Horizon Home Streaming Series Canceled, Drone Crash at Sea-Tac

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Horizon News Network

Upcoming Trid Series Work and Play Release Canceled after Director Andross Bay Allegations


Date: 2081-07-22

The highly publicized corpro-rom-com trid series Work and Play has been pulled from Horizon Home Streaming Services due to allegations of drug use, sexual harassment, and criminal conduct by the late Pathfinder Media director Andross Bay. Such behavior came to light after the Knight Errant investigation into his untimely passing during the Industrial Light and Magic 2081 Seattle conference, where he succumbed to a drug overdose. Pathfinder Media released the following press statement regarding the cancellation:

We are still mourning the loss of director Andross Bay and extend our sincerest condolences to his friends and family. The upcoming trid series Work and Play will be postponed indefinitely while the investigation is ongoing. Pathfinder Media will cooperate fully with the local Knight Errant authorities during their investigation.

Knight Errant has ruled the death accidental.

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Date: 2081-07-22 By: News Van Dan

A little late there, huh Horizon? Breaking news coming a week late, thanks in part to their failed attempts to scrub this whole incident from the public. Based on footage from protesters around the conference center, Andross Bay displayed the symptoms of a K-10 rage, though both KE and Horizon claimed that it was kamikaze overdose in their public reports. He's probably just the latest victim of this nasty drug, which has somehow gained traction with various circles in Downtown. Looks like people are looking for a stronger fix. Or maybe it was foul play?

Who's to say, but you'll find out as soon as I do. In the mean time, keep fighting the good fight; that protest was just what Downtown needed. Keep them honest.

Now here's one for all you conspiracy theorists out there: a couple of locals reported a security drone (jet-sized, mind you) at Sea-Tac crashing on the runway yesterday, but there's been zero network coverage of this major aeronautical incident. A few kind sources sent in pictures of what they could get of the aftermath, and you can see them here: <Airport_Incident.trid>

Sea-Tac public operations reports made note of the fact that they've hired a mercenary team that just so conveniently happens to be nearby to help fill in their security coverage gaps until all of the drones are inspected. That, and word on the streets says some pioneering young guns pulled off a data heist on the airport around the same time. Feels like one of those deals you should normally not brag about, but hey, who am I to tell someone how to live? Hopefully they weren't the cause. A lot of red flags on this one, folks. Stay tuned.