Umezawa-gumi Yakuza clan

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Umezawa-gumi Yakuza clan
Umezawa kamon (crest)
Motto: 太陽よりも高い
Romaji: "Taiyō yori mo takai"
English: "Higher than the sun"
TypeCrime Syndicate
Player May JoinYes
vetting via deep background check and potential testing (trail-run) by a local clan boss
Area of OperationNeo-Tokyo; San Francisco; Seattle

Faction Information


Begun in the winter of 2028, formed from the ashes of the Yamaguchi-gumi by Hiroji Umezawa, the Umezawa-gumi settled in the Minato Ward of Tokyo and began moving what former Yamaguchi assets were seized into the area. The Umezawa rapidly overtook the smaller gangs and absorbed them into its ranks, seizing control of the sex trade, underground gambling, the drug trade, and the underground weapon trade. Eventually, legitimate front businesses were absorbed or established which are either run by members/members family or pay protection dues. Within a decade, the Umezawa began installing its most skilled members into corporations and local government offices, which create avenues for corruption in favour of the Yakuza clan's interests.

Today, the Umezawa-gumi operates in Neo-Tokyo, San Francisco, and Seattle and control a sizable amount of the underground weapon, gambling, drug, sex, and information trades. They retain their own and occasionally hire out for shadowrunners for their own ends or for clients whose contacts are members of the clan. Within territory claimed by the clan, members of the local gangs belonging to the Umezawa-gumi frequently patrol the streets, collecting protection dues and drug money while Yakuza shops and dealers sell guns, ammo, drugs, and all manner of illicit items you can't find at a legitimate business under the table. They accept new members locally, but they are notorious for their vetting process, since they do not care to deal with moles from police corps or rivals while they have their own moles among the same.


Corner the local markets on gun-running, gambling, sex trade, and drug markets in the areas the clan operates.

Install members into corporate, local, security, and other underworld enterprises for espionage, asset procurement, and sabotage of rivals/mitigation of liability

Behead and declaw more violent and/or less "civilized/chivalrous" gangs and crime syndicates within reach of the clan's sustainable influence.

Major Locations

Minato Ward
Location: Neo-Tokyo, JIS
Boss: "Oyabun" Kenji Umezawa

Bayview-Hunter's Point
Location: San Francisco, JIS
Boss: "Wakagashira" Nobuyuki Umezawa

Location: Puyallup, Seattle, UCAS
Boss: "Shateigashira" Ryuichi Umezawa


Kenji Umezawa: Oyabun

Nobuyuki Umezawa: Wakagashira

Ryuichi Umezawa: Shateigashira



Shiawase Corporation (Tenuous alliance)


Shigeda-Gumi (Watada-Gumi by extension)

Four-Oyabun Rengo (And Mitsuhama Computer Systems by extension)

The Huk (on occasion)

Current Status

Health Summary



Ryuichi Umezawa



Hell Hound


Ryuichi Umezawa6FixerGang Leader



Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Beneath the Silver MoonSarcarian23 January 2084

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