Fertilizer 2.0

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Fertilizer 2.0
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Toxic Mages
Cleaner Cleaner
Toxic mage and his Spirits
Casualties and losses
the above


Mint Hires a group of runners to look into a corn field that was growing unusually well, in hopes of being able to apply it to her own fields. Upon the runners arriving, they discover unusual activity and background counts. It is discovered that the farmer had been using toxic magic to empower his fields, and the issue was swiftly dealt with.


The Meet

Hibiscus, Cleaner Cleaner, and Fluster meet in the barrens with Mint, who is interested in a curious farm in Snohomish who had been growing unnaturally large corn. After some brief negotiations, she agrees to pay 8000 nuyen if we return samples, 10,000 if they found the source.

The Plan

The plan was very simple, Fluster turned the rest of the team invisible and waited in the car, while Hibiscus and Cleaner Cleaner would scout out the area and collect samples. The next day Fluster would attempt to talk to the farmer in question to see what all they could learn from that vector. With information gathered, they would decide what to do from there.

The Run

The team quickly called contacts to acquire information on the farm, which eventually led to 8Ball doing some research for them, finding not a whole lot about the farm, the man inside was widowed, and he didn’t have anything out of the ordinary for security except a suspiciously large dog. Right away suspecting Bugs, the entire team went to the local Stuffer shack and bought many cans of RAID, Fluster going so far as to fashion a Bandolier of their many variant products. The run went very smoothly. Fluster Jammed in the car while holding concentration on invisibility, while the two snuck around and collected samples. They found odd bugs who ate other bugs, unusual background counts, foul smells, and mutated plants. At one point they suspected a combat situation, decided to sneak Fluster in to prepare, which required circumnavigating a large Dog on the property, which they used meat to coax it into a barn to seal it. They buffed up in front of the green house, ran in, and found no combat, only highly mutated and foul plants which they collected samples of before briskly vacating the premises. Before meeting the farmer, they checked into a Hotel and had a girls night, before going back the next day. The farmer was behaving oddly and was very uncooperative, so once he finally asked them to leave, they suspected he might be inhabited by a bug spirit. The team dropped off the samples, warning of the potential threat, and CC proceeded to locate a gas grenade, DMSO, and Blight. They returned, Fluster cast a Combat Senses Spell on Hibiscus and CC set up in the field, and they proceeded to knock, wait for the door to open, and toss the grenade in. Quickly multiple man spirits and plant spirits of a toxic nature manifested and the fight was on. The fight fell apart for the opposition when the farmer was Riposted by Hibiscus and died, causing most of the spirits to leave and the rest was mopped up from there.


The aftermath is very simple. Mint can't use any of the farmers' methods due to their toxic nature, but appreciates that the Toxic entities were cleaned up. There is now a vacant lot with a ton of background count aligned to Toxic magic available for purchase, on the cheap. Mint is considering cleaning it up and buying it.


2 CVP 9 RVP 10k nuyen (4 RVP + nego) 5 karma (5 RVP)

Optional: Gear rewards at halve rates from nuyen: Ammonium Nitrate Contact: Mint at Loyalty 3 (5 RVP) Contact: 8ball at Loyalty 2 (2 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Fluster: Well… I was expecting that to be boring as fuck… how fucking wrong that was! The first part was kind of boring, I made two Chummers invisible and jammed in the car till they called me. Then I had to lead a Megaborker into a barn to lock it up, there was this GROSS ass smelling Greenhouse, and we bailed the fuck out after. We all hung out at a hotel that night and chatted about all kinds of shit and I found a new Nail-polish I like, so that was pretty bitching. We came back the next day cause they all thought he was possessed, the farmer was an asshat so we came back later and grenaded his house! Which apparently was the right move cause he proceeded to hulk out like that green guy from the pre crash comics, and a bunch of spirits showed up and it… was… CRAZY drek. Shame the dog died Q.Q.