Scripted to be this Way

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Scripted to be this Way
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Umezawa-gumi Yakuza clan
Ryuichi Umezawa
Ares Vory Triad
Ryan Danes
Miracle Shooter! Vory Decker "Cherkov Angryfingers" 2 unnamed Traid Deckers
Casualties and losses
I don't have a joke for once Q.Q None Cherkov Angryfingers, In Prison 1 unnamed Triad Decker


4NG3L, M3chan1c, and Lumina all unite there collective brainpower to sneakily fuck up a fairly popular gambling event that takes place between crime families and show the Yakuza means business in Seattle over a popular videogame called Miracle Shooter.


for years now, the vory, triad, and yakuza had been making bank gambling on many sporting events, and some major videogame events. This year, Miracle Shooter, a popular AR game, was the primary focus. Ryuichi Umezawa, having the status and contacts he does, decides it's time to play a "practical joke" on the other factions, and screw them over from there shady dealings to prove the Yakuza is superior.

The Meet

4NG3L had just gotten back from a busy evening, arriving to her brother making her breakfast(not well, but he tried). Over Smalltalk, he mentions he has a plan, one that he thinks his sister would be well suited for. He suspects the Vory and Triad plan to cheat on the latest event at the stadium, in an attempt to make extra money. As the event is a videogame called Miracle Shooter, and that Yakuza members have coincidentally found an entry into, he decides he doesn't want the Vory and Triad to run roughshot with there cheating, and decides to hire his sister to mess with them and make some examples where they least expect it.

The Plan

4NG3L Assembles a team, M3chan1c and Lumina, to coordinate this plan and execute it. They prepare lots of information to sneak into the stadium, and sneak into the host to try and catch and screw up "the cheaters" among the triad and vory. Lots of credits were burned on disguises and tools, expecting a lot of matrix combat, they bought lots of boosters and 4NG3L even bought some nanites to temporarily assist her. once they messed up the deckers, the plan was to make an example out of as many of them as was reasonable.

The Run

Due to good planning, the team managed to sneak into the stadium, sneaking into an abandoned sound room to jack in and begin the hunt. Out on the matrix, they found multiple deckers, and to there surprise, Sprites!. They carefully circled around the Religiously themed Matrix constructs, and started to take out deckers one by one, even defeating the great Cherkov "Angryfingers" without him ever seeing a thing (who they promptly tipped his location to Frank Grover while he was suffering from dumpshock, and was promptly arrested). The second decker was more challenging, but they managed to sneakily hit him with massive waves of nausea over the matrix, followed by Lumina knocking him out and kidnapping him in a trashcan on wheels from the bathroom he rushed too.

This left the sprites. they CAREFULLY marked the sprites, but they noticed and got a mark back on M3chan1c! He promptly bailed but 4NG3L was forced to CAREFULLY mark one of them, the sprites on high alert. She Got her trace Icon off and found the origin of the Technomancer RIGHT as the sprites noticed her, managing to stave off there initial assault JUST long enough to escape out of the matrix before a full conflict began.

M3chan1c provided one final sniper shot into the technomancers location, dropping one of the guards before he had to bail out, unable to do more in the meantime. 4NG3L and Lumina broke into the penthouse they were staying at, killing the occupants and rescuing the technomancer from her captors, who had been forcing her for months to be there matrix support.


Ryuichi Umezawa personally tortured the captive Triad member, extracting a LOT of information before 4NG3L finally marking him with the number 4, and throwing him to the curb to be picked up by the Triad as a warning, the man never seeing any of there faces the entire time.


6 Karma

18k Nuyen

can use above to pay for a Shiawase Cyber-4 at gear costs. (multiple avalible)

1 Street Cred


M3chan1c: 1 Chip for frank grover (handed Cherkov Angryfingers over on a silver platter)

Optional Rewards:

4NG3L: Mundane Ascention


Umezawa-gumi 6RVP (C3/ L1) (Yakuza Faction)

Ryuichi Umezawa 2 RVP (C2 / L1) (4NG3L's Brother)

Aniela 3 RVP (C3/L1) (the Technomancer)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Lumina: "It was a job with several twists and turns. While my purpose was to assist 4NG3L, I was glad to be able to intercept certain targets that could have been problematic for her. We were able to do what we needed to do at the stadium without alerting any official security systems, followed by accomplishing all the necessary objectives we were set out to do. All things considered, the run went surprisingly much smoother than I thought it would be."

4NG3L: "I couldn't be prouder of how well this went. We kept our plan as simple as possible to prevent as many cock-ups as could be foreseen. None of us foresaw a Technomancer in the mix, against which all three of us have limited exposure. Deckers I can handle all day, but this truly alien Matrix-wizard in a Human form, for lack of a better way to put it, actually made me nervous. I will admit this. However, M3chan1c and I handled the Matrix leg of this job as smoothly as any decker worth their nuyen could in thehe face of such a curveball while the Umezawa-gumi's newest prospective member did her part flawlessly. Lumina has proven her worth once again in my eyes not only as a friend I can count on, but as an asset to the clan in both my esteemed older brother's eyes and my own. The technomancer's predicament was just as unforeseen as her very presence had been; the Triad had effectively indentured her to run Matrix support for them with minimal care for her well-being. Seeing that she was unarmed and not truly an enemy, I did the honourable thing and cut her loose after enlisting her to at the very least undo any advantage the Umezawa assets' competition had managed to gain for themselves through her 'sprites'. As for the Triad chucklefuck, let's just say my onii-san and I put the fear of Izanami into him. Hopefully, the 88s and the Vory will get the message, but I am expecting typical gangster behaviour which must be met in kind head-on. Taiyō yori mo takai! (Higher than the sun!)"

M3chan1c:"Honestly, didn't expect to get that call today, though, when I saw it was from a close friend, I was more than happy to run out to help. It was honestly refreshing, getting to sit back, sneak around, and fuck over some amateur deckers, that technomancer was something else, though, after we got the chance to trace 'em, I was rather glad to see those powers didn't make the punks in that room immune to my riggin'."