New Year's Thieves

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New Year's Thieves
LocationTacoma, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Geoff Montgomery XLII the Raccoon
Steilacoom Tacoma Hotel
Doggie Bag
Sinning Jenny
That Poor Waiter's Ego
Casualties and losses
None None (Fancy Food)


Geoff Montgomery XLII the Raccoon is no ordinary Johnson you can imagine. The label entirely correct, he wants in on the shinies from an upscale waterfront hotel in Tacoma during a New Year's Eve party held there. That's a lot of tasty food for little raccoon paws. Enter the runners.


The transition from 2083 to 2084 is an excuse to party to many, a great business opportunity for some. The latter counts for the staff of the Steilacoom Tacoma Hotel and the runners hitting it.

The Meet

Geoff Montgomery XLII the Raccoon hires Doggie Bag, Ez-Azael, Nu11st@ck and Sinning Jenny to hit the hotel in the AA-zone of Tacoma and abscond with as many shinies as possible. Meeting partially in an out-of-the-way area in Puyallup, partially on the Matrix, the team, like one man, is shocked and impressed to see a larger-than-life (literally) raccoon in a chair, using technology to synthesise very good English. They're happy to work for him, however, asking questions about the party, listening to his legwork prepared in advance and figuring out the best way to pull the run off. Ez-Azael then enters in what shall, from now on, be known as the Battle of the Floofs with the Johnson, succeeding in negotiating uniforms to fit into with the Aztechnology-run catering and keep afterwards.

The Plan

Things progress well as Nullstack hacks the host of the hotel to insert fake identities for Ez-Azael and Jenny, prepare for looping cameras and make the pricy tickets free. The two hatch a plan to run distraction as an unmarried couple with a nasty allergy flaring as the establishment is known for gourmet food. Doggie Bag, with a water spirit from Ez backing him up, awaits the opportunity created by mayhem to break in from the sewers and lift a couple of boxes of tasty treats out while Nullstack prevents discovery from the Matrix end.

The Run

The plan's execution is borderline flawless. Team Karen is sent in, disguised and dressed to kill, with Team Matrix's preparation. Cameras looped to show nothing happening in the freezer room together with Team Sneak being extremely stealthy means Doggie Bag can make off with more goodies than Geoff could possibly want. The staff and guests are distracted when Ez's date's peanut allergy flares while he's talking to the manager about the chicken dish and the SURGEling, currently looking like a very intimidating oni, offers righteous rage of truly biblical levels.


Team Sneak, overwatched by Team Matrix, ensures our J will eat really well. Team Karen makes a retreat while keeping up the pretense of stomach issues. They avoid early detection of any wrongdoing and Geoff gets his goodies.


  • 10000¥ or twice in electronics or vehicles - availability 19 or below, or Ares Industrious (5 RVP)
  • 7 Karma (7 RVP)
  • 2 Bonus CDP (1 RVP)
  • 2 CDP

Optional, taking from the above:

  • Geoff Montgomery XLII the Raccoon (C2/L3) (4 RVP)
  • Catlike for Doggie Bag (7 RVP)
  • Rabble Rouser for Jenny/Ez (6 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

"For a first run, actually wasn't that bad. I was somewhat worried about inexperience getting to me, but a liberal application of improv and yelling had made the appropriate kind of scene for our little heist. Most folks don't really want to argue with an irate Oni, as would be reasonable. Sinning Jenny was, of course, a stellar deuteragonist in our fib of a scene. I almost mistook her choking for an actual allergy, but we did have a little prep ahead for how all this would happen. I don't quite know what our hacker did in exact detail, but no one poked holes in our cover-story and no one seemed to be in the way as we tried to leave; probably means that Null kept everything air-tight on the Matrix. Our muscle kept hidden with help of a summoned spirit and made good on hauling our mark, so that's a job well done by DB. Though... he does kind of worry me; might be nothing. Overall, smooth and efficient."

Blackhawk was right. You need a team. Maybe it's beginner's luck, but the three from tonight shared that teamwork chemistry like on the bug run. It doesn't matter how you look, but what you do. How you act. They were more than just nice: they were professionals and let me tag along. The Johnson... I'm not professional saying it, but cute as a button. I've never seen a raccoon in a chair, let alone hiring people to get treatos, but what do I know! Must have been magical or maybe Emerged. Like Jane. I've got to research critters and do my homework here. Working distraction with Ez-Azael to help Nullstack work his Matrix tricks to keep Doggie Bag unnoticed was like the kid years, but better. Not alone. And those gents really know their stuff. I hope our animal employer is satisfied with us and his fancy dinner.

  • Nu11st@ck "That racoon was dynamite! I've been looking for some scrap plating for weeks to upgrade the armor on my girl and by god it delivered superbly. Even managed to squeeze out a nice wet bar from the deal. The job? Flawless... A well oiled machine. It could t have run smoother. Everyone did their jobs to the t we got in we got out with none the wiser. I can't complain about any of it. If only they were all that clean."

Doggie Bag

"Not really sure why the Johnson wouldn't just meet with us directly. Still seems kinda ridiculous to have a fraggin' racoon with a voice box pretending to be like, some kinda super smart bandit or some fuckin' thing? I dunno. None of my business I guess. I was just here to get harrassed by pigs and do the shit work, literally. "Still, I shouldn't complain. Team was slick, and that ork guy just waltzed through a AA host like candyland. Guess I'll call it a blessing, in the end. Whatever God there is knows I could use a new fraggin' comm."