Paladins of Solace

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Paladins of Solace
"Take comfort in knowing that art and beauty will be preserved."
TypeFreedom Fighters
Player May JoinNo
Area of OperationSeattle

Faction Information


The Paladins of Solace are a currently small group of mainly elven members who have banded together as a freedom fighting force to protect and preserve works of art, beauty, and protection of the innocent. Their behavior strongly resembles the code of Elven Chivalry (Run Faster, Pg. 28). As Paladins, they are devoted to the cause of protection and preservation as core principles, rather than serving a prince or noble. They tend to favor a sky-dominating oriented skillset, utilizing light aircrafts for transport, along with wingsuits and jetpacks for combat.

Favored melee weapons are swords, spears, unarmed combat, and cyber implanted weapons. Favored ranged weaponry are bows, crossbows, and sniper rifles.

While most members are elven, other races are welcome if they are also devoted to the cause.


  • Protection of the Innocent.
  • Protection and Preservation of Art, especially rare, historical pieces.
  • Protection and Preservation of Beauty.

Major Locations

Sanctuary of Solace

The main base of operations is located in Redmond Barrens, at an old, once long abandoned bunker hideout that used to belong to a mercenary group. The bunker has been cleaned up and refurbished to make it comfortable and presentable. While it isn't a particularly massive area, it serves its purpose as an ideal meeting point for those who are trusted to enter... notably shadowrunners (Hooders).


The leader of the group is a mysterious elf who goes by the name of Celestial Prime. It is rumored that she hailed from the nation of Tír na nÓg, but something caused her to leave and focus on Seattle's troubles instead. She is a very kind and reserved dryad with a strong sense of professional etiquette and charm.





  • The Disassemblers
  • Toxic Awakened
  • Evil Spirits (including Insect Spirits)

Current Status

They are gradually forming bonds with those they can trust, particularly ShadowHaven's runners.

Health Summary

The organization is extremely small with very few numbers. They are slowly building in strength overtime.


  • Celestial Prime (Leader, Female Dryad Elf)
  • Axis (Male Elf)
  • Armada (Male Human)
  • Lady Wisp (Female Dryad Elf)
  • Vexanna (Female Dryad Elf)
  • Nyxia (Female Human)





Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Let's Maintain IntegrityKaigen8724 January 2084

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