Dr. Hank Lawson

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Dr. Hank Lawson
Dr hank lawson.jpg
Concierge Doctor
Quick Witted
Contact OwnerBulldogc
Owner's Discord Namebulldogc#6020
Public Contact?Yes
LocationSeattle, Downtown
AgeMiddle Aged
Preferred Payment MethodCredstick
Personal LifeMarried
AspectsSurgical Expert
Black Market Pipeline
Cybernetics specialty
Cyber limb installation
Cyber Snob


Dr. Lawson is a personal home visit doctor to the rich and famous. He provides full feature concierge medical services within the confines of your own home. He is discrete, effective, and expensive.

Aspects Description

Aspect Description
Surgical Expert Dr. Lawson is an expert of medical surgery. Much of what he does for his clients outside of preventative checkups is the discrete installation of cybernetics.
Black Market Pipeline Sometimes the materials his clients desire are not strictly legal. Dr Lawson has some connects to obtain these not yet approved medical devices.
Cybernetics specialty Bioware is tough to deal with. Dr Lawson prefers to work with cyberware.
Cyber limb installation Dr. Lawson has a large business dealing with cyberlimbs. The rich really like their performance enhancements, and they like them shiny and expensive.
Cyber Snob Inferiors ware is beneath his clients. As such he almost exclusively sticks Alpha grade or higher ware (Grey, Tailored Grey, Beta, Delta).
"Pharmaceuticals" Sometimes his clients have some pain from their augmentations. Sometimes they just need something to take the edge off. Dr. Lawson has access to a number of different "pharmaceutical" aids available for his clients use.


Knowledge Checks 5 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Active Checks 9 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Gear Acquisition Checks 13 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Networking Checks 3 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety


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