Heaven is a Place on Earth

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Heaven is a Place on Earth
LocationSnohomish, near Kost's house
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Madame Butterfly
Red Vory
Good Boy
Vory Goons
Vory Douchebags


Kost is not feeling well, and Madame Butterfly is worried that it's her symbiosis acting up. She hires a few runners to check on her and help clear the problem if there is one.


Kost is an ex-bunraku doll, having been tricked by the Red Vory with a false job offer and taken from her homeland of Russia. After spending a few years, she managed to escape, taking a large number of credsticks with her, later meeting Madame Butterfly who has started working her as a runner. It has been a couple years, now, and it seems someone in the Vory has tracked her down.

The Meet

Madame Butterfly invites Ironclad, Flyboy, and Good Boy to the Butterfly Effect. She explains that Kost feeling unwell for the last time has made her worried. Without telling Kost, she has invited them there and offers to pay them 6,000 nuyen each to check on her and see if they can identify the problem and solve it. The runners all refuse payment, needing no more motivation than to help their fellow Havenite.

The Plan

The runners drive to Kost's house, who is surprised to see them. They explain the reasoning for their presence and she invites them inside, serving some tea and biscuits. Ironclad offers an examination and does his best to alleviate her symptoms. Good Boy uses his keen sense of smell and magical abilities to try and sniff out the limits of how far Kost's symbiosis extends from her. After discovering what he believes is the outer limit (and running into Dandy's dog, Brutus), Flyboy sends his drones to scout out what could be the issue. After some time searching, he finds what is almost obviously some criminal syndicate members camped by the road, stopping and beating random passerbys, possibly for information, or possibly just to upset the dryad.

The Run

The team sets out to right this wrong immediately. Flyboy attempts to convey some tactics, but it falls flat. Ironclad instead suggests some guerilla tactics. The group sneaks up on the Red Vory members (confirmed by Kost hearing them speak in Russian quite loudly). The Vory notice nothing and suddenly are set upon by the runners. The runners make almost comically quick work of them, with the Vory completely unable to make even a single attack with how fast they are assaulted.


They recover a datachip. The datachip contains orders, which Ironclad unlocks, that basically say beat up random people, do not engage with Kost, 'She will come to us'. There is also an audio file that calls out, referring, obviously, to Kost as his "nightingale," and says he found her.

Kost moves into Moth's old house to lie low. and gather more information.


11 Karma +2 CDP Option to purchase Madame Butterfly (-4 karma) A very creepy datachip

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


It bothers me how close they have gotten. All I wanted from them is to be left alone. I must find out what they learned of me and how and be certain they cannot come after me again.


Glad we caught them when we did, and that we managed to make sure Kost was safe. Even better that we got that data chip open. With permission, I'll be wandering the land for a bit, make sure no Vory Ruskie bastards are looking to hurt one of us.


Frag the Vory. I think this bears looking at closer, Kost can do without this drek in her life. If violence has to occur as a result and I piss off the Vory, worth it.