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Date11, October, 2078
LocationTouristville Taco Temple
Result Successful acquisition of Taco Temple assets, as well as escaping a DUI charge
Factions Involved
Crimson Crush Massive Lightning Knight Errant Tamarin
Casualties and losses
None 2 Massive Lightning None


Two wageslaves, one of whom was a low-level aspected mage, were working the night shift at Touristville Taco Temple. Two ork gangers from Crimson Crush were eating/loitering at this same Taco Temple, on the outskirts of Crimson Crush territory. An up-and-coming gang, Massive Lightning, was interested in acquiring this portion of Crimson Crush territory.


The runners had all become heavily intoxicated at The Daze and were in the mood for some Taco Temple. They agreed to acquire acquire the target fast food items as a group.


The runners arrived at Touristville Taco Temple, avoiding any KE patrols in the area. They entered, and began to place their orders. Due to a misunderstanding between the server and Geared on the difference between Spanish and Aztlaner, tensions escalated. Luckily, no one was hurt. The runners dug into their food, some with more finesse than others. After biting into one of her tacos, Tamarin found herself face to face with a sustaining focus (presumably dropped by the cook in the back). Geared incorrectly identified it as being tied to blood magic, and the runners entered the kitchen to confront the presumed blood mage. After a harrowing interrogation involving Spanish and shotguns, the runners were finally convinced by the cook (cowering and crying from fear by this point) that he was not a blood mage. As they exited the restaurant, the runners walked right into a territory dispute between two members of Crimson Crush and 5 members of Massive Lightning. In the ensuing firefight, the runners managed to dispatch of the Massive Lightning combatants. Tamarin was also able to capture one of the enemy combatants: a hellhound.


After the shootout, the runners escaped unharmed. They were stopped by a KE officer on suspected DUI, but were let off with a warning.



3 karma each

Force 2 Sustaining Focus (Manipulation)


-6000¥ to Tamarin to pay for miscellaneous Hellhound-related things