the shadows after angering a sleazy Horizon exec something fierce. After having to burn her SIN and abandon what little career she could count on, Jenny has to make a living as a grifter (a conwoman face) until she can hopefully get out of the life.


Currently, Jenny just wants to survive and preferably remain "better than bad" despite having to run. She's aware runners aren't heroes, she knows she's got to eat, but she'd rather stay on the cleaner side of the business. Ideally, she'd survive for a few years and save up enough to afford a really solid (R6) fake SIN which would allow her to retire from running, find a legitimate job in some theater or doing small-time movie gigs, and start over for the second time. Working through the trauma (originally represented by Impassive as less potentially troubling other teammates than Flashbacks and Phobia qualities) is her top priority short-time. Her not-so-secret dream is working her way up to a semblance of normalcy and starting a family, biological or through adoption - she's determined to do what her parents didn't offer her as a child. For this goal, she's got to set herself up - it's only responsible in her eyes.


Jenny's parents had quite a drinking problem, leading to her frequently picking up unsavory street smarts after school since coming home very early wasn't preferred by the girl. Always imaginative, with a daydreaming bent, she would typically spend most of her free time devouring theater and trid trivia while earning a little to make up for the days Mr and Mrs Voxola were too deep in their cups to bother with meals for their daughter through short cons. Who would believe a doe-eyed little girl, polite and seemingly walking innocence, would have sticky fingers and a silver tongue with lies galore? She learned from the trideo set always playing at the Comfy Teacup tea shop the family lived near and the elderly owner, Granny NY. In Granny, a small-time fixer as she discovered over time, she found a guardian figure, befriending her in the de facto absence of her own mom. Trids, tea and cats (seven, plus a rotating cast of kittens given away). The movies never turned off. Trivia related to all of them. Granny taught her about the streets, fostered her passion for acting, encouraged her to do well in school, acting classes eventually netting her a modest scholarship and the attention of one of Pathfinder Multimedia's managers, the dwarven philanthropist Harold J. Rutherford. Thanks to Harold, some talent, a lot of hard work, working late waiting tables on campus, with small-time gigs in fantasy and SF movies produced by Pathfinder Multimedia, Jenny earned her MA in Theater - it fit both passions and the hoped-for career. The manager of many of the flicks had proven himself to be quite a kindly mentor too. She fancied herself smitten with Max, her childhood friend employed by the KE Tukwila precinct as a beat cop. Things were looking up. She wasn't famous, the ware making her typical role of the lead's Humanoid Alien Sidekick (different eyes, ears, skin, hair, face - you name it) quite unlikely to result in people recognizing her, but Jenny was satisfied: unlike her parents, she was doing something with her life, she thought, and just had to keep working hard like this.

It wasn't to last.

Her last movie was directed by one Mark Pierce, an out-of-town Horizon exec with a fancy for elven starlets. Jenny wasn't his type, but the lead, Ella Lopez, was. His reputation preceded him. A disaster waiting to happen. Ella and Jenny weren't exactly friends, just buddies, but Mark gaslighting Ella to join the harem of his mistresses strained the whole team. One night, with the man getting drunk and attempting to prey on Ella when they were together in the Chez Ogino hotel, the elf pleading for help, Jenny acted on instinct, spilling some scalding hot tea in his face. While the girls fled and Pierce was just left with some facial scars and hurt predator pride, it spelled doom for both.

First, Ella and Jenny lost their roles, replaced overnight - a clear revenge move on the part of the scorned exec. The elf, dreaming of being Pathfinder Multimedia's next star, didn't recover from the trauma and took her life when she found out her limited Horizon SIN would be terminated along with the contract. This, on top of witnessing the assault attempt on a movie buddy, traumatized Jenny as well - being the one to find the body in the restroom can't have helped here. Harold couldn't protect her, only recommend burning her national UCAS SIN, ditching her life and running away to avoid whatever (para)legal battle Pierce would unleash if given the chance.

That's how Jenny found herself SINless in Seattle, with barely anything apart from her talents. Time to pull herself up by her bootstraps, learn runner survival skills, not die.

Narratively Significant Qualities


  • School of Hard Knocks. While she went to school and even earned herself a degree, growing up, Jenny learned much on the streets. In chargen, she buys Street skill ranks at a 1:2 ratio when using points. Afterwards, ranks 3+ receive a -1 karma discount.
  • First Impression. Jenny has a knack for sliding into new situations easily - a survival skill at this point. Every social skill test when meeting for the first time receives +2.
  • Alibi. Running short cons from an early age and developing finesse through her acting career, Jenny tends to come up with white lies and half-truths on the spot with ease. When she's got plausible-seeming evidence, she always receives the +2 social modifier to Con tests.
  • Closer. When Blackhawk suddenly went radio silence on the 30th of December 2083, she had to take matters into her own hands, you could say.
  • Photographic Memory (from the Neuro Retention Amplification). Jenny saved up for this cultured bioware to memorize the script better - she can now instantly recall facts, dates, numbers, or anything else she's seen or heard. She receives +2 to Memory Tests.
  • Linguist. Jenny's got a knack for languages - she can remember a lot with ease and her acting accustomed her to faking different accents. The cosmopolitan character of the campus and the nature of her work for Pathfinder Multimedia helped too. She's fluent in Aztlaner Spanish and Japanese (6 ranks - about C2?), but she doesn't plan on stopping. After all, there's no better way to get people to like you than speaking the same language and understanding the nuances of vocabulary used. In chargen, she buys Language skill ranks at a 1:2 ratio when using points. Afterwards, ranks 3+ receive a -1 karma discount. All Language skills are at +1 too.
  • Analytical Mind. Having to memorize script trains the mind. Having to think on your feet and analyze patterns can save your life on the run. She makes LOG tests like pattern recognition, evidence analysis, clue hunting, figuring out traps or solving puzzles with a +2 bonus. Problem-solving takes half as long as it does other people.


  • Family Curse. If not for parental neglect caused by drinking addiction, Jenny wouldn't have ever ended up picking up grifting skills. She may not have fallen into the shadows, had she received support from her parents when the Pierce trouble started. She's never ever touched any addictive substances out of fear of becoming like them, but she's still genetically at risk of ending up addicted: her Addiction Tests all suffer a -2 penalty.
  • Lightweight. While a determined teetotaler just in case, Jenny's organism handles addictive substances poorly. All Addiction Thresholds are 2 higher for her.
  • No Man Left Behind. Aware of the difficulties of being on your own and how much Gran NY, Harold and Max helped her avoid ending up in a dark place, Jenny feels obligated to give back. Unless she manages to pass a Threshold 4 Composure Test (CHA + WIL), she won't leave a teammate behind if they fall, regardless of how much (or how little) she likes them. Ella's death she blames herself for must be the first and last time.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Saving Private BlackhawkTidanShock31 December 2083
New Year's ThievesEdward30 December 2083
Pests for ProgenyAurora29 November 2083



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Gran NY 5 4 Fixer Owner of the Comfy Teacup & Fixer A Woman of Principle, Manners Maketh Man, Family Obligations, Temperance Is a Virtue, Downtown Dweller, Underworld Old Hand, Rumormonger's Network, I Know a Guy (Lots, Actually), The Proprietor, Feline Fan, Tea Ritual, Trid Trivia, Alter Ego, Infected Info Even
Harold J. Rutherford 4 4 Networking Pathfinder Multimedia Manager Race Traitor, Working Hours, Broad Horizons, Networking in Places High and Low, Corporate Rumors, Media Grip, Entertainment Insider, Setting the Stage, Fashionista Even
Maxwell "Max" Mourire 3 4 Legwork KE Beat Cop Rambling Study, Iterative Collaboration, Untimely Joke, The Knight Errant, Consummate Investigator, H&M, Guy Next Door, K-9 Cop, Lab Access, The Light Fantastic Even
Geoff Montgomery XLII the Raccoon 2 4 Custom(A,G,K,N) Raccoon Raccoon Shifter, Masking, Lookit the buttons! Even




In-Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Images of her helping around the Comfy Teacup tea shop and eatery, as much as she can be made out through the ever-present cat infestation. Likely some activity on free forums related to acting, fantasy and SF, a bit of math. Small-font job ads as Abigail Carter, a private investigator.
3 Records of some postgraduate acting courses at the Seattle University, ones making an MA in Theater, Journalism, English Philology with rather high scores mandatory upon entry. A person named Genevieve Voxola, a UCAS SINner looking very similar to Carter "after hours", can be found in the records of recipients of the Will in the World Acting Scholarship (yearbook 2078-2082), the initiative earning Pathfinder Multimedia promising young actors, one of the responsible people being Harold J. Rutherford, a limited Horizon SINner. Voxola played secondary roles in a number of fantasy and SF trids made by the corporation next. Classified deceased after a vacant building fire in Columbia, Downtown Seattle, in 2083.
6 Genevieve Voxola and Abigail Carter must be the same person. Only trace DNA was found at the site, KE assuming the fire was started intentionally and destroyed evidence. Wilson and Winona Voxola didn't show any interest in further investigation of their daughter's demise. Records from her life align closely with Carter's, however, which, paired with the sacking by Mark Pierce of Horizon shortly before the death, could imply faking it.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 A face and conwoman running short cons around Downtown Seattle and Tacoma, taking private eye gigs as well. A good deal of fast talk and decent legerdemain action. Mundane, with some ware - they're a dime a dozen.
3 She's got the gift of the gab, but also worked for it for years, starting grifting very early on in the vicinity of the Comfy Teacup tea shop and eatery. She still visits on the regular, with a good relationship with the proprietor. Not caught? Luck, some skill, friends with that one troggy nerd detective working at the KE Tukwila Precinct.
5 She used to have a real UCAS SIN and worked in several Pathfinder Multimedia productions. No blockbusters, entry gigs, really. You won't recognize her on screen, because she'd always play the role of the lead's Humanoid Alien Sidekick - amazing how much acting ware can change the looks. Burned that SIN after helping this elven starlet, Ella Lopez, in self-defense when Mark Pierce, a Horizon exec in overseeing the filming of "Infrared", got handsy with her. Chummer sacked them both, Lopez hanged herself in the restroom when she couldn't cope with that and losing her limited SIN, Voxola allegedly killed herself in a fire started in some empty squat. But of all the ways to off yourself, would you go for such a grueling death? ...I didn't think so. Carter cropped up suspiciously soon afterwards too. An educated guess: Voxola faked her death to dodge corpo Legalese and lives as Carter now.

Assensing Results

Hits Information Gained
1 Mundane, healthy (short of fluctuations related to the scene). Ask for the general mood please as you get it for one hit, but it fluctuates depending on the run.
2 Her facial muscles and smaller bones have been replaced with standard grade cyber (false face). She's got something of the same grade in her head (skilljack). If you've assensed her before, you'll probably recognize her.
3 Boring wageslave alphaware cyber: on the left temple (datajack), in her meat eyes (smartlink), on the scalp (fiberoptic hair). Something in her skull (math SPU and orientation system) and skin (skin toner). Whether or not her remaining essence is lower or greater than yours.
4 Bioware alterations to her pores (standard grade tailored pheromones), to her eyes (perfect eyes) and the brain (alphaware sleep regulator, mnemonic enhancers and Neuro Retention Amplification). Exactly 3.12 ESS.
5+ Everything plus her being subject to genetic treatment (attribute optimization: CHA and tetrachromatic vision). Not a technomancer!


  • Abigail Carter (UCAS, R6). Licenses: Restricted Augmentations, Restricted Armor, Concealed Carry Permit, Firearms, Driver's, Private Investigator. This SIN is used for her legal life. She hopes to ssurvive long enough to retire on it.
  • Charlotte (UCAS, R6). Licenses: Restricted Augmentations, Restricted Armor, Concealed Carry Permit, Firearms, Driver's, Private Investigator. This SIN is for running.


Not using any of the ware from her past life as a minor actress, Jenny is actually quite average. Average height, on the skinnier side, gray eyes, straight brown hair about neck-length, not much in terms of curves and other "feminine" features. Nothing to write home about. However, she has a way with words and can prove herself to be a rather compelling, dedicated actress.


She prefers more covering clothes, pants over dresses, something comfortable and on the classy side, rarely in garish colors.

Matrix Persona

Jenny actually adjusts hers on the regular. On burners, she tends to cycle through the freely-available default personas like Metalink's Michelin Man. On the Avalon commlink, it's usually a bioscan of a mandrill or a Caucasian elf with light coppery brown hair in a thick braid, wearing vantablack Lennon glasses, a gold-brown cocktail dress and matching pumps. Many just take it to be Jenny's bioscan, which is precisely the appeal.

Media Mentions

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