Heigh-ho, heigh-ho

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Heigh-ho, heigh-ho
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The Johnson, who works for Big Ronald's Mining Rig, (a mining company on contract to Saeder-Krupp ) needs some runners to investigate someone who's been poking their nose into the company's business a little too hard. The run lead them to blackmailing a civil servant Sammy Sarkizian, who has been accepting bribes and has the info about the rat. After a successful interrogation, the rat turns out to be Joseph Scrallah a high ranking member of the Cutters gang. The party got more intel, including a rumour that the reason they are attacking is because Big Ronald is actually a front from drug smuggling, and the Cutters wanted to launch an armed assault on them.

Knowing this the runners successfully manage to persuade Joseph to not launch the attack, by scaring him straight.


No background.

The Meet

The meet start of with the party splitting up into 2. Both Kost and Rainmaker riding separately and Ironclad and John carpooling together. Kost and Rainmaker arrived on time. While John and Ironclad face problem getting to the meet, mainly due to John following traffic laws and Ironclad causing a ruckus at the border.

While the two have trouble getting to the meet. Both Kost and Rainmaker decide it was best to go on without them. So they talk to the Johnson. The Johnson told the party that someone had been accessing data from the civil service's archives about happen 48 hours prior. The info in question includes the building plans, staff rosters and other such suspicious thing. Other than that the Johnson didn't know much but was happy to provide marks on the company's host. Kost, assisted by Rainmaker managed to convince the Johnson to give up more money and manage to negotiate 20k for them and 18k to the late individuals.

The Plan

Once they all got together they came up with a plan. Kost decided to contact her pal Harvey Sanders an info-broker on who might the culprit be. John decide he would do a thorough search on any file edited in the last 48 hours that isn't to code and also to find anyone looking suspicious. While both Rainmaker and Ironclad just be vibing.

After a few hours they got the info that the person who sold off the plans was a civil service worker named Sammy Sarkizian. Also it turns out that Harvey could also get the runners in touch with him, but warns the runners that they might need to bribe him. The runners decide it was much easier getting the information forcefully rather than just pay for it. So they decide to gather some blackmail from this person and threaten him with that instead. Plus some violence if need be.

So John decided that to do so, they need to hack into his office. Which was a rating 10 host. After failing to do so, John simply log out and at which point Kost point out that he probably won't be carrying around incriminating evidence in his office and it's likely in his home. So they decided that they should wait for him to come home, hack into his commlink, retrieve the blackmail, and have both Kost and Ironclad sneak into the apartment and interrogate him.

So that is what they did. After causing the target to piss their pants, the runners got the info that the person who demanded the bribe was Joseph Scrallah, a high ranking member of the cutters.

So the team now decides on what to do with this information. They all decide to finish the run tonight, much to the dismay of John. They all came out with a plan for how to confront Joseph. After much debacle it was decided that Ironclad and Kost should walk up to the ganger and try to solve it diplomatically.

The Run

The plan was put into place. Ironclad walk up towards the ganger hanging near ti entrance with all of his gear, of course causing them to become alarmed. Yet Kost step it in to persuade them to allow the two of them to hang around with the ganger. There they drank and gamble and begin extracting information from them. Apparently the gangers wanted to rob the Johnson's place because they are rumour that it is a front for drug smuggling and have rare expensive minerals. They also found out that Joseph is inside.

While this was happening John and Rainmaker decide to sent drones into the inside of the building. Soon enough they found the the target working on a drone, with two other drone in the vicinity

Hearing of this knowledge Kost decide to enter the building to confront the target, so that they may settle this non violently After a quick pad down, they let her in. Ironclad also wanted to follow, and had to drop his arsenal worth of weapon down on the ground before he could enter.

Once inside Kost went to charm Joseph, but he was not interest. Kost decide to cut to the chase and mention Big Ronald Mining Rig, which cause the target to attack right away.

Combat begins, with the target passing out in the first past, along with the RCC controlling the drone, not without ironclad passing out from taking so many hits. The rest of the fight involve a lot of Rainmaker drone, shooting at the gangster who were previous outside, John bricking all the gangster gun and Kost supporting both of them, and firing a few slugs of her own. After 3 combat rounds the fighting stops, with zero causalities. Kost recommend that John should control one of the drones to bring the two bodies to the Rainmaker's roadmaster, and so they did.

After a quick first aid from John, Ironclad woke up. Kost sent a private message to Ironclad about a plan to convince the target to stop his men. They recommend John to not be there, so he went away. With John gone, the rest of the team decide to go to a W zone and find the tallest building. They go to the top floor and have Ironclad dangle the target off the roof while Kost woke him up while Rainmaker stay and watch. Kost repeat her question of wanting to end this peacefully and the target quickly nodded yes, while also defiling himself. With the job well done the rest of the party collect their pay.


The run went well, and there was no complication.


20k Rainmaker / Kost

18k John / Ironclad

4 Karma to all

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


- Great run, got in and out like ghosts and dealt with the issue. I got put down towards the end by my group were able to handle themselves well and even let me dangle the guy off a building in the end. Good stuff.


Not a bad run. The team did well with the investigating earlier on. A couple of my drones got knocked out in the fight, but I got to watch Ironclad dangle someone off a building at the end, so that mostly makes up for it.


We didn't have to kill anyone, and other from like the hiccup we had at border patrol, I think everything went as plan. Just wish people didn't scream at me more.


In the end, we did nkt have to kill anyone. I wish the man had been willing to negotiate a little instead of having to handle things as we did. Threats are not my usual fashion. But perhaps the overwhelming display of force was needed to show that, not only were they inept at hiding their tracks, but that they were also nowhere near powerful enough to actually stand a chance at assaulting the location. I believe we may have actually saved those Cutters' lives as well.