Versus Battle: Clowns Vs. Go-Gangers

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Versus Battle: Clowns Vs. Go-Gangers
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Horizon... maybe.
Lil' Boomer
Princess Hurley
Frosty Taiga
Various Halloweeners
Casualties and losses


Horizon hires some runners under slightly false pretenses to be on their trideo show, Versus Battle: Clowns Vs. Go-Gangers.


Horizon likes to hire runners occasionally and record them doing dumb stuff. In this case, they wanted to set up a massive fight between some clowns and some go-gangers and just record the shenanigans.

The Meet

The four runners show up to the meet in Snohomish, meeting with a Horizon producer. They're offered 12k nuyen a head to stop some Go-Gangers from hurting people. After some negotiation the team and the producer reach an agreement to be paid 24k nuyen BUT Horizon can record them openly.

The Plan

There was no plan, the runners just went to a stadium conveniently provided by Horizon (that they claimed they'd funnel the Halloweeners into) and set up firing positions.

The Run

A giant semi-truck and two thundercloud morgans drive into the arena. The semi-truck has a Bane-wannabe Troll on top, and speakers playing theme music, and after they approach the runners he jumps down and challenges them to a fight. After lots of machine gun fire, grenades, spirits, etc. one of the Morgans ends up exploded, Bane-wannabe ends up unconscious (in physical overflow), and Horizon is happy to have gotten some great shots.


Rambozo and the team convince Horizon to let the runners explode the semi-truck while one of their CU-3s is inside it for a great shot. It explodes to ABBA's Dancing Queen. Additionally, LB kills Bane-Wannabe and takes his fingers as snacks.


  • 24k nuyen
  • Ace Powers at Loyalty 1
  • Fame: Local (Seattle) as Horizon's new show Versus Battle: Clowns Vs. Go-Gangers gets really popular OR -1 karma + Honest Face

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