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Factions Involved
Ace Powers
Hot Mess
John Brown
El Ellie
The Flaming Skeleton Soldiers (Local Touristville gang)


The team was hired to stage a break in on a warehouse in Touristville to make it look like some idols had done the break-in themselves, as well as to promote and provide security for the rave that the idols were hosting there the next night. They promoted the party on the club scene, broke in to the warehouse, and got the rave going pretty well before a few local gangers showed up trying to ruin the fun. Luckily, the runners were able to


The runners responded to a ad on the Haven from Ace Powers by calling the Horizon talent a were given instructions to come meet Ace at a fancy Bellevue restaurant, and to come "not dressed as runners".

The Meet

Ace told the runners that he was on the verge of creating a whole new movement in the Seattle J-Pop scene: grunge. The idols may not have liked it, but he was convinced it was the future of music, and the fusion was gonna be great. In order to get the ball rolling, he needed the runners to break into the warehouse Horizon had bought in Touristville, making it look like it was the idols doing it, as well as promoting and providing concert security for the rave. The team agreed with it, and, after some negotiation, settled on a price for the job.

The Run

The team began with John Brown and Baron spreading the word about this new party at the Touristville club scene, which was pretty successful, as Shiro set up an equally successful horde of bots to promote the rave. With that done, the team went to the venue the next day to get the footage. Ellie tried to throw a rock through the window of the warehouse a few times, but being very bad at throwing, it didn't work too well, so John Brown used Physical Mask to look like an idol and a channeled guardian spirit to throw a rock, so the team got the footage they needed. Hot Mess picked the lock to the warehouse, and they started getting ready to party. John's guardian spirit also allowed them to send the venue's devilrat infestation to another warehouse (one run by the triads) nearby, while a task spirit helped clean up the droppings and rearrange the garbage in the place to be a bit more aesthetically pleasingly arranged.

When the time came to open the doors, it became pretty clear that the promotion was a success. The warehouse was packed, and it was time for Ellie to go onstage. Backed up by the entire third string of battle idols, she killed it onstage, while Hot Mess provided pyrotechnics (and security) via flamethrower, Shiro provided Matrix overwatch, and Baron and John got a mosh pit going. Things were going great until the party was crashed by some local gangers calling themselves the Flaming Skeleton Soldiers (a name that Hot Mess would make considerably more literal as the night went on), who were upset that the rave was "on their turf". The team made their way to the disturbance (in Ellie's case, by crowd surfing) and got to work.

Some gangers fell to Hot Mess's flamethrower, while others threw away their weapons and danced uncontrollably at the urging of John Brown. The ganger decker had his deck bricked by Shiro, and the ganger mage tried missed Hot Mess with a spell before getting overcome with the need to dance instead of fight, then ran away when Baron and John Brown both summoned spirits. All of this was greatly aided by El Ellie's pacifist aura, which made all combat much harder for everyone but Hot Mess, who pre-edged his roles to ignore the limit reduction. The spirits pursued the fleeing mage, as well as the other remaining ganger who followed him, and they were captured and released later onto the street.


The Horizon battle idols are thriving, and a strange new wave of grunge-pop is sweeping through the Seattle J-Pop scene. Also, a triad warehouse now has a devilrat infestation.


  • 22k nuyen
  • 3 karma
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

John Brown:

Well, I don't think I've ever been on a run quite like that one. Is this what Horizon runs are usually like? I felt like a PR influencer, and now I think I need a shower. Nobody shot at me once, and honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about that. It feels dangerously close to the straight and narrow. I don't think I even did any crimes in that whole run.


Well... I can cross being Idol off the list. We get hired by this Ace Powers guy zo pretend wir are Idols breaking into some abandoned warehouse and hosting Grunge-Pop party. Jonny und Ich spread the rumors like wildfire about it, next step is breaking in... Ellie spends 5 minutes throwing a rock at the glass. Jonny channels a spirit to break the glass. Then he also asks the devil rats to go into a Triad Warehouse, with my deduction powers i determine best placement for their droppings. Few gangers show up, but they end up confused while doing the worm on fire.