Redmond Kidnapping Spree, Drones Abroad

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Date: 2081-05-31 By: News Van Dan

News Van Dan here, and I've got some shady drek to share with you. Over the past week there's been a spike of kidnappings in Redmond. At least 13 women have disappeared from some of the quieter neighbourhoods around Touristville. No known connection between the victims or eyewitness report so far, but there is evidence of professional forced entry and minor struggles. Now, this seems too clean and far-reaching to be regular gang activity. Some of my sources hint that this could be part of some corporate, perhaps MCT, black bag scheme. Others claim that a new Yakuza group operating out of Redmond is responsible, and have begun "recruiting" for their Bunraku parlours. Personally, I think it's got something to do with the next bit of news I have to share with you.

In the same timeframe as the kidnappings, there have been reports of multiple heavily armoured drones moving through Redmond airspace. I've confirmed these reports myself, and let me tell you I do not want to tangle with whoever has that much firepower to leave loitering around. As of right now, I haven't managed to get any solid indication of their owners or purpose, but guns of that calibre won't be staying quiet for long. Stayed tuned.