The Womb of Demons

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The Womb of Demons
LocationSalish Shide Black Site
Status Threat Level: Semi-Prime
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Cultist & Horror
La Rapide
Frag Face
Katherine Tyler
Crawler & Gum Toad
3 Toxic Spirit
Cult Leader
Casualties and losses
Some bruises, sickness and damage to the mind The madness has been put to an end. For now at least.


Hank a recent PTT recruit of the N-51 has disappeared, Commander thought he betrayed the Task Force but the reality was worse.

The Meet

The runners have been called to be meet Commander at the Special Operation Branch outpost North of Sophocles. There they can notice an higher security than usual, after being striped of their weapon and matrix item they are bring into the office of Commander. The officer resume the situation quickly, Hank a recent recruit disappeared after his behavior had radical change. He visited an old abandonned Bunraku parlor the Flower of Lotus and after his last visit did go into the wilderness of the Salish Shide territory, a remote place probably some kind of facility due to the lack of satellite image. He offer 20 000 nuyens if they can bring him back alive, or some surplus gear. The Team accept the deal and procede to start the investigation.

The Run

The team first splitted up, 4NG3L followed Wychking to her office, the first doing matrix search and the second using divination. The matrix gave some information, Hank has a bounty on his head from a society linked to the Draco Fundation, and he disappeared near an extraterritorialty of the Fundation in the SSC territory. As for Wychking, her divination would help learn that Hank is alive but he is in a place who kinda freeze Wychking out of some kind of instinctive fear. On the other hand Kate, La Rapide & Frag Face reached the Bunraku parlor alongisde one of Wychking Spirit, the team could feel observed and the spirit would assess the presence of a Succubus. The trio then meet one of the Succubus servant in an underground level of the old parlor, the servant explain that her mistress was afraid to show cause she could be killed, and the team agreed to don't do anything.

Nerlithothep the Succubus then showed up, teasing the team about the fact that she knew why they came here. For Hank one of her "visitor" and she say that she know why he did reach the place he is in right now, naturally being a Shadow Spirit she ask for a payment that La Rapide accept to pay. After the payment, Nerlithothep expose that Hank came here after hearing the rumour about the parlour being haunted. He seemed to be an investigator about spirit stuff (despite being an absolute PTT) mostly on well what the Succubus expose as some kind of innate link to her origin "The womb of demons" which Wychking who watched the scene through an hacked camera understood to be the Horror and her mind started to understand the whole implication of this. The Succubus then said that as she was wandering in the astral, north east of Seattle she felt that "link", she informed Hank and well he did instantly reached the place. With those information the team started to head to the place as Wychking warned the team as she think that Hank might be crazed or corrupted by the Horrors and as such she ask that the team should be ready to kill him even if Commander asked for him alive. The team then reached the place which seem to be a secured site, but the security seems absent, in fact a dead member of the security can be found nearby, seemingly killed by Hank and in the distance sirens can be heard. As soon as they get close they can feel the weight of a mana aspect toward suffering, malignant torture seems to have occured in the vicinity.

The team finally reached the site and at that moment, La Rapide felt that someone was lurking on her and as soon as she turn she could see three monstruous creature with humans eyes and hair, Crawler, demons and Horror, with her warning the team managed to react quick enough. Of the three they killed two, and a silhouette jump from the nearby forest to slash the last one. Hank, who was assenssed as soon as he appear by Wychking, the two of them have a quick discussion as both understand the extent of the Horrors problem. After a good handshake the team now sporting one more member enter the site, then they splited up, Hank going to a cell block while the team investigate on Test Subject area. After fending off a few more Crawler and Gun Toad the team discovered in awe that the site seems to have been build around the experimentation on Crawler & Gum Toad due to their link with the Horror, in fact they were breeding the Crawler until some kind of breach happened. 4NG3L then dive into the local host to find information and after a tense fight against the remaning IC (as the Spider was killed by the crawler) she manage to extract security feed camera and some data about the project. While she was doing this Hank reach back the team with some wound saying he didn't find much but he believe there was a second floor deeper. Not willing to take any elevator Frag Face dug an hole throught the reinforced structure to reach the second floor.

There the mana aspect rise up again and they found a lot of lodge about Elder God tradition, summoning room for the Crawler it seems, and in the distance, chanting. The team quickly reach the place and manage to disrupt the ritual just in time thank to Wychking who use a powerful spell to wreck havoc on them. But the Chief Cultist run away and was protected by corrupted Spirit and a fight broke in. Kate nearly got killed by a Nuclear Spirit but was saved by Frag Face who decided to punch right through it, nearly downing himself in the process. Homever he was still standing and manage to punch the chief cultist soon after putting an end to the fight.


As the fight died down the team would find in the room of the cultist, a lot of old book and parchment which Wychking seized after making a deal with Hank that he would have a chance to get a look at it. The team also agreed to lie to Commander about Hank whereabout. He was just having some habit in that parlor and was captured during the last visit. Commander was happy to received his trooper back and payed the runners, who also had chance to make acquaintance with Hank and Nerlithothep.


Run reward for "The Womb of Demons".

For La Rapide, Kate and Frag Face (Run bring to 50 RVP since 8 hours of run)

40 Karma (40 RVP)

20 000 nuyens or twice in N-51 Surplus gear (Weapon, armor, explosives and all) (10 RVP)


Optionnal Contact & Run Reward :

Nerlithothep the Succubus (1/3) (3 RVP) (You bring her Hank back she happy)

Hank (1/4) (4 RVP) Those who already had him can get him to Loyalty Five

Kate can pick 4th rank of tough as nail (5 RVP)

Raps can pick 2nd rank as well (5 RVP)

Can pick "History is not certain as we taught" :

Getting a rank of the enemy

For 4NG3L  :

30 Karma (30 RVP)

20 000 nuyens or twice in N-51 Surplus gear (Weapon, armor, explosives and all) (10 RVP)

20 000 nuyens for having trade paydata against the share of Wychking. (10 RVP)

For Wychking :

36 Karma (36 RVP)

Lucky (12 RVP)

4000 Nuyens from Kate (2 RVP)

Can buy the second rank of the enemy.

Game Quotes

"Wychking was the Impostor."

"ATASHI WA OMAE O KOROSHIMASU! (I will slay you!) HIIIIIIII-YAI! (a kiyai)"

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

"4NG3L here! It's been a Neo-Tokyo minute since I last cleaned out a host of IC, but it was quite worth it. I am honourbound not to speak of what I pulled out of there and I take that seriously. Nevertheless, that had to be the most lucrative bit of paydata I've ever been in possession of. A damn shame what happened to that spider... I would have liked to derezz his ass nonlethally (for once) to pick what is left of his brains, but alas, circumstances were not so kind. What support I could offer within a black site with limited Matrix connectivity I trust proved useful, although I am still a bit peeved that Ryu-Oh's bite was resisted by some demon toad!"

Katherine Tyler

Disgusting, the lot of it. Gum Toads, crawlers, toxic spirits and mages. It's good to be rid of all that evil. There must be more going on, but I'd rather not get too involved in these things. I promised Commander I'd help out, and help out I did. Hank came back and all is well. Or rather, mostly. Wychking knows about the connections with spirits and gods, I can feel it. Nerlithothep and Hank are digging into it and that is not good. Teldragon says to keep my mouth shut, so I will. I'll have to see if this goes anywhere.

Wychking - That was difficult. And concerning. This knowledge snakes its way into my brain, twisting it. It's like a taint of corruptive magic; difficult to resist. I haven't felt its like before, but I'll conquer it sooner or later. I have to. If I won't, the future will be me surrendering to this knowledge, not continuing to fulfill my promise. That is a life I cannot accept, ever.