Deer Dance

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Deer Dance
Factions Involved
Knight Errant
Crimson Crush
Casualties and losses
Ares loses 1 Roadmaster,
Crimson Crush loses a Chop Shop from KE intervention


DocSwagon needs a Roadmaster to bring the convenience of medical treatments to the Haven, a few fellow Havenites come to answer his request.


DocSwagon requests your support!

The Meet

The Meet itself takes place in the Daze, DocSwagon awkwardly makes small talk with the criminals before getting down to it, there's a protest happening near the Redmond District Hall, he wants the Roadmaster taking place there, a good chance to deliver some Street Justice as well.

The Plan

Both sides of the Protests are one quick provocation away from having this become a full-on riot, so Riot, decides she will deal with the KE Officers in the frontlines while DocSwagon, Sc4rl3tt, and Rasputin make off with the Roadmaster itself. Pretty simple.

The Run

Almost too simple: Riot unleashes an F12 Blast Spell against the KE units, knocking them all out leaving them at the mercy of the irate Redmond Citizens. They all pile into the Roadmaster, duct taping a Jammer on top of the roof of the vehicle and driving off to a temporarily empty Crimson Crush Chop Shop. Sc4rl3tt and DocSwagon make quick work of disabling the security and transponder. Riot gets the idea of turning it back on so KE gets pinged to this location.


Some Crimson Crush Go-Gangers return just in time to see a "made free of" Roadmaster peel out of their shop and a KE dispatch heading directly to where they are. Another Victory for the Haven.


Doc Swagon gets a base Roadmaster

Riot, Sc4rl3tt, and Rasputin get 13 Karma

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Always happy to help out a fellow runner. I'd say it was a triple victory. We got the doctor his car, prevented any police brutality, and even screwed over some gangers in the process. I should face off against Riot one of these days; that one displayed some real power.


Uneventful but entertaining to watch the Doc be awkward at everyone. Hopefully no one looks too closely at who/what took over that transponder.