The Assassination of Joe Bogus by the Coward Kevin Crimes

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The Assassination of Joe Bogus by the Coward Kevin Crimes
Part of The Life and Times of One Kevin Crimes
Factions Involved
Hot Mess
Roadkill (Inactive)
Cutters Crimson Crush


The mysterious Kevin Crimes hired a team of four runners to assassinate his rival, Joe Bogus. After various shenanigans primarily driven by car trouble and Thrud's status as a noise generator, the team hired Roadkill and Jayden Andrews and effectively brute-forced Joe's security, killing both him and his posse.


Kevin Crimes is a Cutter, and he doesn't like Joe Bogus because Joe is a member (and a fairly high-ranking one at that) of the Crimson Crush, a rival gang. Exasperated by Joe's continued "Wheeling and Dealing", Kevin resorts to hiring shadowrunners to remove him.

The Meet

The runners meet Kevin Crimes at 'Bar', a bar in the Barrens named for its highly damaged sign. While the runners do not recognize the Cutters that are crawling around the place, they are called over by Kevin Crimes, who sits in the midst of thermal smoke generators. Accepting his initial price quote of ¥18,000 for assassinating a rival gang member of some eminence, the team is directed to Joe Bogus, of whom Mr. Crimes cannot provide an image, but can provide various details regarding his physical state and appearance. Kevin also provides the runners with an engraved white revolver to leave at Joe's body. After some misunderstandings, the runners break with the J and set off.

The "Plan"

Or do they? Hot Mess' car cannot hold all four runners, and Charon wishes not to operate in daylight. As a result, Thrud and Hot Mess drive to Hot Mess' home, where they switch the beds on his GMC Armadillo to a passenger bed, while Shlice and Charon wait at Bar. After their newly-furnished ride arrives, the team set off to Joe's location, a house in the midst of deep Crush territory where he is whiling away the hours with his compatriots.

After a first pass from the Armadillo, the team drop off Charon so she can sneak to the back, meeting up later at a predetermined location because Thrud's noise generation has disabled everyone's commlink. Charon has to intimidate her way past a derelict gang member, but she makes it to the back of the house, where she notes that it is close to where Joe and his crew are, but the back door is protected by a mechanical lock and a camera.

Thinking of ways they can defeat the camera, the runners pull for a set of Looper Rounds, but realize that their attack on the house will leave the Armadillo (currently without an anti-theft system) alone in the Barrens. As this happens, it also occurs to them that Charon, the only runner with a gun, does not really know how to use it very well, and her Champion is extremely loud. To resolve these problems, Hot Mess calls in his contact, Jayden Andrews, to guard the truck while Charon uses the Haven's app to call in Roadkill on his Cocotaxi, who picks up Jayden on the way.

The Run

After meeting with their hired help and going into the back alley, the team were stopped momentarily by two Crush members outside the building, who they rapidly murdered before Charon shot out the lock. Bursting in behind a grenade from Roadkill, the runners quickly killed Joe Bogus, Hot Mess racking up kills with his flamethrower while Roadkill took out Joe with a sustained burst from his arm-gun. Finishing Joe off with the second shot of her Champion, Charon laid the decorative gun onto his body, and the team exited. They found Jayden at the car with three corpses around him.


Having completed the job, the team was mysteriously underpaid by their J, receiving ¥17,000 rather than the promised ¥18,000. Exhausted by their mission, the team cut Roadkill in and called it a night. Conflict between the Crimson Crush and the Cutters continued to brew.


13600¥, 3 Karma, 2 CDP (Medium-Threat Run)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


So we were looking real clownlike juggling finding safe parking and getting that camera down, and in the end it didn't even matter. Target and his friends went down pretty quick too. Flamethrower dude really did a number on those guys. But afterwards, the rest of the team didn't even mention the undercut payment? Is that a Shadowrunner thing? It certainly isn't in the bounty hunting business.