Five Dead In Barrens Gas Attack

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Date: 2081-08-05 By: News Van Dan

News Van Dan here - now we all know Horizon will never report on anything in the Redmond Barrens unless it's that it just up and disappeared one day, but even then I have my doubts! But you can't stop the signal!

Somehow, it seems that multiple Barrens gangs have gotten their hands on military-grade chemical weapons, and the people of the Barrens are paying the price. Last night, a gang-based turf war escalated to new levels with the use of the military-grade nerve agent Seven-7. It was deployed in grenade form in a bar, the basement of which was being used as a counting house by the Eighty-Eight triad, and from there it spread up the stairs and through the vents, poisoning patrons of the bar above. A nearby street shaman was able to provide some help, but the toxin claimed the lives of five patrons, injuring 8 more. It is unclear which gang deployed the weapon, or where they got it from, although there have been scattered reports of local arms dealers acquiring the toxin over the past week. Hopefully this is not the start of a new trend, and this tragedy will be the last such we see for some time.

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