Lights, Camera, Sanctions!

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Lights, Camera, Sanctions!
GMEye of the Storm
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Horizon
Heart of the Tempest
Horizon Guards
Horizon HTR
Casualties and losses
None Technomancer extracted in snap decision, multiple drones and guards, the entire HTR team and Nikolas


Ex-Firewatch hired runners to delete evidence Horizon gathered and fabricated against them, and to get evidence against Horizon for them.


Horizon had performed a few false flag operations and other things to do harm to Ex-Firewatch

The Meet

The team arrived piecemeal to the meet, but all on time. The area was covered well with cameras, but it was obvious there were some defense budget problems given the state of the turrets. Al-Ahmar delivered a holo-bracelet to Bannerette in order to attend via matrix, and Bannerette obliged largely out of curiosity. The Runners shared a drink with the J (or most of them, anyhow) and were offered 10k nuyen for the job. The J was surprised at the lack of negotiation, but the runners were fine with the price, so they went ahead with the job.

The Plan

First, do the necessary legwork and get as much information about security and the lay of the land as possible. After that, insert on an upper layer floor through the use of levitation. Finally, egress in the same manner after destroying the evidence and collecting some of their own.

The Run

The run began well, with the team collecting a wealth of information. Entire floor plans, guard rotations, astral information, and more. The team was able to identify a nearby building that they could launch from for levitate, and climbed it with little issue. Moving across the narrow gap 17 stories above the ground, they began their sweep of the 17th floor. In the midst of their advance into the building, Al-Ahmar managed to locate the technomancer responsible for operating most of the security drones. The team swiftly moved in to capture them, but accidentally set off a drone loaded with smoke grenades, alerting the whole building that there was an ongoing intrusion. In the midst of the confusion, the runners still broke into the central control area, dispatching the drones and technomancer within; However, they also accidentally fried most of the evidence within, leaving most of it irreparably damaged. The technomancer was trauma patched, and carried along with them up the stairs to do a final sweep before making an escape. The team ran straight into the opposing HTR team, which was promptly stomped. After a final burst of violence, Marionette placed a grappling line which the runners used to leave the building rapidly.


Technomancer extracted and delivered to Ex-Firewatch as a bonus. Evidence that Horizon was performing false flag operations secured.


10k nuyen
15 karma
+10 rep with Ex-Firewatch
-10 rep with Horizon
+2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This was an exciting run! For awhile, I felt like I was a real operator again. Right up until everything went sideways and we had to rush, anyways. I wish I could get more serious runs and teammates, but the world takes all kind. Plus, that technomancer made a nice bonus. Though, I'm not sure why I got called a "waifu".. I'll have to look that up later and figure out what it means.


it was an interesting job alright, for a moment it felt like the team was coordinated an actual unit, unlike normal times.. also the last time i worked with military or ex-military was back home.. felt nice.

Heart of the Tempest

That was fun, sneaking around keeping everyone invisible 'til a drone exploded into smoke when I shot it, and then things got properly fun. We blew through the drones, captured a techno, and even that adept's spellshielding wasn't a match for a true Runemaster.