Gasoline Guzzlers

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Gasoline Guzzlers
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Ryan Danes
Haruko Olobella
Casualties and losses
Rooster (patched up)


The Razorheads want a small off-shoot of the Halloweeners knocked out of the neighborhood, considering they're at the end of their rope as it is, stealing their shipment of gasoline is enough to take them out. Hiring a group of runners, the mercs proceed to eliminate the competition utterly and wholey, earning a proper payday.


The Meet

The meet was held at a burned-out department store in the middle of Puyallup, with a member of the razorheads, armed with 5 katana, enough to fit the multiple cyberarms he has equipped asymmetrically across her body. Getting right to the point, Johnson explained that there is a contingent of Halloweeners in town that have access to a stockpile of un-spoiled gasoline, with the threat of their advanced molotovs, this was not something to be taken lightly. Whether the shipment is to be stolen, destroyed, it does not matter, the real point is that they want this group to go down, with this strike being the final nail in their coffin. The only stipulation for this job was that nobody was to know which gang hired the runners, that the job was meant to look like it came from just some random hooligans. The run was meant to be done quickly, as a foe-vein (how do you spell this?) was coming into the area rather soon.

Noticing the rather impressive cigar that Johnson was smoking, he requested to take a hit, realizing it was tobacco much like his own vice, a heavy inhale later and some poor life decisions, the Rigger slumped over with nausea and disorientation, summoning his Lynx drone to drag him over to his vehicle as 4NG4L desperately chased him with an anti-tox patch to get him to stop dying. After arguing over prices and such for a moment amongst themselves, Johnson interrupted them to offer a rather neat looking Clown Katana as a reward for completing the job, convincing the group to accept the job, seeing no better offers in sight.

With their objectives given, the location established as being the Super Kwick Fuel Station somewhat nearby, they either had to steal or destroy the shipment, kill everyone, or just get the gangers to leave, with a rather open-ended job, the group got on their way to scout the location out.

The Plan

Arriving on the location, 4NG3L did an initial pass of the place to see what she could spot along the way, though, missing her window to spot her foe, or the monofilament wire strung across the road, which sliced into her as she was thrown from her bike. Thankfully, she was able to get back up, spotting a rather pleased Halloweener laughing the whole situation up before reaching for her sidearm, prompting M3chan1c to snap her back to her senses with some tactical advice on the values of walking away until her allies are close.

Sending his fly-spy in, M3chan1c managed to scout out a good deal of the building before being spotted, and, thanks to some banter between a few of the halloweeners, the rigger was alerted to the threat of a bet to shoot the wings off of the drone, being in hotsim, he panicked and zipped out of the building, alerting the gangers to the drone's true nature, rather than it being a humble housefly.

Passing on some information to the party, 4NG4L took the initiative to go after the matrix resources of the gangers, spotting their commlinks, smartguns, a pair of their drones, "OL' 1HANDER" and a Lone Star Castle Guard. Working her way forwards to trace the icons of the drones, she managed to uncover 'OL' 1HANDER,' a combat drone stored in the storage room of the station, with a false-wall ton conceal it.

Hacking through the system as M3chan1c attempted to scout further through the building, 4NG3L managed to take the drone under her control, sending it out to assault the gangers, although it made them jump, the quick actions from a few of the gang members wielding a heavy flamethrower rendered it into a pile of molten slag. Seeing that attempt foiled, Rooster took the initiative in sneaking around the building while invisible, unfortunately, he happened to sneak right in front of a pair of fire spirits, who happened to be staring right at him.

The Run

Rooster immediately lunged forward, stabbing one of the fire spirits in front of him and flipping it the bird its way, just in time to watch a fully cyborged-out ganger round the corner, hurling a Molotov his way, which the adept was able to duck down and catch it, raising it up, he flung it back as hard as he could, unfortunately catching the doorframe above himself and immolating the area around him, just as the fire spirit lunged back at him in retaliation, engulfing him in its form as the other joined to assist in the attack. Glancing outside, some of the party members pointed out a heavily-cybered enemy rounding the building to flank Rooster, giving Haruko a chance to blast them with an opium den, sending them to the weed realm, completely overwhelming the ganger and sending them to the ground in a magical drug induced stupor. As M3chan1c desperately commanded his drones to speed around the building to assist Rooster, Taco Torrent, the cyborged-up ganger spotted earlier charged through the fray, lighting up the series of 4 molotovs mounted onto his chest in the form of a crude suicide vest. Stepping out of the bathroom, one of the enemy gangers whipped out their rifle, blowing one of M3chan1c's fly spy drones to smithereens, earning a creative string of curses from the rigger as he jumped back into his Lynx, ready for blood. Speaking of blood, one of the fire spirits turned around, striking out towards Rooster once again, knocking him unconscious in a heap. Lumina sprinted out from her position by 4NG3L, dashing all the way to the hostile troll, in the split second the ganger had to react, he could barely spot the flash of a woman tearing his stomach to shreds before his life ebbed out from beneath him, avenging M3chan1c's drone. Dumpy Dave, the Halloweener with the largest ass of the group (according to his matrix profile,) stepped around the corner of Lumina's kill, paired up with an additional halloweener with yet another flamethrower implant, turning the ground she stood on into an inferno, thanks to her impressive resiliance, she managed to withstand the flames, only ending up lightly singed. Turning off from the downed Rooster, the flame spirits rounded the building, attempting to magically mess with Lumina before its form erupted, and fell to astral dust in an excessively loud explosion thanks to M3chan1c's Krime cannon as his drone finally got into position. Speaking of drones, the enemy castle drone stepped into the main room, loaded with thermal smoke, causing the dog-brained unit to sputter and beep in panic and lose its way in the smoke, sending beeping and sputtering noises through the building. Ducking out of the building, Taco Torrent spotted the source of the shots, whipping out a rocket launcher, the cyber-ganger whipped out a rocket launcher, firing off towards the drone before diving back inside, the shot barely missing the drone as it sped off at full speed. Sending a water spirit inside to spot any astral fuckery, Haruko managed to find a Mage, which she immediately sent her astral ally to attack. Of course, this wasn't in time to help Lumina, who was currently getting doused in a pair of flame throwers by the combined efforts of Dumpy Dave and Cinderpalm, though, once again, she endured, shrugging off their efforts, her blades came out, ready for revenge. Lunging forward, she sent her blades through Dave's back, swiping her arms to the sides as she took half of his body with them, knocking the cyber-gangster to the ground in a pile of high-octane fuel and blood. Getting a callout from the water spirit, Haruko passed information to the rest of the party, that apparently, the mage inside was summoning a rather massive hostile spirit of fire. Hacking into the ganger's drone, 4NG3L got it to turn inside, giving it a chance to distract the enemy fire spirit with its 'attempt' at killing it. Cinderpalm sprinted away to try and escape the fate of her other flame-wielding friend, though, as she disappeared in the smoke, Lumina traced her step exactly, remaining completely unseen as she prepared to strike. As the water spirit stepped into the room with the mage, it took a few shots from an automatic weapon, materializing before the panicked ganger, who tried to banish it in a final desperate action, failing utterly as the pair stared each other down as the spirit turned to engulf the ganger who had previously shot it. As this went down, M3chan1c's rotodrone drone scooted back in the distance, barely drawing an angle on Taco Torrent, still too distracted by his attempts to patch his previously-earned wounds to notice as the distant drone fired off a lone, silenced shot, blowing his cybered-torso into scrap that painted the wall in coolant and blood. Unfortunately, Lumina's movement bumped her straight into her target, letting Cinderpalm have one more chance to blast the adept with her flame thrower, though, once again, she resisted, carving out the stomach of the horribly under-armored ganger in an act of finality. Still trying to fend off the water spirit, the Mage cast one last attempt of banishing it, failing, and sending himself over the edge of his pain tolerance, knocking himself out, allowing the fire spirit to simply leave back to another plane as nothing was left keeping it tied to this place, ending the combat.


Surrounding Rooster, Lumina, 4NG3L, and M3chan1c got to work patching up their ally, helping him get to his feet after treating his burns, giving M3chan1c a chance to hop back into his Roadmaster and take passes at the body of the troll that shot his Fly-spy, testing the suspension of his vehicle as well as his colorful vocabulary. The others crossed through the building, hunting down and quickly finding the gasoline storage. Before anyone could suggest how to take advantage of the resource provided in all of this gasoline, Rooster, now up and about again, dropped a remote detonation-primed grenade into the access port and stepped out of the building, causing the runners to cease their discussion. Stepping through the building, 4NG3L found a terminal and some odd cyber-fang in the room with the Mage's sleeping form. Looking into the terminal, she was able to find diary entries from the conjurer, discovering they actually had a deep-seated hatred for his gang members, with desires to change his life around by moving to the Redmond mage-acadamy, but due to the dangers associated with the area, he never moved to do so out of fear for his own safety. While 4NG3L continued to scour the location for goodies and weapons, M3chan1c summoned his GMC Armadillo, loading the unconscious Mage inside, slumped against the door, before sending the truck off to navigate to the listed mage college to dump him, rather unceremoniously, in front of the building before speeding back home. Grabbing whatever they wanted out of the area, the runners packed up and drove home as Rooster triggered his explosive, sending the gas station up in a blaze of glory.


--- Run Rewards for Gasoline Guzzlers (Medium, 12 RVP)

8,000 Nuyen (4 RVP)

8,000 Nuyen worth of Gear, purchaseable at 50% discount OR 1 Karma for every 2,000 Nuyen not spent on Gear (4 RVP)

4 Karma (4 RVP)


Gear obtainable through this run:

Pulse Wave Commlink

Ares Light Fire 70

Regular Light Pistol Ammo

Rating 1 Power Focus

Electronic Parts

Gas Grenades


Halloweener Molotov Cocktail

Krime Cocktail

Game Quotes

"Ol' 1Hander Kool-Aid man's through the wall"

"Lumina no, don't become a Vietnam statistic!"

"This is not following the laws of pokemon!"

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

M3chan1c: "Well that was a shitshow, thankfully we were able to save Rooster before he became a rotisserie, but aside from that, a fair enough mission.. though that asshole shot my fucking fly-spy, glad Lumina turned 'em inside out for that, piece of shit."

Haruko Olobella: "It started to turn into a real shitshow when that mage managed to over summon that fire spirit. Luckily he knocked his own ass out when trying to banish my water spirit and the one he summoned fucked right off"

Lumina: "It was my privilege to avenge M3chan1c's fly-spy from that Troll who destroyed it. Those halloweeners with the flamethrowers though... they were dangerous. I was glad I was able to hold on long enough to take them down. Those flames they were firing were more than enough to turn the average person into a crisp."

4NG3L: (in Japanese) "I have never quite had so much fun hijacking these chucklefucks' drones and turning them against their former masters. That'll teach those lunatics to put monomolecular wire in the middle of the fucking road! Never mess with the Umezawa-Gumi, especially not one of their deckers... just a friendly protip!"