OtherCon and RRP Sign Cooperation Agreement, Proposed Rezoning, Airport Traffic

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Date: 2081-06-09 By: News Van Dan

News Van Dan here, and I have some good news and some bad news; let's start with the good. Last night representatives from OtherCon and the Redmond Rejuvenation Project LLC met and signed a cooperation agreement laying out a long term strategy for providing local employment and improving the lives of those living in the Barrens. There were a few provisions supporting changeling rights and a legal framework for establishing fair land use rights, along with methods for how to de-conflict ownership between long-time residents. Good stuff, right? A total fluff piece, like something you would expect to see carefully sandwiched between two feel-bad stories on Horizon News Network.

Here's the bad news: this deal has had absolutely zero coverage by any of the corp-owned outlets despite the fact that they had people there to report it. Instead we were fed a few stories about how hard the corps are working to tear down those dilapidated apartment complexes and replace them with new office buildings on the cheap, because we all know that sort of trickle-down economics drek works, right? Keep in mind that people still live there, but hey, they're just in the way of progress. And just to put the cherry on top, my sources say there are some proposals for rezoning Redmond in the works.

Possibly related, you decide: a whole lot of construction equipment and heavy aircraft are being airlifted to Sea-Tac. Some of my people say it's all coming in from Russia and Japan, but things have been delayed to some issues with Sea-Tac's air defense drones.