Real Maiming Hours

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Real Maiming Hours
Part of The Life and Times of One Kevin Crimes
Factions Involved
Yoon Myung-ju
Roadkill (Inactive)
Hot Mess


A guy gets sucked to death. Ouch. Then there's a break-in. Yeowch. Then a guy gets his arm surgically removed. Oof.


Kevin Crimes hired a bunch of runners earlier to deliver a blow against the Crimson Crush, a certain metahuman gang that encroached on Cutter territory. While the job itself had gone well, Kevin hadn't delivered all the way as far as payment is concerned, prompting a fixer from ShadowHaven to rectify this post-haste and organize another job to ensure he doesn't take the Haven lightly.

The Meet

Yoon Myung-ju called the group to a restaurant with a trid projector showcasing a third party, both of them working on behalf of the Haven. The basic gist of the situation is brought forth: underpaying runners is going to reflect badly, something most of the party agreed upon right away. To send a message, Myung-ju suggests taking the remainder of the payment by force in blood, either by cutting off a finger, a hand or an entire arm. The more they take, the more they are paid. Just giving him a stern talking nets them four grand which can barely even be called a job. At this point, one of the original hires for the job, Kitsune decides this is a bit too much for her moral standing and peaces out. Understandably so, given the grisly offering set forth by the fixer. The team quickly forwards the offer to another runner, a necromancer by the name of Kera. After the group agrees, Myung-ju notes that Crimes is hard to track down given he's often on the move. His right hand man, however, an ork named Boris is known to live in Seattle, protected by a less than bright security team. With this information to go on, she leaves the runners to figure it out.

The Plan

Given their team composition, things take a moment to formulate. First, it's obvious that tracking Crimes down on foot in Cutter territory is likely to warrant attention, so it'd be better to go after Boris instead. Kera can offer plenty of assistance if she gets a fresh corpse to reanimate (despite the act being incredibly illegal even for runners) and so the group will have to yoink a hobo or a Cutter to help them as insurance against any possible security. Once they get hold of Boris by kidnapping him in his sleep, they'll extract as much information as possible from him, take him back to his apartment. The guy's relatively innocent after all. Then it's a bee line to... "disarming" Kevin.

The Run

Things kick off fantastically. In Hot Mess' little Armadillo van, the team make way for Boris' apartment and nab a very unfortunate Cutter on the way there. Charon makes a very convincing case for the poor guy to spill the beans on everything he knows regarding their targets, but unfortunately he's not of much help. Grassroots thugs compared to lieutenants, what'd they expect? Charon promises and even assures the gang member that his compliance has just saved his life, only to immediately betray him and suck him dry right there in the van. Leaving the pristine and immaculately fresh corpse to Kera, they drive to her lodge next to allow her to reanimate the thug's body. While this takes a few hours, they're in no particular rush just yet.

Next comes Boris. It's easy to find the front entrance and thanks to the zombie's help the group manages to get past the maglocks and keypads. Boris gets paralyzed, injected with Narcojet -and- bound just in case, then taken to a back alley for interrogation. Point blank with a vampire, a flamethrower's nozzle and an actual fragging zombie, he's unsurprisingly very forthcoming with his information. Kevin Crimes likes being on the move all the damn time and as a result goes around Cutter territory in a big bus. When prodded more, he makes a fairly educated guess that he'll be on the east end of Cutter turf at one in the morning. Satisfied with these answers, the party brings him back and makes sure he might just mistake this to be a nightmare.

It's the final showdown. The Armadillo van beelines it to Cutter territory and while they're not entirely undetected, no alarms go off either. The bus is stationary but heavily armored with turret emplacements and somewhat amateurish plating all around. Handling this part quietly seems unlikely, so the team goes loud and assaults the bus in its entirety. Charon makes a beeline for the car and climbs the back end of its shoddy armor plating while the zombie eats bullets for breakfast as an undead meatsack. Burn0ut's cybernetic enhancements allow her to shrug off gunfire with her sturdy metallic arms just fine while she and Roadkill unload some punishment for the people on the top floor of the bus. Hot Mess decides to make ample use of his flamethrower and combining their efforts, the three demolish any semblance of Cutter Security. Unfortunately, the rigger cocoon scouted by Kera, bless her heart controlling the bus seems to still be sealed and the vehicle takes off, now also on fire thanks to someone's idea to use a flamethrower. Charon Karen charges downstairs after getting on the bus, walks through the flames and demands to speak to the manager with a very stern voice. Crimes decides he'd rather not die here so he decides to comply and slows down before he manages to make a getaway. At this point, the rest of the party catches up and the heavily injured zombie prepares to hug Kevin Crimes with its paralyzing touch as soon as he comes out.

He comes out. He gets hugged by a zombie, injected with drugs and kidnapped. Witnesses are undoubtedly horrified but the getaway by the team is clean. Two vehicles drive away, leaving the bus out on the street. In an abandoned shack, Kera's and Roadkill's combined medical skills allow them to remove the arm right around the shoulder without serious issues. The zombie's deathly aura is, surprisingly, extremely useful here, sterilizing the area for the operation. After that, Roadkill recalls that there's a charity clinic literally two blocks away where they can drop him. Unfortunately, that same clinic has been stiffed by the Cutters so it'll be sweet justice to see them handle him.


Given that all of this was now done, they had the entire arm and Crimes was knocked out in a medical facility, the team contacts Myung-ju and in no time flat the fixer arrives. As the arm is displayed, she's admittedly hesitant and asks to see where Crimes is. The team points to the charity clinic within spitting distance and like so, the job is complete. Crimes will probably get a cyber arm so this isn't the biggest deal, but the point comes across loud and clear.

He'll think twice before underestimating shadowrunners again.


  • ¥14,000 Nuyen
  • 6 Karma or 4 Karma and Yoon Myung-ju as a Contact.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

"Look, this was a satisfying thing to be a part of. Not only do I hate being double-crossed as much as the next gal, I never forgot what my dad taught me. It's just one slight gone unanswered to make everything turn sour, that's why corporate big wigs are always so aggressive. As much as people hate them, that's also a part of why they're so strong today. So, one prick decides he can cut me, of course I'll be happy to respond in kind. I'm sure the fixer had her own motives but I don't really care if it gets me what I want.

What can I say? I got a free meal and felt amazing the entire time. I even got to bond closely to a bunch of meatsacks within twenty-four hours. I'll have to consider getting on the gun range more often in the future since this really isn't going to work for me in the long run. A gun for intimidation has worked for a long while, but in these kinds of jobs I might need to actually hit the broad side of the barn. Snapping my wrist with the kick that thing has isn't an issue, having good aim is. I barely hit the window of a stationary bus, that's just pathetic.

What mattered is that I got this bastard out of his shell and under the scalpel. I did my part, my team did theirs. We found the prick, we ripped him out of his comfort zone and we tore his arm off. Gives a whole new meaning to paying an arm and a leg, doesn't it? Hahahahahaha!"

​ ​ ​ ​ ​​ ​ ​​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​​ ​ ​ ​--Charon