Operation Hell's Gate

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Operation Hell's Gate
LocationSeattle, Aztlan, Caribbean League
Status Threat Level: Prime
Factions Involved
Le Bourguinion
Aztechnology and Atzlan
Frag Face
Katherine Tyler
10x Soldier
Casualties and losses


After a long preparation and an ultimatum from S-K, N-51 tries to steal a Blood Hawk from a military base in Atzlan. To give the operation a better chance of success, N-51 hires some specialists from the Runner environment.


Starting with the Red Alarm run, N-51 launches a series of operations (e.g. Operation Physicus) to steal a Blood Hawk. While N-51 negotiates a deal with the UCAS military, which is willing to pay a large sum of money for the prototype and help N-51 in the future, the noose that S-K has put around N-51's neck due to the data theft tightens. Katrin Morgentau tells N-51 that they have only a few months left to steal the Blood Hawk for S-K. The consequences for not doing so have not been communicated, but they are expected to be severe and abrupt.

The Meet

Commander and Le Bourguinion receive the Runners at the N-51 base in Seattle. They brief the Runners on the plan, if they have not already done so, and ask them to think about it and develop alternative views. The data from Operation Acheron is made available to the Runners and they are informed that the deckers have been caught stealing the data. Commander also informs that there are mission plans for the Blood Hawk in the Seattle Pyramid to be picked up by Aztechnology. The offer of 100,000 Nuyen for the operation is accepted by the Runners.

The Plan

Glamor summons a spirit and uses its divination power to ask questions:

  • Q: What approach will give us the best chance of success?
  • A: Success depends on many factors - the human factor is the most important. You should have a team that is diversified. Follow the twisted path. You will be most successful if you define success in a way that you keep your life and refuse the job.
  • Q: Which groups in the area are most receptive to working with us?
  • A: Cocotona

The Runners have activated some contacts to help them:

  • Kate and Glamor use their contacts with Jane Dior and Legal Eagle to get in touch with Santiago the Face a high member of the Cocotona in the Seattle jail. They are able to send him a message and receive a response from Gabriela (the Naga) who agrees to meet in three days in Seattle at the Daze to discuss their matter.
  • Kate is able to convince Black Paladine to help them in the Matrix for a small payment of 2000 Nuyen. Black Paladine makes it clear that he will not take any risks at the sign of danger. He is ready to fly with his jet near the base of operations but only in neutral airspace. Again, he will not take any risks.
  • Shy tries to convince Chaplain Carmilla to support her with a Nuclear Spirit. When it comes out that the other side has a dragon, Carmilla refuses because she doesn't want to get herself and her master into trouble.
  • Lt.Cmdr. Yennefer Kerrigan sends 4 military anti-tank missiles to the runners.
  • Shy contacts Red Sonya and pays for her service in helping plan the mission. Sonya looks over the plan and points out some open questions and weaknesses. On a later meeting shy also hired her for scouting the base physically.
  • Glamor has a short conversation with Corf who pledges his support.
  • Glamor also contacts Bilge Council Jones who is willing to be in the vicinity waiting for a call in neutral waters. However, he is only willing to help the runners if it does not become too hot.
  • Kate contacts The Golden Hind who also provides an escape route for the runners, but it is over 600 kilometers away in a small harbor because The Golden Hind has to be careful not to get caught after all there is a big bounty on her head from Aztlan and Aztechnology.
  • Shy contacts Rachel Rosen and asks her about mercenary groups that have already worked against Aztechnology / Atzlan. She ends up with the 77th Independent Ranger Regiment "El Cuadrilla" and sets up a meeting with them. The rangers are willing to fake an operation in Aamazonia for a "donation" of 80,000 Nuyen. This would allow them to cross Aztlan with a convoy. However, they would be under escort by the Aztlan military, have to obey their instructions and can only stop at designated stations. Need 1.5 Weeks for preparation.
  • Glamor tried to get the commlink with the scedule of the blood hawk over Ru Xiao. Ru have a contact in the aztechnology pyramide in seattle but she don´t trust this contact 100%. The runner accept the risk. 3 days Later the commlink was placed on a dead mailbox in Tacoma. The runner go there to pick it up and run in a ambush from aztechnology. They easily defede the attackers but killed some civilian in the prozess. The public reaction can be read hear Building buries 15 citizens on St. Nicholas Day. The Data on the commlink didn´t look like they should look - its more a copy paste work.

With the help of Le Bourguinion, the team can set up a flight route and jump in the apron at a distance of about 100 km from the base. They take Red Sonya with them for this. They scout the base can discover all SAM positions and also take a look at the Blood Hawk. Also a cruiser lying at anchor with the name Dragon Tooth does not escape their attention. They activate the mission and N-51 flies to Aztlan with the help of Cocotona. After the first two days of observation in the Jungle, they receive word that infected people in Mil Spec Armor have been searching for Frag Face in the Ork underground. A little later, news comes in that the same squad, with some help, has attacked and torched N-51's base in Seattle.

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