La Renaissance

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La Renaissance
Part of Contre-Révolution
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Marie-Claire d'Orléans
Edouard Napoléon Bonaparte
Louis XXII de Bourbon
Plus a lot of others at the party!
The French!
King Louie
Casualties and losses


Father Uriel hired some runners to make introductions to some French nobles looking for assistance with their revolution.


The Meet

The Father explained to the team that some of the French nobles survivors of the revolution are in town. The event is an excellent opportunity to gain inroads with them got potential future work. He has provided the team with a clothing budget and invitations to a party they are holding.

The Plan

The team acquired some black panther and social appropriate clothing. Nu11stack acquired some data on the guise via a matrix search and some chips for his skill jack. Beyond that the team was going to perform socially as well as they could and enjoy the party.

The Run

The team arrived each in their own vehicles and began to pass through security. Babylon arrived a bit late to the party with Gomorrah in tow. Nu11stack noticing began a conversation with Mitsue, a local security expert by appearances and then noticed some fine original art. Attempting to open discussion with one of the royals he approached the painting and brought his knowledge of French culture to bear attempting to impress one of them. This tactic worked and Edouard Napoleon Bonaparte begin a discussion with him. Nu11st@ck continued the conversion discussing the finer arts of unit tactics.

Meanwhile Ez-Azael and King Louie began meandering around the party. Ez-Azael eventually attracting the attention of Louis XXII de Bourbon began an awkward discussion of French architecture.

Babylon engaged in rousing conversation with Juliette Burns about high fashion which attracted the attention of Marie-Claire d'Orleans.

With all the royals engaged the team felt rather successful in making their mark. Nu11st@ck provided contact information to Mitsue de la Periere at the behest of Lord Bonaparte. Meanwhile Louis XXII de Bourbon engaged in further conversation with King Louie. Nu11st@ck attempted to aid his companion and intervened, offering services to him. The party ended with a bit of a magical disruption and the party concluded. The team was invited to return the next morning and display their various talents.

Babylon engaged in a dual with Gomorrah, Ez-Azael brought forth an earth spirit, King Louie engaged in a shooting competition with one of the guards, and Nu11st@ck hacked their the commlink of the head of security and engaged in a driving and shooting display from his Roadmaster.


Fully impressed by each of the runners the nobles asked for each to choose a benefactor and future employer. Nu11st@ck chose Edouard Bonaparte, Ez-Azael Louis Bourbon, and both king Louie and Babylon choose Marie d'orleans.


4k nuyens from Father Uriel (2 RVP)

18 CDP (8 RVP)

Pick one of those :

Marie Claire d'Orléans (6/1) (6 RVP)

Edouard Napoléon Bonaparte (6/1) (6 RVP)

Louis XXII de Bourbon (6/1) (6 RVP)

Initiation run for Nu11st@ck and Ez-Azael

Optionnal Contact :

Juliette Burns (4/1) (4 RVP)

Madame Butterfly (4/1) (4 RVP)

Red, The Seductress (5/1) (5 RVP)

Mr. Cromwell (6/1) (6 RVP)

Carly Reeves (4/1) (4 RVP)

Lt.Cmdr Yennefer Kerrigan (6/1) (6 RVP)

Katsura (4 /1) (4 RVP)

King Midas (6/1) (6 RVP)

Jade (4/1) (4 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Nu11st@ck "Boy I hate rich folks...I guess my practice is paying off nicely though, they didn't seem to mind and I didn't really stick out at all. That's a first.. Lets see if this connection pays off, cause this run certainly didn't."

"I'm a bit surprised that not much happened, but it did feel quite good to do what I always wanted to do; just roll up at a party and go on about whatever drek comes to mind and it managing to be compelling and charming. I may want to talk a bit more with Madame Butterfly and maybe also get some real Private Dick work under my belt to keep from going too absurd with my... charitably called Embellishments. But most important of all, a prince of France is now a patron to me doing some work for them whenever he wants a theurge summoner on hand! I can already see the nuyen flowing into pocket and talismans of God held aloft."