Tunnel Collapse in Redmond May be Linked to Aztechnology

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Date: 2081-08-05 By: News Van Dan

News Van Dan here - now we all know Horizon will never report on anything in the Redmond Barrens unless it's that it just up and disappeared one day, but even then I have my doubts! But you can't stop the signal!

I have it on good authority that the collapse of one of the underground tunnels beneath the Redmond Barrens was no accident. Several anonymous sources point to are believed to be a runner team performing an extraction in the Underground right before reports came in of people spotting Aztechnology's infamous Leopard Guard moving through the outer districts of the underground. No one that I can find remembers ever seeing them leave! But there is now a giant hole in the ground in the Redmond Barrens which people reported looked like a hardware den of some kind before the neighborhood watch kicked everyone out of the area.

Mistah Jay:

We have it under control.  Aztechnology is no longer operating under the Redmond Barrens to the best of our knowledge.

Now, I know a cover up when I see one - and I don't care how good of an activist Jay is, I know he's not telling me everything. Just what were Leopard Guard doing in Redmond? Does this have a connection to the horrific ritual murders that took place a month ago? What exactly was in that place before the Azzies blew it to hell and back?

Never stop questioning! There's always more to the story than meets the eye!