Get Em' High

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Get Em' High
LocationRedmond, Campton
Factions Involved
Trash Panda
Moon Jelly
La Rapide
Gunner Smith (Huntsman)
Crimson Crush



Humanis has suffered a couple blows in recent time, and have decided in their minds it's time to remind the people who the true monsters are. They partner up with a couple human gangs in Bellevue to push drugs into the safer and more well-kept Redmond communities. Their goal is to ruin these communities with drugs and cause violence to show that metas are doomed to fail.

The Meet

The meet was simple, albeit somewhat complicated by Trash Panda using Star Wars day as an excuse to dress up and pretend to be a Jedi, going so far as to learn a spell to simulate a lightsaber. The crew arrived at the Campton town hall for their mission. They were greeted by a fire spirit wearing a nice suit and a pair of glasses. They took them to the backroom and introduced themselves as the Mayor's secretary. They wanted their little town clear of the new drugs hitting the streets because they were volatile and making people very hostile. Even the orks and trolls of the town were getting hooked on it. The team settled for 4K for the price of the run. The party eventually learned of two people who had been in a fight over the drugs, and went out to meet them.

The Run

They set on their investigation and came to the home of one Scarjaw, a rehabilitated junkie that's falling back into old habits because of the drugs. The party managed to get out of him that he got the drugs from his friend Bone Crusha. They go to him, and find that he's actually trying to go back off drugs. They learn that the drugs are especially addictive, and get an drug-abuser anonymous flyer. Afterwards they learn who they got the drugs from, a human named Stone Face. After showing up to Stone Face's house, they see an ork waiting to buy from him outside his house. They get into a small scuffle with the orc, and let him go after they break into the house right in front of him. The party decided to wait out in Stone Face's house as the ork informed Stone Face that his home is broken into. After a while Crimson Crush arrived with Stone Face. He had been engaging once again in drug running, and was distributing the drugs to the community. The runners engage in a fight with CC, with Trash Panda maintaining her jedi persona the entire time. They end up killing two while Stone face and three others ended up critically injured while the rest escaped. The party came out unscathed, save for two of Huntsman's drones. They healed the rest of the CC members, and interrogated Stone Face in Huntsman's car. The party first tried to play nice with him before Stone Face spit in TP's ear, which was awful enough to push Trash Panda over the edge "Screw the jedi code, I'm gonna be a sith now." Then they got violent, with Trash Panda using Magic Fingers to force choke their prisoner to got what they wanted. Down the river, the party is directed to a squatter house housed entirely by humans. After some magical clairvoyance from TP, they find the drug lab and see that it's held and run by Humanis.

The party threw non-lethal off the table after that, and went to breach into the area from a back wall. TP and La Rapide struck at the wall, but it took them a while to make a hole they could fit. This alerted the humanis, who then tried to talk it out with the runners. They had none of it, and engaged in combat. It ended with all the deaths of the Humanis force, as well as the rest of Hunstman's drones being wrecked and a lot of bruises for the party.


Afterwards, the party took Stone Face and his injured friends to the Campton town hall, and delivered the news of the successful run. They received their payment, and correctly surmised that Humanis was supplying the drugs to try and poison and disrupt the community.

With Huntsman's drones a wreck, Trash Panda and Hunstman got together to work on repairing them, and were able to salvage everything through a combination of magic and mechanical skill.


4000 Nuyen

7 Karma


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Trash Panda

External link to AAR

Moon Jelly

"Ya know, I thought this was gonna be a normal hooder run, yeah? Help the neighborhood out, get some drug pushers off the streets, kick some gangers' asses. And it was--kinda. Gonna be real with you, I was not expecting anyone to be cosplaying, much less keep it up for the whole run. Will say that it was a damn good cosplay, can't say I've seen the flatvids it was from, unfortunately.

Anyway. Felt fraggin' great to put a couple of rounds in some metaracists and get paid for it, forgot how nice it fraggin' is to be in a firefight when you can shoot back. Also some of y'all are fraggin' nuts. You're the kind of nuts I want on my side though. 10/10, would run with again. Cheers."

La Rapide

I'm proud of myself. First of all, I dodged 15 fucking people in a row. But then this stupid shotgun ruined it. And second, my fuse went only down 2 times with that whole Jedi shit. And the opportunity to fuck up Humanis was good, now I don't have to hunt.


Everything was going smooth these other guys looked crazy enough to take care of things and all I would have to do was escort them around. But then Bullets started to fly and they got all my fragging Drones!! I was Really starting to sweat but my budy trash panda was able to work some magic mojo and we gotten running again and man am I grateful. I would be glad to drive you folks around anytime ya know as long as I ain't busy because I'm busy alot