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Date: 2082-04-07 By: News Van Dan

News Van Dan here chummers. Your one-stop-shop for all the news that the Corpos don't want you to hear. This week I've got something spicy for you. An anonymous source wanted me to run it to ya. Ol' Dan knows that when someone gets this excited, you can't shut them down. The info's gotta be free! So here I am spreading it far and wide. If anyone else has a piece of info they want thrown into the world, contact Dan. 100% anonymity guaranteed.

Anyway, here's the news:

Exposé! Johnny Spinrad is Dunkelzahn?!

Alright. I know already half of you are looking to close the page and the other half are laughing, but that's how they get ya. They hide in the cracks between truth and lie and make it seem like the truth is too strange to believe! I discovered this piece of information and the very next day, there was a corporate mind mage waiting outside my apartment to wipe my mind!

Here's what I've got so far. Obviously we know that Dunkelzahn and Johnny Spinrad aren't the same person. I mean, there's obvious footage of the two of them at different places at the same time, and during his presidential campaign, the big D was almost always being watched. At least until August 9th, 2057 when the whole planet saw him blow up! Doesn't it seem strange though, that a Great Dragon can be done in by a simple car bomb? There's been every theory under the sun, that Dunkelzahn didn't want the weight of being President, that the Corporate Court all teamed up to take him out, even that Nadja Daviar organized it to get access to his will, but what if the plan wasn't from outside, but from within?!

Why do I think that? Well, what else happened in the 2050s? Spinrad won the Monaco reconstruction project and then Sol Media got the information about their illegal experimentation in Marseilles. Johnny was crushed when his corporation went from a AA to an A rating and spiraled into drink, drugs and lovers. Neither the big D or Johnny Spinrad were seen for years.

Here's where it gets interesting. I think Johnny gets a little too wasted one night and stumbles out and meets someone unfamiliar. This unfamiliar person tells Johnny that there's still hope, and that Sol Media will pay for what they've done. All he has to do, is go lay low, and not question it when another Johnny Spinrad shows up. Who is this mystery person? Well it's Dunkelzahn of course! Laying low after faking his own death. Now why would Dunkelzahn do that, and why would he care about Johnny Spinrad's problems?

Think about who Sol Media was owned by back then! Saeder-Krupp! When you think Saeder-Krupp, you immediately think Lofwyr. That's right! Dunkelzahn and Lofwyr always had their problems, as political as they played it.

So Dunks takes over as Johnny Spinrad, and starts using that giant dragon brain to rebuild Spinrad Industries. He's still got the real Spinrad on as a consultant, but he makes all the real decisions. Dunkelzahn also uses a bunch of back-alley connections from his time as a talkshow host and his election campaign to make inroads that Spinrad would never had. By 72, they're back up to AA and still growing, almost like they knew an audit was coming. So when it hits in 77, Dunk-as-Spinrad just finishes a bunch of paperwork and pulls in a bunch more corps under Spinrad's umbrella. Including that pesky Sol Media, right out from under Lofwyr. When was the last time you heard of a human going up against a dragon and coming out ahead? It was obviously more dragon-on-dragon posturing!

But that wasn't enough for Spinrad and Dunks. They needed to deliver a solid blow to the Golden Dragon, and so when the Lockdown happens and NeoNET gets taken apart and Richard Villiers needs a "pawn" to put onto the Court until he can reclaim his seat? Whose he find but Johnny Spinrad, someone that no one took seriously.

SpinGlobal's image as being goofy and "SpinRadical" isn't just PR, it's a smokescreen! A smokescreen that obscures that there's now a second dragon on the Corporate Court, and we all better be on the watch for others, or pretty soon it'll be all dragons at the top!