Ladies and Gentlemen, The Eric Andre Show!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, The Eric Andre Show!
Part of It's Always Wednesday in Seattle
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Horizon
Chloe Green
Trash Panda
John from IT
Andross Bay


A Johnson hires Trash Panda, Flow, John from IT, and Ikari to plant incriminating evidence at the workplace and on the commlink of a series director working for a Horizon subsidiary. They also swap his novacoke with K-10, causing him to go berserk in a public place and trigger a KE investigation.

The Meet

The team meets the Johnson at an empty warehouse near the bar district of Touristville. He informs them that he wants to incriminate Andross Bay, a Pathfinder Multimedia series director famous for trash streaming series. He provides data for them to plant on his personal commlink and his work host at the temporary studio in Touristville. He additionally provides them with 4 doses of K-10 that are to be swapped out with his novacoke injector, which he will be expected to use during the Industrial Light and Magic 2081 Conference in Downtown Seattle. The Johnson specifies that he would prefer they abort the job rather than arouse suspicion of foul play, as that would prevent his character assassination from being drawn out by a public KE investigation. The team pushes for more pay and settle on 4,000 up front with 16,000 held in escrow.

The Run

While John searches for information on Andross Bay, Flow enters the Pathfinder Multimedia set's host and hides the first data chip's contents in some of Bay's files. While poking around she's identified by a lucky Patrol IC, who informs the on-call spider. She has to reboot, but since the host and set are being taken down and have been unused, the spider decides to shut the host down. John reports back that the new series had finished filming last week and the set/host was being recycled. He also reports Bay's conference schedule, hotel, and personal commcode.

Flow legally enters the Four Seasons Seattle Conference Center host and begins looking for a room list, but can only find a floor plan and a nested security host. She has to reboot after finding her host mark especially difficult to scrub. After bullying John into helping even though it was now late at night, Flow and John break into the nested security host and work together to speedily obtain the room list, security SOP, and HVAC plans, with Flow blinding the Patrol IC to buy John more time.

Referencing the floor plans and security procedures, the team realizes that there is heavy magical security coverage and that the conference will feature extremely heavy physical security during normal working hours. Identifying that there will be a new series advertised there that glorifies whaling during the Victorian era, Ikari calls Chloe Green and uses the matrix to organize a large environmental protest to help push security forces towards the perimeter of the conference center. They tell the protesters to gather outside the main conference hall entrance. The physical security plan is adjusted to account for this. Deciding that infiltrating the conference directly would be too risky, Flow and Trash Panda instead opt to pose as drunks returning to their rooms very early on Wednesday, a few hours before Ikari's protest would reach its high point.

Flow uses resonance veil to trick the elevator keycard readers get them to the 11th floor where Andross Bay was staying. TP checks for the patrolling air spirit and watcher spirits before using Stealth on the door, while Flow resonance veils the room lock, permitting TP to sneak in and quickly locate the director's drug stash. She swaps all of his remaining novacoke with K-10. The two stumble back out of the hotel, explaining that one of their friends got lost and needed to be brought back to the hotel.


At approximately 9:50 AM on a Wednesday, Andross Bay bursts through the first floor plate glass window of the conference center just before he was set to give his first presentation. He spear tackles the nearest protester while screaming unintelligibly, completely destroying them. He is chased by four KE officers attempting to stop and arrest him, but Ikari casts Influence on one of the officers to attack a protester and starts a riot. Andross Bay, already suffering from wounds, eventually succumbs to his K-10 crash and dies.


  • 20,000 Nuyen
  • 6 karma
  • 2 CDP
  • TP keeps the three doses of novacoke and one dose of K-10
  • Ikari leads a protest downtown and keeps 1 Public Awareness.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Frankly, it's not like whaling is a huge issue in 2081, what with the Sea Dragon and the Meistersingers in the water... even then, I'm very happy to incite against Horizon and their puppets, and starting a riot against Knight Errant is... satisfying.


A run with Panda! Today was a good day! Our infiltration went perfectly and John's a wonderful person to have alongside me in the Matrix.