This is 2083

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This is 2083
Part of Hail to the Pumpking
Status Threat Level: Medium (UPGRADED TO DEADLY)
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven MCT Night Hunters
Ryan Danes
Takeshi "Kaminari" Hatsuke
MCT Sniper
MCT Mage
"Ronald Crusher"
Various Goons
Casualties and losses
Kaminari's Dick All of them


Trapped within a poser runner bar, the representative for Mr.Johnson is pinned by an MCT sniper, while the job for the runners didn't relate to her own plight, they took the initiative and helped her escape, before going on a journey to discover the odd, and possibly supernatural, causes behind a series of orc kidnappings in Sophecles.


The Meet

The meet was in tourist town, in a 'runner bar' completely filled with off-brand, rich kid, wannabe shadowrunners. After the group made their way through this location, somehow managing to avoid punching one of them long enough to get lead into the back, where a surprisingly 'police' looking individual seemed to be waiting for them, this was their client, 'pigshield.' After getting formalities out of the way, Pigshield passed over a set of datachips, showing off some rather disturbing instances of roadways, vehicles, and random innocents being destroyed and gobbled up in grotesque, supernatural ways. According to the client, this had been occuring over a decent period of time, and her benefactor wishes to see this sort of unnatural fuckery be put to an end, not to mention, a series of possibly related kidnappings against orcs and other metaspecies. After a series of negotiation attempts, Pigshield sweetened the deal with a set of nicely decked-out, highly restricted weapons. On the way out, she mentioned that there was a hitman waiting for her to leave the location, forcing her to remain here until they leave, or she finally keels over, finding the plight of the woman rather sympathetic, and the additionally offered weapons, the runners agreed to put the assassin out of business to free her from this weeb-filled hell.

After some snooping, the group managed to find a stealth-cloaked individual, a weird cyberdog, and a few jerkass corpos walking around and pummeling locals, though, after some matrix-snooping, they were unable to confirm the identity of their assassin, apparently one that would be in the employ of MCT according to Pigshield. With this lack of success, the group decided they would do their best to help coax Pigshield through the alleys, and into the party's vehicles to take her off to Sophecles where she can successfully disappear. ((AT THIS POINT THE RUN HAS BEEN ADJUSTED TO A DEADLY LEVEL RUN)) Dipping out of the back entrence of the building, the ground forces got to work helping Pigshield through the alley, spotting a single camera that seemed out of place, as Bulldozer crushed it, the group started to move for M3chan1c's car, which the rigger had been seated in. With a nearly-supernatural sense of awareness, Bulldozer and Lumina leapt in front of the exposed Pigshield, taking the first of many rounds from the assassin, a sniper perched over a kilometer away. From this moment, things became a frenzy, Bulldozer stood back up to shield Pigshield, Kaminari took a devastating shot to the prized goods, and M3chan1c rapidly started to twist and shift the Matrix to disturb the targeting net the Sniper had arranged. With a sharp eye, Kaminari was able to turn around and spot a series of cameras, sending a group of knives into the damned things, cutting off the vision web of the assassin. As the group healed up, M3chan1c sent through a few scouting drones and started to clear off the rest of the alleyway, firing rounds into another series of cameras, marking unsafe locations for the group to pass due to line of sight with the sniper, and finally, spotting a tracker stuck in the armor of Pigshield, which was quickly jimmied out by Kaminari and his talented knifework. With their way clear, the party sprinted into the car as their rigger took off at full speed down the road for Sophecles.

Throwing up a call with Bolt, M3chan1c and his Fixer immediately initiated a screaming match, complaining about the lack of information about the assassin, further threats, the under-description of the run, and the sheer bullshit they just ran through, with replies about 'hitting the big leagues' 'ungrateful shithead runners' and witnessing the horrors of a runner getting his dick shot off. After the screaming match ended, the two spoke, with Bolt gladly agreeing to take on Pigshield as a member of the gang should she need a place to go. With a secure location for their client to stay safe after the job completed, the group continued on towards their actual work.

The Plan

Approaching a night-market where various kidnappings had been taking place as described by Pigshield, the party strode in looking for any suspicious individuals, which M3chan1c's drones quickly picked up, a gang of hooded cyber-junkies hanging on the scaffolding above them, looking over Bulldozer with disgust. Just as the group acknowledged them as members of the Night Hunters gang, a massive, minotaur-sized member of their gang dropped right in front of the runners. With a quick insult towards the minotaur, Bulldozer immediately responded by throwing a headbutt towards the prick, but, before he could react, the ganger countered with an even more powerful headbutt, somewhat stifling the runner, leaving him more than enough room to continue his tirade as Lumina stepped up to try and calm everyone's nerves, asking the hunters if they were responsible for the kidnappings, which they responded rather honestly, saying they only kill Orcs, considering it a sort of 'sport,' that kidnapping would be a waste of time and resources. As the two debated on this subject for a moment, M3chan1c started to get his drones in position, as Kaminari started to look to keep the area clear of civilians, as well as other ambushers that may be in the crowd. With some information from Pigshield, the group did their best to keep the pricks talking as they realized the market was filled with individuals who might have leapt to join in a fight in the area, considering the mixture of metahumans and humans in the area, it was a toss up just which side would have more supporters jumping in, should lead start to fly. As Pigshield requested to see proof these were the individuals responsible for the kidnappings, before she was willing to pay them for the job, with a spectacular bit of convincing and speech from Lumina, they managed to expose that they had kidnapped and tortured an elderly orc, showing the trophy, in the form of a dried out skeleton they proudly hung from the scaffolding, marking it with the humanis symbol. With that, the runners gave up on humoring them, as the runners drew, the speedy ganger dropped a brick of C4 and ran, the fight was on.

The Run

Bulldozer managed to near-completely negate the explosives, protecting his allies as he fell to the ground and fired off a shot at his fleeing foe, toppling the inhumanly massive human into what the runners expected to be unconsciousness.. though, with a hiss and activation of some of his cyberware, he stood back up, claiming he wouldn't go down to the likes of a 'trog.' Of course, it was at this moment that M3chan1c's Lynx fired off an assault cannon round into his back, staggering the leader as his men dropped on the minotaur and started to pummel him, dodging a nasty attack from Kaminari in the process. Lumina flipped over, drawing her claws as she started to rake them savagely across the backs of one of the gangers mobbing Bulldozer. As the combat began to hype up, a group of Ancients darted out from their trid games, unleashing an impressive storm of full-auto fire upon the gangers, cheering on the runners as they entered the fray proudly, turning a pair of the gangers into a pile of slurry dripping from Bulldozer's back as he finally had a chance to stand. Immediately in response to this, the Leader started up their jetpack, rocketing through the air to crush a pair of the ancients, the quantified elven jam beneath his boots seeming to be a direct response to their previous slights against his people. Just in the efforts of tipping the tables once again, as one of the gangers raised a fist to attack the downed minotaur again, a powerful shot from the assault cannon rendered him into a gory husk, collapsing on the ground before the party's prone tank. Following in the efforts of the others, Kaminari finished off the last ganger with a masterful

With only the leader remaining, Lumina leapt towards him, claws raised as she swung for the hulking beast of a cyborg, only to get knocked back a few feet by a powerful counterattack from her target, which she raised her arms to block, completely negating his efforts with her sheer defiance. Charging for his foe, Bulldozer ran in, barely missing an attempt to gore the leader as the ancients danced out of the way, one of the panicking members blasting a alchemical grenade into the fray at the horror of seeing her friend liquefied before her, as the death touch activated, enraging him further, causing him to respond by hurling the unconscious ancient towards her ally, who quickly dodged the body, which immediately became a corpse on contact with the concrete building nearby. While he was distracted, he barely turned in time to notice the steel lynx that pulled up beside him, barrel tightening as the firing mechanism went off, blowing a massive hole in his chest as he finally fell forward, dead at last.

As the group looked over the bodies, going over the commlinks of the deceased, and taking any important equipment they might be able to use, M3chan1c managed to crack into the leader's commlink, finding out that, in fact, these gangers had only recently appeared in the area, hunting down a popular local hero, an orc outlaw with a cowboy getup, unfortunately.. it looked like this lead was a bust.

Finishing up in the night market, the group was met with one of their replacement runners, as Incubus had disappeared in the events of the sniper incident. Speaking with the Ancients, they got some further information on a possible lead, an address further into the district. As the group unloaded at the location, Lumina started to feel an odd draw towards a door along the decrepit alley. Punching the door, the party, all turned to spot a disturbing sight, a eldritch being lurking above the door, reprimanding the woman for attacking the door to its 'domain.' After a rather lengthy discussion, and some disturbing tricks with the supernatural, the group started to get the picture of this creature, some sort of being who wished to 'unify' individuals by having them become a 'bridge to the other world.' Being rather suspicious of the being, the group started to look around, with the matrix-inclined individuals starting their work on checking on local rumors going along among some various street-dwelling civilians, giving them yet another lead, apparently, the kidnappings had all been on children on the eve of their 18th birthdays. With some ideas tossed back and forth, the group decided to find the local school's host to find a potential target for the strange apparitions in the area to get some further information.

Dropping into the matrix, the pair of deckers got to work snooping around for the student records, as 4NG3L found and started digging into the files, M3chan1c took the 'too many chefs in the kitchen' approach, and supervised a pair of script kiddies having an anime battle over the matrix before starting to look around for any level of security records. Finding them, the pair got to work defusing a massive databomb, they managed to steal the security and disciplinary records of the students, tying it towards the list of missing students. According to the list, it appeared that the most recent missing student went on a violent rampage shortly before disappearing.


With an address of the most recent missing student, the party drove off to visit their family for more information. After politely explaining the situation, Lumina was let into the home of a stout, rather smoke-laiden Orc, who quickly began to explain the situation. Apparently, his daughter, Oroka, had been acting strange recently seeming to be pretty stressed out from numerous factors, lack of sleep, money troubles, etc, as sleep medication failed to help her and the tensions continued to rise, especially as the N-51s began to move in and the spirit trickery few with the most recent wave, she ran away from home, completely evading her father's attempts to locate her. After speaking, he offered to let them investigate her room, a rather small number, but absolutely coated from top to bottom in seemingly illogical scrawlings, resistant to attempts to translate through Pigshield, or even through translation software on the matrix. As the group looked for a cypher, Lumina spotted something outside, a somewhat-undead looking individual with a large bag, opening it wide for an orc child in the alleyway, which they quickly leapt into and seemed to disappear. Spotting an abduction, the runners leapt into action, hopping out of windows, sending drones in pursuit, and preparing for a fight with the unnatural being. Kaminari lead the way, sending out a violent slash with his blade, infused with lightning, only for the creature to raise its hand, disappearing into thin air before the weapon could connect. Scanning the area quickly with his drones, M3chan1c was able to spot a line of text which quickly disappeared almost as quickly as the spirit did in the asphalt, reviewing the footage from his drones, it was discovered that this spirit had been invisible to his cameras and sensors the entire time, even though the creature had been visible to the party as they stood before it. Speaking with Kaminari, the spirit appeared to be some sort of 'unique' being, something he wasn't familiar with in his experiences with the astral. Looking over what he could, M3chan1c managed to relay the text that had faded as he scanned the area, reading out "Come, little children, hide with me| The storm season is coming for thee| Let your parents and cousins die| Bleeding and burning in delight| Sacrifices for the dark| But you will live and leave your mark| We'll keep you safe, little children, see| Aren't you happy to get to know me?" Effectively, the response from Pigshield as the group relayed the information was rather dark, as she recoiled at the description of the demonic presence, as well as its actions against the youth of the district, she explained that the group, in fact, had completed the requested objectives, and thus, paid them, debating on what would have to be done next.. perhaps involving a group of exorcists.


--- This Is 2083 (Deadly, 20 x 1.5 Runtime multiplier = 30 RVP) 12,000 Nuyen in Gear at HALF PRICE due to Gear Rates (pick and choose as you wish): (6 RVP)

  • PPSK-4 Collapsible Machine Pistol
  • Renraku/Ingram Supermach 200
  • Hardening Module
  • Rating 25 Plastic Explosive
  • Squatter/Low/Medium Lifestyle in Sophocles, Redmond
  • 1x Ares Lancer MP (goes to Mechanic)
  • 1x Peak-Discharge Battery Backpack
  • 1x EVO/Yamatetsu Naval Rampart (goes to Bulldozer)

20 Karma (20 RVP)

10 CDP (4 RVP)

You get to keep spare change as Nuyen

Game Quotes

DM: Putting on the incredibly long and detailed establishing narration, getting us all in character and excited "When you look into a window, you see your reflection looks... off, that's because the window broke years ago, what you are looking at is a Glass spirit, shifting your reflection into a clown."

"I don't want to be a twitter userrr."

Table erupts in laughter and DM laments how close he was to finishing this off without cracking up.

"And this kid thinks he'll be cool.... After School.."

"you're dealing with a culturally insensitive, sheltered, and overly-spoiled wannabe shadowrunner."



Lumina sees Legally Distinct Adam Smasher threaten the elves! Lumina rushes at him immediately, attempting to ram her claws into Legally Distinct Adam Smasher's back! "Leave the elves alone!"

Lumina:8 Attack!



Player After Action Reports (AARs)

M3chan1c: "Ho-ly shit, that was something, while the weird supernatural shit was something to be astounded at, dealing with that damned sniper was a bitch and a half, feel like hell about poor Kaminari, hope that fella can get a cyberdick at a discount out of good faith.. Regardless, I don't like the feeling of all this, those meta-racists, the weird kidnappin' spirits.. somethin's off out 'ere, and it can't be a coincidence that it's all happening at once, I'll have to bug my Fixers to throw me some bones out in this area more."

Lumina: "That was... intense! Even from the meet with the Johnson's agent, we discovered she was in trouble, trapped at a broken down diner. She warned us about an assassin that was out to get her, so we did what we could to try to get her out of there safely. It turns out, the assassin was an extremely deadly sniper who was so prepared that he had set up a literal killzone outside of the diner. If it weren't for our friend Bulldozer to protect us from the initial hit, we would have been done for. As if the sniper wasn't enough....we encountered a vicious group of Night Hunter gangers when we got to Sophocles for the actual job. Violence was unfortunately inevitable, but that wasn't the end of it. Sophocles is full of bizarre and strange spirits which we had to mingle with. Something serious is definitely going on with them, but it'll be up to mages to do a full investigation."

4NG3L: "That was perhaps some of the most morbid and creepy shit I have seen in a long time. That.. ghost/yokai/whatever-the-fuck-it-was disappearing once cornered took the cake, even over that eldrich thing we ran into in the alleyway. I suppose it's this kind of shit you run into in a Seattle ghetto in the 2080s. Note to self: purchase more APDS bullets for D347H8L0550M, just to be safe...