Let's Maintain Integrity

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Let's Maintain Integrity
LocationRedmond Barrens
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Paladins of Solace
Crimson Crush
Crimson Crush Ganger
Crimson Crush Decker
Mr. Bolo
Casualties and losses
Crimson Crush Decker, Mr. Bolo, several Crimson Crush Gangers. The Ancients framed for the attack upon Crimson Crush.


The team was called out to meet the Johnson at Redmond Barrens off-road, at an unusual location that was seemingly out in the middle of nowhere. However, the Johnson that would appear would be legitimate, and the runners were then tasked to retrieve sensitive schematics and materials that the Crimson Crush gang held in their possession at a hideout in the barrens. The schematics revolved around a distinct take on a suit design with an integrated flight system. They were also tasked in assassinating the leader of the hideout called 'Mr. Bolo'.

The team synergy flowed extremely well, with a few quirky moments here and there, but they managed to get the job done, fulfilling both the main objective (retrieving the schematics and materials) and assassinating Mr. Bolo (the secondary objective).


A new faction in Seattle is slowly rising to the surface, called the Paladins of Solace. It's a small group of mainly elven members that are specialized fighters and aircraft pilots, that operate by the code of elven chivalry. Other races are welcome in their ranks as well, as they aim to protect the innocent, works of art and beauty, as well as preserve those things. However, starting up a group like this with so little isn't an easy task. Along the way of trying to get their base of operations set up, they encountered the Crimson Crush. While the Paladins were able to hold their own, gangers from the Crimson Crush managed to steal a key piece of equipment that was crucial to the Paladins. What the Crimson Crush stole were schematics and some materials used for the suit designs of the Paladins. What is most notable about this design is the fact that the Paladins of Solace use modified wingsuits, together with a jetpack.

With the Crimson Crush raid stopped, but with some getting away with the schematics, the Paladins realized that they can't be in two places at once, as they simply do not have the resources or the manpower to both repair and finish refurbishing of their new base and guarding it, while also pursuing the Crimson Crush gang. This is where the runners come in to lend a hand.

The Meet

The team had specific, strange instructions to head out into the Barrens off-road, to find a flare gun and fire it into the sky to signal the Johnson out. It seemed suspicious, and the team was naturally on guard to be wary of ambushes. After scouting the area properly though, it turns out that no ambush was in place. The team would then proceed to fire the flare gun into the skies, which left a moment of suspense to follow. Suddenly, from the skies was the sound of a jet or rocket, which alarmed the party momentarily as they thought they were about to get blasted by a rocket from the sky. However, the skies revealed that it would in fact be the Johnson herself, donned in a special wingsuit and jetpack. She made quite the entrance, and when she revealed herself, Janus had his split personality disorder trigger, causing some confusion to occur in the team. However, they'd come to terms with Janus' quirky traits, and the Johnson would proceed to inform the team of the job at hand.

The team had the main objective of finding and retrieving a box containing key schematics and materials for a wingsuit design, held in the clutches of the Crimson Crush gang at a vault in a hideout they had at the Barrens. The secondary objective would be to assassinate the one in charge of the hideout itself, called 'Mr. Bolo'. The Johnson would provide the coordinates to the hideout, and with that, the team would start making preparations.

The Plan

The plan would be the stealthy approach, to divide and conquer. The team had the perfect array to do just that, with Eidolon's sniping, Janus' infiltration skills, Anansi's magical skills to disguise the team, Surtr's mine traps, 4NG3L and RC-45's hacking skills to deal with the rogue host at the enemy base. First, the team would get into position to scout the entrance of the base, finding two guards there. Then, 4NG3L and RC-45 would investigate the location through the matrix to properly identify the security contained within the base itself. After that, Anansi will distract the guards in the front entrance to separate them, so Eidolon can snipe the ork gangers one by one without alerting the other. Finally, Anansi, Eidolon, Janus, and Surtr, will infiltrate the enemy base to retrieve the main package, while also assassinating Mr. Bolo quietly. 4NG3L and RC-45 would continue to offer matrix support, to ensure that enemy security will have the disadvantage.

The Run

The run went very smoothly, with each team member's strengths supporting the other, and their weaknesses also covered by each other. 4NG3L and RC-45 made work against the Matrix, with RC-45 contending against the enemy decker in the Crimson Crush hideout and impressively causing his persona to derezz itself, while 4NG3L took care of business of overtaking control of the rogue host. With the decker slain by RC-45, and 4NG3L securing access, she'd be able to unlock all the doors (including the main vault door to the package), in addition to utilizing the matrix snoop action to share the camera feed footage of the base with the team.

After this, Anansi made her move to prepare her spiritual summons for infiltration support. She'd also influence one of the guards at the entrance, forcing him to step away with a distraction, which left the other guard by himself. Eidolon then seized the opportunity to snipe the ork gangers out in front, one by one with deadly precision with gel rounds. With the path clear, Janus and Anansi would proceed to infiltrate the base, moving undetected, thanks to the powers of a spirit granting concealment to the team. Anansi would be able to retrieve the main package successfully, though opening the vault door partially alerted one of the ork ganger patrols. Janus would attempt to quietly take the ork ganger out with a silenced machine pistol, but much to his bewilderment, the Ork survived, yet was so blissfully unaware of the assault on his back that he assumed it were just harsh bug bites. The ork ganger called out Janus, which raised some tension, but thankfully, Janus' disguise as an Ork Ganger was flawless, and the ork in question only called out to him to warn him of bug bites.

Luckily, the team wasn't discovered from this, so they continued to the other target, to deal with Mr. Bolo. Seeing how well the ork ganger handled machine pistol fire, Janus called in support. Eidolon and Surtr would make their way into the base undetected, setting up their positions to back Janus up, and prepare for the retreat. Anansi would be sure to get the main package out of the base first so that the plan can proceed smoothly, while she would also feast upon one of the unconscious ork gangers outside in secret as a vampire to leech his essence. Surtr would prepare magical mines to catch ork gangers by surprise. Janus prepped a grenade, and Eidolon got into sniping position behind a table in the room that Mr. Bolo was in, while the target was busy conversing with an Ork Ganger about the suit details.

4NG3L would also lend support, as she detected that the ork gangers are running wireless wired reflexes, which she can exploit from the matrix. To assassinate Mr. Bolo, Eidolon would give the signal, causing 4NG3L to brick the ork ganger's wired reflexes in the room, to confuse and baffle Mr. Bolo. During this, Eidolon sniped Mr. Bolo's head clean off with a precise kill, and the ork ganger's screams from the wired reflexes being bricked would alert other gangers. While this happened, Janus didn't want to risk exposing the party by throwing the grenade, so the team began to make their quiet escape. Ork Gangers that investigated found no trace of the team, but they found the Ork Ganger with bricked wired reflexes, and Mr. Bolo dead in front of him. They attempted to piece together what happened, and came to the conclusion (failing a judge intentions check), that the Ork Ganger who got his wired reflexes bricked was a spy, and was just pretending to be crippled. The ork gangers proceeded to gang up on the crippled one.

On the way out, an ork ganger that was moving in to investigate the racket that the other gangers were causing, nearly bumped into Surtr's invisible body. Luckily, with a sharp turn and quick gymnastics and reflexes, Surtr was barely able to sway out of the way in the nick of time. The team made their escape successfully, with all objectives complete. As a bonus, in order to cover the team's tracks, 4NG3L would frame the Ancients for the attack, using her control over the rogue host to make it blatant that the Ancients were responsible (when in fact, they were not).

After that, they met with the Johnson, who paid them handsomely for their efforts. Janus had a case of split personality disorder once again when the female elven Johnson showed herself, but this was quickly sorted out soon after. As it happens, both 4NG3L and Surtr both found themselves gushing to varying degrees between them over the Johnson (lesbian checks), but neither managed to get her contact details.


The paladins of Solace are now back on track, and they will continue to get themselves established for operations in Seattle. They are likely to contact runners from Haven in the near future for more work.

Due to the clever planning of the team to cover their tracks, they had framed the Ancients for the attack upon Crimson Crush.


  • 20,000 Nuyen
  • 3 Karma
  • 2 CDP
  • Anansi was able to siphon essence from an ork ganger (deserving of punishment)
  • This run counts as a mundane ascension for RC-45

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


So we all thought the J was gonna geek us with a rocket or something, turns out she was really pretty and I made her laugh. At the end of the day though, I blew up some orks and got the job done. 20K creds well earned, in my books

Anansi"A job well done, and one that pairs better than last week's gig did.. I don't love all that sneaking around, no sport, but it got the job done and helped keep me from getting shit so I'll call it a win. That and the sweet high I got from that punk outside, I've never quite felt so alive..."

4NG3L RC and I worked pretty well together. It was rather impressive how he managed to get the gangers' decker to derezz himself, actually. I don't usually play with my prey before I kill them, but I'll have to keep that technique in my back pocket. The meatspace team had it rougher, though, in that they actually had to sneak around and not arouse suspicion... something I know I wouldn't be able to do as well as they did. I'm glad, however, that I was able to do my part and live up to my street-name and make sure the job went smoothly. Janus is an odd one and, initially, I thought his weird Frenchie alter-ego was gonna cock-up the job, but he pulled through and it's funny now. Now, about that rogue host...


A well run, smooth operation. No real complaints, no major problems. Personal note: look into a more concealable, heavier hitting sidearm. This Flash is not cutting it.


The meet conditions were suspicious, but it seems the J was legit and the team fit perfectly together to complete the gig. Wetwork is so much easier with a team. Noted for future reference.


A rogue host and bunch of racist gangers. noting easier to put them down for a fight with a group they share in hell don't stand a chance. also it seem infected are a dime a dozen now