Saving Private Blackhawk

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Saving Private Blackhawk
LocationThe Barrens, Seattle
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Sinning Jenny Character1


A few calls to an ally becomes a desperate search for a friend.


Amidst the emotional stress of a recent run, Blackhawk has gone on yet another infected killing rampage with no end in sight, ignoring the calls of a soon to be friend in the process.

The Meet

Before the turn of the new year and recovering from her most recent run, Jenny messaged and called her recently found acquaintance Blackhawk to wish him good tidings. However, after multiple hours of messages and silence. Worry fills her mind to the point she asks Gran NY for advice as to what to do about this. Despite his silence he is punctual and something simply felt... off. Gran NY indicated he had gained enough of a reputation to becomne a rumour among Snohomish and the Barren's. A cowboy hunting infected under the veil of night. In the end Gran NY's other comments on the situation caused Jenny to actively want to seek and find out what had happened to Blackhawk. Hopping on her ZIP cycle, she headed towards Snohomish to find his whereabouts.

The Plan

Heading through multiple check points Jenny found herself approached by a small group of thugs in the Eastern portion of Snohomish, blocking her way forward and potentially backwards. With a gun pointed to her head, the options were to simply pay them one way or another. With her words she was able to pay them far less than their suggested price and even got some directions out of the deal. Pointing out she was heading in the right direction as sightings of a cowboy killing infected were reported that way and in the northern part of the Barrens, where not too long ago the revving of a motorcycle was heard. With a simple thanks the thugs left Jenny to her vices, disgusted by the encounter she managed to compose herself and continued on her venture towards the Barrens at a rapid pace.

The Run

Once arriving at a particularly sketchy part of the Barrens, Jenny dismounted and discreetly headed towards the sewers, where even at night most infected dwelled. Pardoning the dreadful stench and horrible stench of well... a sewer, Jenny made her way investigating for any sign of Blackhawk down below. By some luck or miracle nothing seemed to approach her in the darkness as she managed to find a large group of infected laid dead from shotgun wounds to the chest. Piecing together the obviosu conclusion her vampire cowboy friend had been here, she gave him yet one more message, where slightly to her horror she saw his comm link buried amidst the corpses. With nothing left to go on but a blood trail leading out of the sewers she took it and followed at a breakneck pace. Upon exitting the sewers she faintly heard the familiar sounds of a shotgun firing in rapid succession. With this as her guide Jenny sprinted towards it before she noticed the situation at hand, a heavily wounded Blackhawk firing away at a vampire and large group of feral ghouls with perhaps moments left before he got overwhelmed. Thinking on her feet Jenny lept up to a nearby low rooftop and managed to kick off a large case of glass beers on top of the feral vampire's head distracting them for better or worse. With the vampire's attention now on her Blackhawk managed to lay into and kill several of the ghouls that were clawing at him. Shot after shot rang out before Jenny was able to point out to Balckhawk where to strike to deliver her a swift yet painful blow. After a couple more ghoul kills Blackhawk was left in a slight frenzy lookign at Jenny with his gun drawn. Somehow able to reach out and calm him down, she pointed out how the sun was comign up soon and they had to retreat somewhere for safety before he would have to deal with it in full.


Finding an abandoned warehouse by some miracle the pair managed to collect their bearings. Yet despite having every opportunity to she chose not to leave Blackhawk alone as they would likely sleep through the day she chose to stay by his side so he was not alone. With this act of friendship/compassion in mind he lowered his guard. Her slowly following closely in suit. Revealing secrets and forming a genuine bond. With the promise that she would never shut up in exchange for allowing her to care about him. With the promise in mind and rest, the day faded to night as the new year dawned. Blackhawk then offered to fulfill his promise, giving her a ride on his Yamaha Raiden as promised last they spoke. With the lights of the city guiding their way he left her at the doorstep of Gran NY's tea shop. with a hesitant farewell they promised to speak again over a western movie. With that in mind and a last fond "yeehaw" the near year dawned with hope as its guiding message.


There is a run multiplier of x1.5 in effect due to run being judged as taking 9 hours to complete.

  • 16 Karma (16 RVP)
  • 10 bonus CDP (5 RVP)
  • 2 CDP


  • Can take up to 5 RVP for mundane ascension rewards.
  • Can take the Closer Quality at chargen rates (4 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

  • Sinning Jenny: "I know two things only. One, I was deep in trouble, wwell over my head, and with just beginner's luck. I can do a few things barely. That must be remedied. More workout, better Matrix, shooting.

Two, Blackhawk is alive. It's all that matters, worth it, 11/10 would get blasted by a crazy vampire Goth mage again."