Denial of Service Attack

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Denial of Service Attack
Part of The Life and Times of One Kevin Crimes
LocationNew York, New York
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Von Neumann
NYPD Cutters
Casualties and losses


Runners are hired to steal military grade materials for a mysterious J

The Meet

The meet ping registered deep in the bowels of the ork underground. The team met up early and began to trudge through the radiated sewer. a few levels down they located a mysterious boat, sitting in the irradiated river of sludge. Near the boat the team found a bar of sorts. The bartender a fleshy anthro drone, flanking him an ARES mule mounted with a heavy machine gun. Upon sitting a DNI request appeared " Shadowrunners, be advice. Work contract established, 91 runtime queries remain, prepare for antigen administrator. Codewords: Dismarm, Standby, Receive. Nu11st@ck responded with Receive. The prompt updates, Targetname: N/A unofficial aliases: Kevin Crimes, Green Fuck. Tendon: Illicit organization 'the cutters' complete transaction with lockheed martin and federated-boeing. Military materiel en route to injection, destination private seattle airport. The next message appears Border vector secure, aerial vector secure, open ingress point detected. New York, New York police dept, airport requires material injection, Codewords: Inject, infect, extract. The general jist, the drone seems to want us to steal some military hardware from a police airfield in new york new york. The pay 400000 Renraku Script, the target RDX, Dioctyl Sebacate, Polyisobutylene, Motor oil, potassium nitrate, silver, carbon, industry standard r31 plasteel, silicon, gold, tin. aluminum. Translated to C4, firearms, drone compartments ect. Opposition? NYPD and Cutters, New York chapter. The J has arranged a flight in 18.1 hours target arrives in 27.9 hours. NYPD is a AA security rating zone, astral security, drone swarms, riggers, deckers, corruption estimated 67.5% possible, estimated practical security rating: A. Extraction provided, Mack hellhound on standby, cargo trailer links available, loading of material estimated to bottleneck. Snowman managed to negotiate an additional 2000Y (42000Y each)

The Plan

Attempt to smuggle some of the teams illegal gear using Angel's triad contacts. The team boards the flight, while passing through security a mysterious benefactor hacked cyberware detectors to allow us to pass. Additionally this "person" sent a R6 Manuversoft for the Hellhound that will handle the target payload. This autosoft is incredibly complex in construction and revision. The team suspected an AI. While flying the team performed some matrix searches to locate some additional information. Angel attempted to locate a facility blueprint while Nu11st@ck searched for personal records related to deckers and riggers that are on assigned to the airport. Both searches yielded good results.

The Run

Nu11st@ck and Angel started by scouting out the base. Nu11st@ck entered the destination host and looked around while Angel checked the exterior. The host turns out to be a nested host. The airport in a destination host and the secure sector in a hidden nested host. Nu11st@ck and Angel hack the nested host and enter. The plan is simple, find the load orders for the gear, copy them, deliver them to Snowman's contact Styyles Flamingo. Flamingo doctored up a fake order to load the stuff into the teams truck instead. Angel then dropped the file back into the host and Snowman contacted the rigger in charge of security, convincing him that the deal is legit. Some high grade burner fake sins and con checks later the truck started getting loaded. The sin scanners were magical today, and detected both r6 sins as suspect. Before the riggers could manually verify the sins Nu11st@ck deftly hacked the scanner and updated it to to always report good sins. The team then hauled ass out of new york and back to seattle, avoiding the watchful gaze of GOD the entire way.


The team reported to the destination and the truck was unloaded. Snowman and Angel were paid an Nu11st@ck was escorted to the underground for a day to pay his hidden tab.


--- Run Rewards for Denial of Service Attack (20 RVP, Deadly + 1 Negotiation Rewards) For 4NG3L and Snowman:

40,000 Nuyen (20 RVP)

2,000 Nuyen (Negotiation Rewards)

-11,000 Nuyen (3,000 for Burners, 8,000 for Forgery - courtesy of Flamingo)


For Nu11St@ck:

20,000 Nuyen (10 RVP)

2,000 Nuyen (Negotiation Rewards)

Von Neumann, 8/1 Oddball AI (8 RVP)

Betaware Area Kink Bomb installed inside his brain, requires T7 Cybertechnology, T8 Medicine checks to extract safely

May purchase Drones and Vehicles + Mods at gear rates; up to 44,000 Nuyen effectively

IG Discount

2 Karma


Game Quotes

"What kinda truck has blood in it?" "The kind that has fuckin guns on it." Snowman

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Nu11st@ck: "Well that was a hell of a thing... Decent payday and some fun new cross country action. I'm a touch concerned with what that stuff is going to be used for but what ever, the military can't be trusted either."

Snowman: "Well I can't believe we pulled it off without any bloodshed but damned if it wasn't a nice payday. Still seems a little too close for comfort and I'm not sure how Goose will take it finding out her burners almost got tagged."