It's Off To Work We Go!

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It's Off To Work We Go!
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Gangers
Sea Breeze
Crimson Crush
Casualties and losses
None 6 gangers


The Johnson, an Elf working for Saeder-Krupp, hired the team to look into the activities of Big Ronald's Mining Rig Inc, a mining company on contract with them. The Johnson held the belief that Big Ronald's was involved in drug smuggling, and wished for the group to investigate as to whether this was true. After a painfully long stakeout, some spiritual scouting, and a timely call from a contact, they tracked the real drug runners down to a group called the Crimson Crush, and snuck into a bakery that was working as a front for them. After some failed skulduggery and a brief shootout, they confirmed that Big Ronald's was not involved, and finished the job.


During Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, the team discovered that Big Ronald's Mining Rig Inc is rumoured to be a drug smuggling front. Saeder-Krupp would like this investigated.

The Meet

The meet went exceptionally well. After a little carpooling on Pollux's side to get everybody there on time without busting their knee on a bicycle, they were lead to the Johnson's office, who greeted them exactly on time, and with tailored chairs and real whisky to boot! After taking a moment to warily enjoy themselves, they got the info of the job from the elvish Johnson, which included an inventory list of drugs that they believed to be of use, as well as contact details for the day, night and general managers of Big Ronald's Mining Rig. The initial offer was 8k NuYen, but Sea Breeze negotiated him up to 9k after a little prompting from Sc4rl3tt.

The Run

The team decided to do a little legwork before heading right on in. Sc4rl3tt did a Matrix search to pull up info, which included the blueprints for the mining rig. The rest of the team went on down to the location itself to do some on-site digging. They did some visual evaluations of the place while waiting for Sc4rl3tt to show up, and after deciding that it was time to go in, they did so. Pollux, who had changed into her chameleon suit and been given some invisibility by Sea Breeze, snuck on in and examined the elevator shaft leading down into the mine itself, before deciding that was a dead end. She snuck back out to grab a data tap from Sc4rl3tt, in hopes that installing it would given some information, and she began to sneak into the main two-story building itself.

Just as she climbed through an open window, however, Pollux and Ironclad received a call from Black Cat, which fortuitously let them know that he'd just received a big-ass shipment of drugs. The group decided to follow up on this lead for now, especially since it was risky to go sneaking in at mid-day, and Pollux headed back out. Sc4rl3tt did some searching in the Matrix to see if there was anything relevant, but all she pulled up was a file which said that the Riggers of the company were getting some Betameth, which while illegal, wasn't the ironclad proof they were looking for.

After deciding that the mining company was a dead end, at least for now, Ironclad decided to ring up Black Cat and use some of the rapport between them to discover who exactly had made the delivery. It didn't take much convincing, and the ganger revealed that it was a group called Crimson Crush. The group continued a stakeout while Sea Breeze sent a spirit to go check out one of the Crimson Crush's safehouses. According to the spirit, a group had come in with a decent amount of drugs, which had been shipped off to a front called Dynamite Dave's Bakery.

Seeing as there were no more leads to be had at the mining company, the group drove off to the bakery, and decided to case the joint with the same spirit as before. Curiously, it discovered that there was a Mana Barrier set up, so Ironclad, Pollux and Sea Breeze decided to head in, with the latter providing some invisibility for Pollux once again. They decided to get around the whole 'door' issue with Sea Breeze pretending to be a customer, and the other two slipping in behind her. They evaded the worker, who was distracted by Sea Breeze's long-winded rant, and made their way to the mana barrier, which was in a hole behind an appliance in the bakery. Pollux had her invisibility dispelled so they could get through it easily, but as they made their way through, Ironclad knocked something over, which alerted the two gangers who were hiding in the back room hidden behind the barrier.

The group decided to go loud, and before the two gangers could even grab their guns, Sc4rl3tt had bricked the both of them, forcing them to pull knives. Ironclad and Pollux started off with Stick'n'Shock rounds, but when the ganger in the front of the building started firing live rounds at the grenade launcher-wielding Technomancer who'd kicked down the two, they stopped fucking around. Within moments, the two street samurai had turned their foes to swiss cheese, while Sc4rl3tt's flashbangs and Sea Breeze's magic dealt with the rest.

The group interrogated one of the gangers they'd knocked out, they discovered that the mining company had no involvement, and finished the job...but not before executing the gangers and taking their drugs, of course!

The Aftermath

The Johnson got his info, we got paid, and we also got some drugs. And nobody got hurt! On our side, anyway.


9k NuYen / All

1k worth of drugs / All

4 Karma / Sea Breeze, Pollux, Ironclad

A lot of fucking drugs / Sc4rl3tt

Game quotes

Player After-Action Reports (AARs)


- The pointless stake-out was a pain in the ass, but at least we got to blow off steam by shooting some dumbass gangers. I even pulled off a stylish dodge when one of the góu zaĭ zi tried to shank me!


- Glad to see me knowledge of Big Ron's coming in handy, the team was good today. Also got to test the Sawn-off, fun turning Gangers to chunky salsa ain't it?

Sea Breeze
Gangers? Dead. Mission? Complete. Drugs? By the buckets. Money? In the pocket of course.