Pirates of Elliott Bay

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Pirates of Elliott Bay
Working out the logistics of how to move a 5600-kg statue is harder than you might think.
GMKorean BBQ
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved


The team steals Michelangelo's David from a Horizon-owned Lurssen Mobius for Mr.Rudd


The runners receive a message stating that the Johnson needs some items retrieved from a boat that is coming into harbor soon.

The Meet

The team arrives at the meeting location, a basement apartment near the Tacoma docks. He introduces himself as "Mr. Rudd," and he's clearly not a corporate Johnson; the team infers that he probably has some black market connections.
Rudd explains that he's after some art on a boat that will be coming into harbor in two days. He wants the team to "pillage" the boat, and, when pressed, he tells them he's after a "real Michelangelo" piece that it's carrying. After some pressing for information, he reveals that the boat is called the Moby Dick, and that it's carrying Michelangelo's David. And that somebody's already tipped off KE and the Coast Guard to the fact that someone may plan to steal it. Rudd offers the group ¥22k for the job, begrudgingly making that per head when Vip3r asks for clarification, and alternatively offers the runners their picks from his selection of boats that he has at the docks.

The Plan

Vip3r runs a Matrix search on the Moby Dick. The boat, owned by a massively wealthy Horizon corp exec, is painted bright white and likely has a security system akin to most expensive homes, complete with cameras, sensors, and probably some drones. She finds the schematics for the Mobius publicly available on the Matrix, and guesses that David is most likely in the cargo hold.
The problem is that David is a massive statue weighing approximately 5600kg, and will be extremely difficult to move and transport.
Flyboy is reasonably sure that his Corsair Panther can handle the size and weight of the statue without much of a problem. Numerous solutions are discussed, including stealing loading drones or cargo cranes or having Vip3r possibly brick the Mobius's systems. Eventually, the group decides to move the statue by winch with the aid of some industrial lubricant, while Rabbit uses her explosives to either blow the Moby Dick's engines or take out some members of the following convoy. They plan to rely on stealth, approaching under the cover of night and hopefully avoiding detection by whatever security accompanies the boat.

The Run

Loaded onto the Panther and decked out in pirate hats and eyepatches, the team approaches the Moby Dick the following night. It's being trailed by four GMC Riverines and two Wavecutters. The convoy has two security spiders aboard, watching out for Matrix threats--but for all their vigilance, Vip3r manages to slip under their radar as she hacks the Mobius's doors and commands them to open for Scurvy, who grapples over with the supplies needed to move the statue. In the cargo hold, he discovers two corpsec guards keeping watch, and Vip3r spoofs command from a higher-up's commlink to tell them that they're needed elsewhere on the boat. This allows Scurvy to set up the system that will get the statue out.
Meanwhile, Rabbit grapples over to the Wavecutters to plant her two plastic explosive charges, one on each of their engines.
Scurvy lowers David out of the Moby Dick and onto the Panther. The transfer is made smoothly, and once Rabbit and Scurvy are back on the sailboat, Flyboy pilots away stealthily. With some distance between them, Rabbit detonates the explosive charges and the Wavecutters sink.


Flyboy sails away undetected, and the team is able to hand the statue off to Mr. Rudd without issue.


Korean BBQ offered the runners a choice between ¥22k and 4 Karma or ¥56k worth of boat-related expenses and Mr.Rudd as a 2/1 contact, as well as 2 CDP.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


There's no way this isn't making the news tomorrow.


Well this could have all gone horribly, horribly wrong very quickly. Glad it didn't though. Honestly, after we'd figured out how we were actually going to get the statue of the Mobius it was, excuse the pun, all plain sailing.