A Shadowrun Based on Weary by Mal Blum

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A Shadowrun Based on Weary by Mal Blum
Part of Extra Life
LocationTouristville Redmond, Seattle
Factions Involved
Frag Face
Casualties and losses
None 1 Horizon Johnson/Agent was arrested by Lone Star
5 Haloweeners need new clothes and weapons


Horizon star wants the team to prevent her agent from cutting a feed while she makes an on the air confession.


The Johnson was convinced by her agent to screw over her brother, and she has come to regret this. She is miserable and wants to make it right. She plans to confess live on a late night talk show, but needs the team to make sure the agent can't cut the feed and scrub social media.

The Meet

Team met the J and begin discussing the job. After agreeing on a price and the exact nature of the job it was agreed that the agent shouldn't be killed, but should be unavailable for the duration of the show. Additionally, anything that might shame the agent may help to preserve the Johnson's reputation, and would be a nice bonus which may help should favors be called in later.

The Plan

The team discusses various options, and considers how to nab the target without giving Horizon's spin department much to work with in the court of public opinion. The idea comes up that after nabbing the target in secret without anyone knowing about it, they would arrange for the target to be found by Lone Star at a shady bunraku parlor, sleeping off a Pixie Dust high. Lone Star would then have a field day with this, doing a lot of the dirty work of the runners for them, keeping the target in custody for long enough for the job to be considered complete, and creating a scandal big enough to hinder the target's attempts at damage control.

The Run

Once the team had a plan, they began tapping contacts and asking around for information. The team hoped to find an appropriate time to nab the target, and learned that the target occasionally left the Horizon towers to meet with "SINless talent". After some digging, the team realized the target's security was too big for a mere agent, rather it was more what you'd expect from a corporate Johnson. With this in mind, the team followed the assumption that the "SINless talent" would be runners, and eventually found out that the target would be meeting with some "SINless talent" in a place in Touristville. Rumor has it that the talent are Haloweeners.

When it came time for the target's Johnson meet, the team intercepted the Haloweener team, and intimidated the pants off of them. You might assume that to be a figure of speech, but you would be wrong. The team took the clothes of the gangers and dressed up, impersonating them to attend the meet just to get some face time with the target.

At the meet, the team played along, learned the target wanted to hire the Haloweeners to burn down a cereal factory, but the team eventually got tired of maintaining the charade and knocked out the Johnson. Someone flicked the Johnson's jammer to shut off the whitelist, jamming all signals, but security already had become aware something was wrong via the biomonitor the Johnson was wearing. Howler cast Improved Invisibility on all 5 people present, and the team slipped out in the confusion. The target was forcibly given Pixie Dust to wipe their memory of the meet.

After a little calling around, the team found an appropriate Bunraku parlor and paid to have the target set up in a room with some puppets around her waiting for her to wake up. After that, Howler's fixer called a Lone Star contact, but Howler had to agree to a job in order to get Lone Star to mobilize for the raid.

The team hung back and waited for the officers to show up, and discover the carefully crafted scene.


  • A Horizon star confessed her regret over the way she mistreated her brother live on the air of a late night talk show. Possible reconciliation is in the future, as well as a likely end to her career.
  • A Horizon Agent/Johnson was arrested by Lone Star after being caught patronizing a Bunraku parlor. Scandal! Horizon's spin division is doing what it can.
  • A Fixer for the Haloweeners was burned. As far as Horizon knows, it was the Haloweener team that betrayed their Johnson, knocked her out, and set her up to get arrested. The fixer insists the Haloweeners were jumped and robbed and never made it to the meet, but multiple witnesses reported seeing Haloweeners enter.


¥20,000 nuyen. 5 karma

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Howler's After Action Report

Howler laughed as she collapsed in a decaying overstuffed armchair barely held together with enough duct tape to build a boat. They had really gotten away with it. Nobody knew they were involved, nobody knew the truth. The trick was inspired. The team needed to get a target out of the way, and make them look bad to minimize their ability to do damage control. Easy enough. A little kidnapping and setting them up on the wrong end of a Lone Star Bunraku bust...

Frag. That was a problem. Howler's Fixer, Carlos, had made some promises on her behalf. Now she was on the hook doing this drek scouting job. She'd have to scout out this Ares facility to confirm a bug spirit presence, then she could get out. She hated the idea, but she was stuck with it. Carlos would have to owe her a favor for this, and when it came time to cash in Howler was gonna make sure it was damn well worth it.