Turning the Tables

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Turning the Tables
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Crimson Crush Unknown force
Swerve 1 leader, several gangers 1 operator, 3 hired runners
Casualties and losses
Entire force killed Entire force killed


Someone is looking for Swerve, working through the Crimson Crush gang from Redmond. Swerve takes steps to prevent this.


Swerve has made a few enemies during her career, including the Crimson Crush gang in Redmond. Things start when a pair of Crimson Crush gangers show up near Nameless's parish, where Swerve currently lives, looking for Nameless and Swerve. She gets them to go away without any trouble, but soon more show up, this time accompanied by spy-flies and carrying some serious firepower. Swerve manages to deflect them to a different part of the tunnels, and eventually uses Mob Mind on a duo to figure out why they know where she lives. She learns that they have an informant, a dwarf whose allegiances are unknown but who showed up with info about Swerve. Using what she learned from the duo, Swerve plans to intercept the dwarf when he next meets with his Crimson Crush liaison.

The Meet

There was no formal meet, only Nameless asking for a bit of help dealing with the people poking around near the hidden entrance to his abode.

The Plan

The plan was to get to the meeting site and intercept the dwarf after he left the meeting. When the meeting lasted longer than expected and Swerve heard gunshots from inside, that changed to going in and seeing what was happening.

The Run

Swerve entered the building, a storage site used by the Crush. She found a lot of dead gangers, and a few alive gangers pinned down by a mysterious quartet in the other corner of the room. Sneaking into position through an active gunfight, Swerve initiated combat with a bone-chilling shriek that incapacitated most of the gangers and one of the quartet, which by then was revealed to be the dwarf and some backup. Her magic and spirits made quick work of the rest of them, leaving only a handful of paralyzed Crimson Crush grunts and a mind-controlled physad from the Dwarf's retinue as survivors. Before being dispatched, the physad explained that they were hunting Swerve for some piece of info that she knew, and that while him and two of the other corpses were a runner team, that the dwarf showed up from out of town and hired them for this task.


With no more people on her trail, Swerve could rest easy. Wolf approved of her hunting the ones hunting her, but she still has no idea why the dwarf and crew were after her. A mystery for another day, perhaps.


14 karma May initiate with ordeal discount, as Wolf was impressed with Swerve's prowess and aggressive approach.

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