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Gran NY
Owner of the Comfy Teacup & Fixer
No one expects the crazy cat lady from the tea shop and eatery downstairs to be a longtime fixer - hiding in plain sight suits Ning just fine.
Surviving in the biz long enough comes with some perks: she gets to be choosy about jobs and runners now, something she gleefully takes advantage of.
Contact OwnerEnigmaticOxygen
Owner's Discord NameKeeper M#0043
Public Contact?Yes
LocationThe Comfy Teacup Tea Shop and Eatery, Tukwila, Downtown Seattle
Preferred Payment MethodFree-Labor Jobs
Hobbies/ViceBad Habit (Tea, Trids & Cats)
Personal LifeWidowed
AspectsA Woman of Principle
Manners Maketh Man
Family Obligations
Temperance Is a Virtue
Downtown Dweller
Underworld Old Hand
Rumormonger's Network
I Know a Guy (Lots
The Proprietor
Feline Fan
Tea Ritual
Trid Trivia
Alter Ego
Infected Info
Street Clinic Network


Ning Yang, Gran NY to those in the know in the shadows, is, if you ask her, the proprietor of the Comfy Teacup tea shop and eatery on the first floor of the sleepy Tukwila tenement by 65th Avenue S West of Tukwila Park. She might look like any of the tiny elderly Asian ladies, but beyond the tea rituals, cats crawling around the place and the ever-playing trideo set, a canny, creative mind hides. In truth, she's been a fixer for decades now, more than earning the right to be as picky, err, eccentric, as she is. She's rather good at hiding in plain sight, although retirement isn't on the bucket list at all.

Aspects Description

Aspect Description
A Woman of Principle Gran NY is fussy, ahem, "selective", about who she works with. She fancies herself the guide for those lily-livered whippersnappers, err, the next generations of runners. Notoriety has a double penalty when dealing with this contact. Subtract twice the runner's Notoriety from any check she's asked to do.
Manners Maketh Man Gran NY is an old-school lady, first and foremost, and will not tolerate breaches of common courtesy or hospitality in her presence, real or imaginary. When attempting to contact her, make an Etiquette test. On no hits OR a glitch, she'll refuse to work with you until appropriate amends have been made, subject to GM discretion. Warning: her preference for drek jobs involving cats is infamous.
Family Obligations To Gran NY, after being widowed by Sile - the late Mr Yang - her posse of cats became her family. The GM secretly rolls a D6. If they roll a 1, Gran is busy taking care of the critters, which means absolute focus and no time for anything else.
Temperance Is a Virtue Gran NY is extremely disapproving of addictive substances. Exactly why she's allergic to the non-teetotalers. If you are under the influence while talking to her (even something like Psyche or Long Haul), you must get at least three successes on a Con check. If you fail, she'll launch into a rambling sermon on the corrupting poison you've put in your body. If your loyalty is below four, she will refuse to talk to you until you're sober. If it's four or above, she'll listen if you can convince her that it's a matter of life and death. In order to keep the contact, you must spend a week volunteering at the tea shop, usually around her posse of cats.
Downtown Dweller She's spent all her life in Downtown Seattle and keeps her ear to the ground about what's going on in the district. Strictly for rolls about events in it, she receives a +2 dicepool bonus. She's at an advantage finding safehouses in it, networking with other locals, etc.
Underworld Old Hand Gran NY has been around for a long time and doesn't plan on retiring soon. +2 dice to any knowledge skill rolls related to the shadow community and assorted criminal activities in the Seattle area.
Rumormonger's Network Old ladies make excellent info-gatherers, even if half of it is gossip and the other half educated guess rumors. Gran NY knows her fellow retirees, but also shadowy folks, and can make use of the fact.
I Know a Guy (Lots, Actually) Be they underworld types, gray area operators willing to sell the SINless goods they trade in, or just Comfy Teacup customers, Gran NY has a knack for memorizing faces and helping you expand your base of contacts. Provided she thinks you're the right wrong sort, that is.
The Proprietor Running the Comfy Teacup tea shop and eatery has the perk of being able to offer a place for short-time laying low - she knows the inspectors in Tukwila, remembers their and their children's birthdays, favorite food etc., so getting a well-behaved runner to work there for a week without officials asking uncomfortable questions is straightforward. If you're particularly nice, she'll even consider letting you sleep on the couch in the backroom. Just pray you're not allergic to cat fur.
Feline Fan Being classified by many as a crazy cat lady, Gran NY knows there's a method in that madness. She's highly knowledgeable about all things tailed and whiskered. Mundane herself, she can actually talk about the more obscure species like the bastet or the talis cat squarely by the virtue of being cats. If there's something about Felidae she can't discuss at length, it must be not worth knowing.
Tea Ritual While as magical as a brick, Gran NY is trained in Japanese tea ceremony traditions. The actual usefulness ranges from tea-related trivia, brewing really good blends at the Comfy Teacup, to perhaps offering some tips on how to behave if invited to a chadō event by a Yakuza oyabun.
Trid Trivia Trid Trivia. If it's not cats, not tea, and Gran NY still enthuses about it, it's trideo. She knows who plays, in which movies, can recite lists of awards and reference even pre-Awakening silver screen history. If it's related to this passion, she earns +2 to the skill roll made. On occasion, she might even acquire fell-off-the-truck stage equipment like costumes, cameras or disguise cosmetics.
Alter Ego Thanks to her syndicate contacts, she can help procure fake SINs, licenses and other IDs for less than legal purposes.
Infected Info Infected Info. It started relatively recently, but Gran NY's had Reasons™ to research HMHVV. She applied herself vicariously and now knows much about infected, their strengths and weaknesses, cabals of those who turn the healthy as well as bounties, not only from the Draco Foundation. She can also connect you with the Draco Foundation people.
Street Clinic Network She's connected to various street clinics now. She can help you connect with medical contacts, such as Kranky Krank or Lisa Cutty as well as ware ones, such as Chantal Houellebecq. First Aid, Medicine and the related knowledge skills are at +2.


Knowledge Checks 6 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Active Checks 4 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Gear Acquisition Checks 10 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Networking Checks 14 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety


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Narratively Significant Runs

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Happiness Is a Warm Gun (Or Knife, Or Stun Baton)Keeper M7 November 2083