Knives out, Its Dinner Time

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Knives out, Its Dinner Time
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Draco Foundation
Cults of Interest
Mojo Joe
Angra Mainyu
Brotherhood of Flesh
Casualties and losses
N/A All but the Mage
Chainsaws are terrifying.


The Johnson, a customer service representative for Bloodbath and Beyond, has been finding Strange symbols all over his property. As the authorities wont look into it, he moved to hire some talented individuals to look into it instead, as the symbols give him the shivers. He suspects gangers or his damn neighbor's kids. However this ended up not being the case, as it turned out to be cannibalistic cultists in the form of a sect of the brotherhood of flesh. Thank the spirits that he asked runners to help of he would be quite the messy corpse!


Every year around this time, a series of messy and gory killings happen in the city of Seattle, the police flagging it as a serial killer of some variety they have been keeping quiet about for years. Five killings every October, they usually only found bodies. With one exception, three years ago. Albert Johnson, a runner who was house sitting for a friend, was attacked by a horde of psychotic men.

The Meet

The Johnson met them at a bar, in a private back room with built in white noise. Bringing a sample of the symbols, the team quickly realized it was magical in nature when they looked at it, suspecting satanic elements immediately. They agreed to look into it in exchange for 6000 nuyen, or double that in guns.

The Plan

The team entered the cul de sac, attracting a little attention with there massive combat vehicle. They quickly found all the symbols, and proceeded to magically dispel them, one at a time, over the course of a day and a half. Meanwhile 4NG3L, the decker of the run, did research based on the symbols. They quickly pulled a police file from a Neo-anarchist host site, finding the history behind what is going on. Now knowing that bogies would be arriving sometime that evening, they quickly made a meal of the Johnson's food, and decided to take them head on.

The Run

They waited until 1 am, and sure enough, a large group of Psychotic men who were already marred and twisted by whatever rituals they had undertaken appeared. Silencer shot through the door and killed two immediately, at which point the mob charged in. The leaders followed quickly in behind. After only a few seconds, Bullets, Axes, and Blades mowed down the mob, just in time to put up a shield for when a troll with a chainsaw came crashing in, tearing a huge hole into the shield. However, the combat quickly fell apart for the enemy when they noticed the Troll wasn't running silent, and he proceeded to get Dunked on by 4NG3L, but not before ChromeDome took a chainsaw to the chest, his armor saving his life.


Eight Dead initiatives, all in a bloody mess, One Paralyzed troll, now missing a spine, and a Psychotic magus gagged, tagged, and bagged. The team quickly bailed out, carrying Chrome Dome and the mage in tow before the cops showed up. The Johnson wanted nothing to do with the mage, so they threw him to the Draco foundation for extra money.


1.16 multiplier for 7 hour session.

-2000 nuyen (the Draco foundation) -6000 from johnson, may buy Guns up to Rating 18 at Gear Rates with this reward. -10 karma (Helping a friendly neighborhood, and killing some cannibals) -2 CDP +1 Draco Foundation Rep -1 Brotherhood of Flesh Rep

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

4NG3L: "Now that I've come down from the Kamikaze, I can coherently string together words in English to report that this run was an exercise in the blatant dangers of leaving central nervous system cyberware, particularly wired reflexes, open to the Matrix. Because a heavily cybered-up trog's internal chrome was wireless-accessible to me, he now no longer has a functioning spine or motor neural system. A single data-spike from my deck was literally all it took to take that otherwise imposing and potentially problematic hulk of a cyborg down so his insane mage buddy can be seized. On the sunnyish-side, though, my Ryu-Oh has gotten a bit of a work out."


Mojo Joe: "Was a night to remember to say the least. Will likely not sleep well when I decide to. Thankfully our Johnson is safe and accounted for, he likely would not have survived if he was present that night, or what would've happened to us if we didn't dispell that circle. I also owe a huge gratitude to that other runner in the red suit. Were it not for her I likely would have suffered for my foolish and rash decision... I should investigate more often before I touch... dangerous stuff. And her effort's in dispelling the magic surrounding and inside the property was extraordinary. Angel was also good company and a good cook, they were also intuitive and their intel was second to none. And Chromedome's defense was second to none, you could've tossed a grenade at that orc and he would not fall. Will likely persue another game of Uno with him at some point. Overall great company and while very intense and... disturbing, in the end we did what we could and the perpetraitors have been handled accordingly."

Angra Mainyu - These cultists are maniacs. I'm glad to have worked alongside another mage, he helped out a lot when it comes to breaking the ritual markings and getting rid of the spiritual effects. That enemy mage in particular genuinely thought to have a chance; I was honored to prove him wrong. Not on my fucking watch.