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LocationTacoma Docks
Factions Involved
Crimson Crush
Trash Panda
Ghost Carrier Limited LLC


Trash Panda, Z3K3, Charon, and Sinister sneak into a small anonymous shipping company to snag their shipping manifest. Things get bumpy, but they make it out alive.


Ghost Carrier Limited did a lot of discrete movement for a lot of small actors. The cargo isn't listed, but the stuff they carry is done for anyone, including gangs. The Crimson Crush are trying to find out who's supplying wizkids in the barrens with cheap decks. They found that the decks are bugged, leaking information somewhere they can't find. They've tracked the decks movements back to this company, but they're far out of CC territory. So they'd figure they'd hire some runners to snag it for them so they don't have to start a turf war to get to a company that's going under.

The Meet

The meet was short and sweet. The Johnson needed the team to meet them at a building a couple blocks from the job site. They met two trolls and an orc in a suit. The orc expressed their interest in the shipping manifest of a certain company known as Ghost Carrier Limited. They had offered a bonus for getting the data sneakily. The team asked a few questions, and then made their way to scout the place out.

The Plan

After spending a day reconing and investigating the base, the party had come up with a plan. Z3K3 would run matrix support, tapping into the R5 host and disabling cameras as well as any security systems that needed taking out. TP would bop the security watcher just as it returned from reporting in. After that, TP and Sinister would transform into raccoons, access the site from the top of the building going through the vents and plugging in Z3K3 with a datatap to the HVAC system. Z3K3 would disable the fans and let the raccoon operators inside. Once they were ready to enter, Charon was set to begin their con. They would hold their attention as long as possible and make distractions as TP and Sinister scoured the top floor for the work.

The Run

The run did not go exactly to plan. Z3K3 did his part well, and TP as well as Sinister were able to get into the site. The problem arose when Charon made contact with the security team. They had made a couple assumptions when disguising herself as a member of the staff that had been left out of the loop. Once they had started talking about the leadership. The party had not actually looked into who the company heads were, but thankfully some quick work from Z3K3 assisted with keeping Charon afloat for a while. TP and Sinister began looking around as Charon pulled their boss to the front door. Eventually, their lack of legwork made another slip regarding the security that Z3K3 couldn't pull Charon out of. And then she made the mistake of asking, on her own volition, to be brought into the location. With a couple more questions from Charon she had officially tipped off the security detail that something was happening as the boss brought more people into the building

Soon after Charon completely dropped the act, and proceeded to threaten the security detail. This puts them on full alert, and sets them to guard key areas. Luckily for TP and Sinister, this let them snag the shipping manifest and get out. They climb out and improvise on the fly, TP having the magic to make things happen. After TP and Sinister returned to the car, TP cast an illusion over herself and then the car to be Lone Star security. After they called Lone Star Security, the party waited a few minutes before TP drove up with their disguised car. TP entered the site, and despite her pounding heart managed to con her way to Charon and 'arrest' them. They drew more suspicion after leaving, but it was too late. The party had made their getaway.


The party arrived back to where they'd met the Johnson. They entered their meet to get payment only to see the Johnson and her guards laughing their asses off. They didn't see the whole picture, but they did see Charon being brought out of the building in mage cuffs and a mage mask. The team received their payment, down a bonus, but they made it out alive.


10,000 Nuyen, 6 Karma, +2 CDP, +2 Crimson Crush

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Didn't go as planned. Should have done more legwork. Or atleast I think that was the issue. Don't remember this run too well, might have something to do with being turned into a racoon. Can't say I wouldn't try that again, though.