Crimson Crush

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Crimson Crush
TypeGo Gang
Player May JoinYes
Area of OperationRedmond, Touristville

Faction Information


The Crimson Crush are one of Seattle's oldest gangs, emerging out of the Night of Rage in 2039. Originally an Ork only gang they have recently started to allow Trolls and Ork posers into their ranks.

They claim the region of Redmond known as Touristville as their territory primarily near 228th Avenue and style themselves "Red leather" guardians of the local popular, often extorting protection money from locals in return for "taking care of them". This often comes in 5he form of food and supplies that they "Liberate" from passing convoys.


  • Run protection on those living in their territory.
  • Actually protect the areas the claim as turf.
  • Run small time drug hustles.
  • Hit up factories and convoys for free stuff.

Major Locations


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Local Mid-level Leadership

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Humans and human gangs aligned with Humans.

Current Status

Health Summary




Niamh O'Sullivan3Custom(A,K,N,G)Crimson Crush Matrix Support



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