Slow And Insidious Killer

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Slow And Insidious Killer
Part of The Arrival
Part of The Crow of Seattle
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Ezekyle Burton
Major Corp
Spooky stuff


Missing person case leading to a scary massive spirit of fear.

The Meet

The runners were picked up in a blimp and offered some whisky and some para critter ammunition for the run. The job, find a missing researcher and aid her, if a para critter is involved kill it. 75% is offered if the target has already turned. Wood pulp, silver, aconite capsule bullets, barbed head arrows, and a single arrow filled with naga venom.

The Plan

Trace her commcode and start at her last known location look for clues and track her down.

The Run

Throwback traced the commlink using the provided commcode. We found it located in ratsnest, Redmond. The comms had some suspicious messages indicating that she was panicking. We traveled to the location of the commlink. The location was an old construction site with a large Red Cerberus patrolling the area. The team avoided it some while recovering the the commlink. Shortly after the Cerberus hit some unexploded munitions taking some damage. The team opted to not attack and instead try and heal the Cerberus, which seemed friendly. First aid was successfully applied and the Cerberus started resting. While that happed the team performed a forensic investigation and found the remains of a fight. Target seemed stunned then carried off by 2 metahumans. The team decided to hunker down and wait for the dog to awaken. Once it did, it sniffed the commlink and began to track the scent.

The dog lead the team to an old gas station with a large ship welded to it. The facility seemed like our final destination. Throwback hacked some cameras and located the target inside along with a commlink. Elaine called the commlink which seemed to belong to the leader of the group. Following a discussion she release the target to us once she realized that the creature was still tracking her. On the way out of the area Chrome's vehicle flips and the team had to right it again, the target of a mysterious accident.

The team decided to head towards Puyallup to try and astrally hide in the background count from what ever was tracking the target. While en-rout we are directed to a mental health clinic in Sophocles by a mysterious note. The clinic run by Ezekyle Burton. He informed us of the threat that is chasing her. The plan going forward is to drive her to Spokane and see if we can out range the spirit's search. The team easily snuck out of the city using smuggling routs thanks to Ace. The J meets us there and we explain what we have learned along with the comm code to Ezekyle who offered assistance healing her.


The J grudgingly took custody of the maddened target, provided the payment and bid us farewell. Ezekyle followed up, no call was placed to him to help with her mental health.


60,000 Nuyen as Foci, Fetishes, Lodge Materials or Cyberware, Bioware and Nanoware up to Availability 19 (15 RVP)

May instead take 1 Karma for every 4,000 Nuyen not spent up to 15 karma.

1 Karma (1 RVP)


Optional Contact: Bellerophon, 4/1 Paracritter Hunter (4 RVP) Optional Contact: Ezekyle Burton, 2/1 Ghoul Therapist (2 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Throwback: "I love these simple runs, some of the more magically inclined team folk seemed pretty scared of this sprit. Can't be that awesome if we got away some easy."

Elaine: Getting it done without overexerting ourselves is good. The news about the unrelenting spirit is disturbing. But it isn't following us. I may look into it, but we have other things to take care of. I wonder if that Cerberus Hound is ok. He seemed nice...