Cut and Crush

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Cut and Crush
Location(Sewers of Redmond)
Factions Involved
Good Boy
Cutters Crimson Crush


Three misfit runners team up to defend an underground Crimson Crush outpost from an ad-hoc murder squad sent by rival gang the Cutters. After a period of racial tension between the mostly human (they brought one (1) dog) runners and the orks and trolls that make up the Crimson Crush, the team band together with them to repel the Cutters' attack.


"Mr. Stalin", an affiliated Johnson of the Crimson Crush, had called in a favor from them not too long ago that involved them making an attack on the Cutters in their region of Redmond. Now facing reprisals from the Cutters, the Crimson Crush seeks outside help to dissuade the Crush from attacking their underground drug lab, which they hope to accomplish by wiping out whatever attack they happen to send.

The Meet

The runners, after helping Mickey purchase flamethrower fuel on short notice, traveled the next day to Everett in their respective vehicles to meet with their Johnson at a clandestine warehouse. The Johnson, a chubby elf of Soviet style, offered them twelve thousand provisionally to spend around four days holed up underground as extra muscle for the Crimson Crush. Unable to negotiate effectively without knowing the exact nature of their opposition, the runners accepted this deal.

The Arrival

Outside the warehouse, the runners found a yerzed-out bright-red Universe waiting for them. Loading their gear into it, the runners braced themselves for a long awkward drive into Redmond. Dropped off unceremoniously outside a crumbling clinic, Mickey and Desdinova began to search its inside, Good Boy reluctantly following them. They found a gaping hole in the floor that lead to a dark, dismal, disused sewer, into which they crawled. Good Boy, smelling all manner of street drug, led our heroes around a corner, into the waiting guns of Bone-breaker and Za'xos, two 'wared up Crush toughs. Surprised and somewhat confused that their "backup" was a an old human man, a middle-aged human woman, and a dog, the Crush escorted them to a generator room deep in their underground territory to meet with a local lieutenant. After briefing the runners that an attack by the Cutters was expected within the next four to five days and that they would be expected to inhabit the sewers with the Crush until then, the lieutenant left, cursing the "commies" for saddling them with human runners.

The Preparation

Shortly after their arrival, the team got to work on preparing the underground base for attack. While Mickey went to inspect the barriers the Crush had put up, Good Boy familiarized himself with the Crush's smells and Desdinova began to attempt to train the Crush's new meat. While he had limited success, the other two were almost completely successful, Mickey using her power tools to shore up the frankly pathetic walls the gang erected.

Over the next few days, Mickey continued to improve their defensive position, managing to scavenge useful materials in the underground to improve the Crush's infrastructure and create a rudimentary mine. After a chance encounter with a ghoul (fairly easily repelled and dispatched), the day of the attack came.

The Run

On the fourth day the runners were underground, in the late morning, the Cutters' attack team began to make their way towards the base. Mickey, distracted trying to rig an early warning system, was surprised by them walking around a corner. Good Boy, fortunately, managed to sniff them out thanks to being well-adapted at this point to the smells of the sewer, and rounded up Desdinova and the Crush's guards as shots began to ring out. Mickey, though withstanding a burst of machine pistol fire from a shadowrunner the Cutters had hired, and responding very successfully with a blast of fire from her underbarrel flamethrower, was put down for the count by a shot from an underbarrel weapon herself, the integrated shotgun of a Nissan Optimum. Good Boy, rushing to help, was too late to stop the suited Vory goon.

Fortunately, backup was forthcoming, in the form of both Desdinova and the Crush. Brimming with magical energy, Good Boy distracted the bulk of the attacking force, never once even being grazed, and as the battle wore on, it became clear that the tide was turning in favour of the runners. As the Cutters' members called for a retreat, the Vory goon hurled a frag grenade into the sewer water, a distraction to cover the escape. Good Boy, exhibiting uncommon self control, recognized the grenade as something he should not chase after, instead responding to the grenade by charging into his enemies' midst. As the Cutters' offensive fell apart, Desdinova took an opportunity to loose off a powerful Comet spell, wiping them out completely.

The Aftermath

The offensive successfully repelled, the runners were rapidly wired their payments, and Mickey came to not long after. With a new appreciation for the capabilities of humans (and dogs), the Crush cheerfully drove our 'heroes' to the warehouse, where their own vehicles were waiting for them.


13000 Nuyen, 5 Karma, 2 CDP

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