Dazed & Confused

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Dazed & Confused
LocationDowntown Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Alessa P
Ace Powers
Fluster Carolina Petrovski
Casualties and losses
Flusters Sanity For a Few Days.


Fluster went to look into an issue horizon was causing for The Daze. They had started funding bars in Redmond which was sucking money out of downtown bars(much like The Daze itself). She asked Fluster to look into it.


Carolina Petrovski, in an attempt to "Clean up" Redmond, started a project to support Redmond's bars and musical performers. Her Intent was that by taking the money, the bars had to push away the people Horizon didn't Vet. The people she was mostly targeting for denial being criminals.

The Meet

Alessa called fluster into the bar for privacy so she could explain the situation. Due to Horizons activities, her bar was starting to come under business pressure with even more people going out of Downtown to spend there money. Alessa expressed concern that her messages to fluster had been Squelched as well. Fluster Ended up having a Talk with 8Ball to look into the Squelching while she got started with her plan.

The Plan

Fluster Reached out to Ace and traded her time to him for his assistance with getting a meet to talk to Carolina Petrovski, who was the one in charge of all of this and was the reason it was so concerning. He instantly agreed, and set that meeting up for her the next day. Fluster proceeded to take the rest of the evening acquiring Horizon clothes. Before she went in, she cast a small spell to enhance her charisma.

The Run

Fluster enters the building and is lead right to Carolina Petrovski's office, a piano playing itself in the background. After social pleasantries were adhered too, talking about the music, they quickly got into the meat of the issue. Carolina presented a classical horizon speech about her concern for the less fortunate in Redmond and how this entire plan was to cause detriment to the criminal elements, including lots of flavor about how she felt bad about she had handled things historically. Fluster attempted to lead her along into some logical conclusions, failing initially, but then she brought up a fair point that stuck. That her indirectly causing money to shift away from downtown was her indirectly taking money away from the Face of Seattle and weakening its display to the rest of the country and its tourists. She decided to halt her current project in favor of finding new ones in the future that wouldn't eat from downtowns economy specifically with that in mind. Finally, in exchange for Voiding Ace's deal with her to get this meeting in the first place, fluster agreed to at least look at the proceeding job she posted when it appeared on Shadow haven through official networks.


Fluster brought the good news home to Alessa, both of them cringing over the events that seem to be approaching. In the meantime though, the issue was handled, creating a little breathing room for The Daze.


(Medium, 10 RVP)

Initiation ordeal for Fluster

2,000 Nuyen (1 RVP)

9 Karma (9 RVP)


+1 Horizon Reputation

1 Chip on Alessa P

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

FUCK THAT BITCH. Fucking Snakeoil lady trying to get me to buy into sneaky trog racism... My only credit I give her is that she was pretty fucking good at her job at least, explains why she was there. I just want to go take a bath and hope whatever else she comes up with doesn't make this shit worse.