Holding the Rempart

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Holding the Rempart
Part of Operation Hell's Gate
Status Threat Level: Extreme
Factions Involved
Le Bourguinion
Voice of the Whirlwind
Dr. Lollipop


A call for help from N-51 has been put out. Reinforcements are immediately needed and time is short or the hospital will be lost. The team quickly gathers and the run begins.

The Meet

N-51 is holding a line near the hospital. They need the team to locate a squad. 8-10 men with wounded held up in a gas station by Aztech forces. They want the team to rescue the squad.

The Plan

Plan is pretty simple, conceal the party with a spirit then try and sneak through the sewers past the Aztechnology line.

The Run

The team began to investigate the sewers. Mid way through they ran into a group of ghouls and the fight was on. The ghouls started throwing frag grenades which plastered Whirlwind, the rest of the team scattered. The ghouls quickly fell to combined assault form Throwback, Lollipop, and Whirlwind. After a quick round of first aid the team moved on. Throwback scouted out the remainder of the sewers with a flyspy and located an exit nearby the missing squad.

The squad was barricaded inside a building still taking fire. The team ran into the building and began providing aid. Throwback injected the wounded with savior nanites while the other team kept watch. The plan was to have the troopers retreat into the sewers while the team provides cover fire. Not soon after the plan was laid, a wall in the side of the building detonated catching some of the team by surprise. The troopers were only partially evacuated and the fight began. The runner team vs a blood mage, blood spirit, and some Aztechnology troopers. The team engaged as planned while the trooper retreated into the sewer. The Blood spirit nauseated most of the team. Dr. Lollipop put a 50 cal round through the mages head, liquifying him. The blood spirit immediately turned on the remaining Aztechnology troopers. With the mage and spirit out of the picture, the remaining 4 troopers easily fell and the team fled. The now freed blood spirit continued to wail on the unconscious troopers.

Back in the sewers the team escorted the troopers safely to the hospital facility. The rescued team took cover positions while the runners discussed the situation with the J. N-51 is ready to pull out, the team offers to help drive some of the wounded to their secondary facility. Upon arriving the team discussed payment with the J.


The team was treated to some basic medical care and the J offered them payment for a job well done. Some arms and armor were made available in leu of payment.


Run Reward for "Holding the Rempart" (Extreme 30 RVP)

20k nuyens (10 RVP)

18 Karma (18 RVP)

4 bonus CDP (2 RVP)


Optional Reward : Le Bourguinion (3/3) (5 RVP)

For Whirlwind : Mundane Ascenscion Cybersingularity Seeker (12 RVP)

For Lollipop : Mundane Ascenscion Brand Loyalty (UberMensch)

For Noir : An N-51 Standard FBA fba- helmet, fba chemseal, gear access, drag handle rad shield 6 gel packs helmet - lowlight, imagelink, thermal vision enhancement r2 (At Gear Rates so 50%)

For Throwback : A Barret Model 122 at gear rates as well Cybersingularity Seeker (12 RVP)

Side Notes : The N-51 is now considered maimed after receiving loses and having to go dark

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Throwback "Feel good run that gives out a sweet new rifle. Whats not to love about this. That blood spirt isn't, thats for sure....I guess I am better off having faced it though, its given me some real resolve and faith in my ware."
Dr. Lollipop "Oh yeah I still have it going on with Mr. Gigant and my RCC the UberMensch is simply the best on the market. It's a good thing that blood mages can't do much to me. But only a dead blood mage is a good blood mage."

Surtr "I'd never been shot before, so after the run I was rushed to the hospital. In a daze of confusion I can barely remember what happened... I think I met god, in the form of a giant blood devil. Yet something clicked for me on that run, and I think I understand myself a lot better. Not even FBA can keep me safe, so I'm gonna stick to being a buff mage from now on."