Land Pirates, maybe?

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Land Pirates, maybe?
Part of None
LocationTacoma, Seattle, UCAS
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Dock Mafia??
Adrian Janussen
Black Chrysanthemum
King Louie



Greetings. It appears that the Black Chrysanthemum have started to expand their operations to the Tacoma docks. Several of my associates do not appreciate this development, and would like to create some complications for them.

The Meet

A motly assortment of persona meet in the matrix, "$THE_ADJECTIVAL_ANIMAL." a host in the outskirts. The Black Chrysanthemum have started to smuggle in Tacoma a week ago. The client doesnt much like that and pooled respirces to hire a team. They would like to make sure the Black Chrysanthemum don't easily recover but are vague on the means. The less collateral damage the better. The location, a segemnt of the tacoma docks. The J Adrian Janussen. It is possible the team might run into metahuman trafficing victoms, we are to lookout for them as well.

The Plan

Pretty simple, an invisible flyspy will do some basic recon. Following that the team hits the warehouses and sweaps throguh. Some local contacts were informed that a hit would be going down to limit collateral damage. Discussions were had to informing Knight Errent that a hit was occuring in hopes it would keep them away...That plan didn't actually happen.

The Run

Fluster cast improved invisibility Throwback's flyspy. With Marionette's help rigging it silent Throwback flew the drone through each of the buildings. 2 warehouses have 6 well armed guard each, one of the office builds is a makeshift barracks, 16 beds and 4 inside. The second office building is more secure, with 4 automated turrets facing inwards, possibly a prison building. The team drugged up and prepped to go in. Fluster doled out some preps and combat sense and the team prepped for entry.

ChromeDome and Marionette approached the door of warehouse 1, snowman a touch behind. Throwback and King Louie Took position on a nearby roof with rifles out. Throwback took a second to tag 2 of the guards inside and took aim on one of them while the team breached. ChromeDome kicked in the door and the fight was afoot. Gause shots exploded peoples heads while Marionette Snowman and ChromeDome engaged in close combat. The first 6 fell pretty quickly, but not before bringing ChromeDome to near death after multiple bursts to the chest. The remaining 10 guards fell quickly after that to a barrage of nerostun and frag grenades. Office 2 contained 4 turrets that were easily and quickly dispatched, resulting in resucing a few metahumans.


We released the metahumans. ChromeDome and Snowman each offered to help rehome them. The team reported to the J who was pleased with the results and paid out.


20k nuyen in cash (10 RVP)

6 Karma (6 RVP)


-30 Black Chrysanthemum rep


Shoot First, Don't Ask Questions in exchange for 2 RVP of stuff

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Throwback: "Well, that was a pretty straight forward job for once. Get in there shoot up some gangers and free some innocents. It paid well, I didn't get shot, the perfect run."

Fluster: FUCK that was fun, I've never gotten to actually set up a bunch of potions and go to town like that before. Plus everyone seemed quite down with what I was doing, so I think this strategy is working!

King Louie: "Ahhhh - the power of the Ares Thunderstuck in my hand is just the best feeling. Would have been a better job if the Yakuza were still bugs. But the money was good for a simple hit on them."

Snowman: " Got to work with the Maroon Midget again. We met on Matrix host, employer is probably a collection of local gangs that don't like that Black Chrysanthemum was moving in on their turf. Took the job cause it paid well and those shitheads are metahuman traffickers. One of the guys did a bit of recon with a drone then we kicked the door in. Started strong, triad dropping like flies, and then ChromeDome took a full auto blast to the fucking chest point blank. But we made short work of the the triad, Marionette is a scary mother fucker with a sword. Took care of chrome, set the victims free, got paid. Also fuck this pittly ass Ingram X I'm buying a mother fucking machine gun."