You Found Me

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You Found Me
LocationWarehouse on the Tacoma docks
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Red Vory


When Kost was kidnapped by Red Vory from her past, her friends worked together to find her and free her.


Kost had become aware that her Vory enemies from the past had found her; see report. She initially moved to Moth's house on Bell-Red to avoid being found, while her friends helped gather information.

They learned that a Mr. Yuri was looking for her. He was in charge of the Vory's entertainment properties in Seattle, including a bunraku parlor and a nightclub, Little Ivan's. Kost's friends helped gather information about these two locations, to try to determine when it might be possible to strike against Mr. Yuri.

Ultimately, Kost went by herself to Little Ivan's and was captured. She was given a personafix that made her a loyal henchwoman to Mr. Yuri.

Her friends quickly discovered that she was missing.

Itako's summoned spirit was able to track Kost to a warehouse on the Tacoma docks.

The Meet

Moth alerted Kost's fixer, Madame Butterfly, that they had found her. She offered them a reward to help recover her safely. They took the reward, though they were clearly already on their way to rescue Kost, regardless. But it was good to begin a professional relationship with Madame Butterfly.

Pollux was particularly glad to be paid, as her code of honor was in conflict with her desire to cause maximum harm to the kidnappers, absent payment.

The Plan

Itako astrally projected to confirm that Kost was inside and to establish a mark on her, via her fly spy. The team knew that Kost was a master of disguise. It was very important to know which person she was at all times during the attack. Itako was also able to assense the auras inside and verify that only one had the emotional flatness associated with recent installment of a personafix. It did not look like there were others also needing rescue inside.

Moth could see that there were two guards out front, and no traps or tripwires. There was a high window to a catwalk level inside.

The team agreed that the key priorities were to rescue Kost without hurting her more than was necessary, and - if possible - to leave Mr. Yuri alive for questioning and for Kost to decide what to do with him. Her revenge. The other Vory minions could be killed quickly and efficiently.

The team took their drugs in preparation for the combat. Unfortunately, Dandy found himself newly addicted to Cram.

The Run

Dandy moved stealthily to make his way towards the window and to set up a sniper position on the catwalk.

Burn0ut and Pollux timed attacks to potentially take out the two guards outside without yet alerting the ones inside. Pollux killed one. Burn0ut hurt the second one, and Dandy was able to shoot the other before he could raise an alarm.

Itako's fire spirit made its way stealthily across the ward, and manifested, drawing fire. Kost and the other Vory took shots at the fire spirit. Kost hit it with Blight, making it the most vulnerable.

Moth rallied the team with an inspiring speech, helping them move more quickly than their enemies.

Pollux continued to kill the Vory, focusing first on the minions on the catwalk near Kost and Mr. Yuri. Itako's spirit helped.

Dandy, careful to not kill Mr. Yuri, made a called shot to Mr. Yuri's genitals, a fitting punishment for his actions. He was dropped prone, unable to act, in terrible agony.

Burn0ut made a spectacular gymnastic leap for the catwalk to try to grapple Kost, but Kost was able to dodge, and told her, tone cruel: "I hope when they make you a doll that I get the first turn." Moth tried to restore their morale with another rallying speech. These weren't Kost's words. This was just the terrible thing that had been done to her. The Vory would pay for it.

Kost had dropped her pistol and drawn her sniper rifle. Itako manifested long enough to grab the pistol away from her. Dandy shot the sniper rifle out of her hand. It fell to the ground far beneath the catwalk.

Burn0ut successfully grappled the unarmed Kost. Itako's spirit cast confusion on her, making it nearly impossible for her to break free of the grapple. Burn0ut was able to restrain her.

Pollux killed the remaining Vory.

The battle was over.

Moth called her key contacts at Deireadh An Tuartheil hospital in Tarislar, who had helped her treat rescued victims of personafix in the past. But this time she needed the patient treated immediately! Dr. Isabel Wirth and Dr. Cliff Morrow agreed to arrange an emergency surgery, in exchange for a favor each from Moth.

Moth arranged a safehouse for Mr. Yuri. Dandy and Itako's fire spirit kept guard of him there, while the others raced to the hospital with Kost. Mr. Yuri cursed in Russian, and moaned in agony.

Kost recovered within an hour, and was her old self again, though troubled. Her friends all expressed how glad they were to have her back. She apologized profusely to Burn0ut for what she had said to her.

They brought Kost to the warehouse to confront Mr. Yuri. She appreciated seeing him with his genitals blown off, and then finished the job, shooting him three times in the head, while pledging in Russian to destroy his operations, in vengeance.


Kost has been rescued and the personafix has been removed and treated. There are no lingering ill effects. Only bad memories.

When it was all done, Kost asked Burn0ut to take her home.


6,000 nuyen
12 karma
-2 rep Red Vory
+2 CDP
Opportunity to buy Madame Butterfly 4/2 contact (5 karma), and only receive 7 karma

Kost +15k bounty for Red Vory

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Moth here! This was my 45th run. I am just so very very glad that we found Kost and were able to rescue her. But it is so terrible that they put that personafix in her. I don't want to think about what happened in the time it took us to track her down. This was a great team. Absolutely devastating in a combat. You do not want any of these runners mad at you! It was good to have Dandy there. I always feel better when he is close. I forget sometimes how incredibly and effectively violent he can be, if a situation calls for it. He seems really on edge now that it's over. I hope he's okay. I think we'll all be glad to help Kost shut down Mr. Yuri's bunraku operations forever. I'm going to keep Dr. Morrow and Dr. Wirth busy. I should probably make sure papa makes another big donation to the hospital!


I am very glad to have Kost back. I have been worrying almost constantly since Yuri poked his head up. I am looking forward to every thing calming down now that we have resolved this, mostly. I am glad I had everyone else there with me. It warms my heart to see how much everyone cares for each other.


I am sorry they all had to go through this, and grateful they were willing. I had hoped to resolve things without involving the others... I did not want them to be involved with the Vory, but... It would have been better had I trusted them to begin with instead of pridefully rushing in. I thought my intel was good... I underestimated both Yuri and my comrades. I will not do so again.


I'm just glad we got her out safe. I'm looking forward to hunting down the rest of these cunts for what they did to her. Seeing Dandy take that guy's dick out was cathartic, however. Symbolic, too. Ah, I'm still shaking while I write this out...


I can rest easy now with Kost back safe again. After this, I'mma run these bastards into the ground, they won't get another chance to hurt her again, I promise that.