The Man With The Plan

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The Man With The Plan
Golden Suit


News Van Dan has a plan. Horizon is filtering their news feeds to keep the truth from the people, and he wants a team of runners to tap him into their raw feeds.


Team meets up nearby a bridge in Tacoma, and is met with a Foard Broadcast speeding towards them. It spins around and Dan throws the back doors open, inviting the team inside. Once inside, they take off again. Dan explains who he is, and goes off into corp conspiracy rhetoric as his justification for needing the team's help with this. He Asks them to get inside of the Horizon News Network section of a Horizon tower in Downtown, and install one of his datataps in one of their systems, giving him backdoor access into their host as he can then spoof the authorized terminal into requesting the data for him. The team negotiates him up a small amount, and Dan offers them a fairly impressive data packet both as a demonstration of his abilities and usefulness as a contact, and as a means to offer more value to justify the lower pay. The team agrees to the job and is let out of the van.


Spider does some matrix recon, and quickly decides that the Horizon host is too hard of a target to go up against. Instead, he does a matrix search to look for information on one of the leads in the floor the team plans to install the tap on, and looks up who cleans the facility.

They correctly figure the subsidiary which handles the janitorial contract is a much softer target, and hack their host, inserting burner sins for the team on as staff for that assignment for the day.

Using information they gained from the lead's routine, they wait for them at the local coffee shop where he gets a morning coffee every morning. A diarrhetic is palmed into his soycaff, and after he goes to the bathroom he is ambushed on his way out with some narcojet. He is taken care of and given some laes.

Shaoz disguises himself, and impersonates the lead. They go into the facility, and are followed by the "cleaning staff". The team makes their way up to the floor, and Shaoz is confronted by Ron, who is super obnoxious and keeps getting on his case about that report that he needed 2 days ago and can't do his job without and hey man I don't want to cause problems but if I don't get this done by the end of the day I'm going to have to explain whose fault it is that I never got the report.

Shaoz gets rid of him for a bit, and finally the rest of the team makes it up. They start deep cleaning the area of the lead's desk, and Ron returns. Ron is very suspicious, but the team gets rid of him. Ron goes to look into this.

They get the tap installed, and the janitor staff leaves. Ron comes back and explains he looked into things and saw something was suspicious about those cleaners, he alerted security. Shaoz convinces Ron that they stole his commlink, and goes to "talk to security". The team upon reaching the bottom floor, realize security is on alert, they choose to exit via the second floor parking garage access, leaping from the second level to the ground, and simply cutting their way through the fence with Paladin's sword.


  • The impersonated lead, Charles White, wakes up really confused the following day in a bar somewhere. His commlink missing.
  • Horizon knows something suspicious went down, but isn't entirely sure what. Reviewing the security footage helped them narrow things down to Charles's desk, and they worked out that someone was impersonating Charles. They may find the tap given enough time.


Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This... News Van Dan guy seems... like he's got a few screws loose. I think he means well. Pretty sure.