Resident Evil : Ghoul

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Resident Evil : Ghoul
LocationSeattle, Redmond
Characters and Factions Involved
Fading of the Dawn
162s Gang (Ghouls) The Ravager
Casualties and losses

The Ravager (Tamanous Organ Legging representative)

26 Ghoul Gangers


Ron Wilder is an elven male in his early thirties, who is a simple family man that works as an accountant for Horizon. He's the father of two children, and he lives a mundane life. However, a fateful night would occur where he would be returning home from work, only to be ambushed by a band of ghoul gangers from the 162s. He was captured and taken back to a hideout that was located at Redmond Barrens. The 162s struck a deal with Tamanous Organ Legging, and the deal was as follows :

  • Tamanous Organ Legging wanted to exploit Ron Wilder's elven bodyparts via severing his limbs and organs off, while keeping him alive with a drug called Immortal Flower. They would only do so much damage to him at a time to prevent essence loss. This would allow Ron Wilder's bodyparts to regrow naturally at alarming speeds, in order for Tamanous to sever more copies of those limbs for sale.
  • The deal with Tamanous and the 162s goes further : Copies of Ron Wilder's limbs and parts would be used for the ghouls (those without regeneration) to swap their own parts with pristine elven flesh. They essentially wished to have elven disguises so they could infiltrate other places, particularly the Ancients gang, in order to capture and kidnap more potential victims.

With that said, the 162s needed to wait for the Tamanous representative to show up and inspect Ron's health to make sure he wasn't infected, in order to maximize sales for elven limbs. As such, there was still a chance to save Ron before it was too late...


The team was assigned to meet with Mr. Johnson at the Banshee's Nightclub in Redmond. There, they met with Mr. Johnson along with several colleagues, and it is revealed that the Mr. Johnson is in fact a fellow runner who came into Seattle from San Francisco. His name is Thorium (Dwarf Mystic Adept), and he had a Hooder's mindset with his two comrades next to him being Kayo, the SURGEd human fox girl mystic adept, and Nukem, an Ork Street Samurai. He gave the details to the team that Ron Wilder needed to be rescued, and the ghouls that held him must be destroyed at the hideout. The location was given as Thorium and his team were previously tracking the case, but due to other unforeseen circumstances, they had no choice but to call in the runner team from Haven to pick up where they left off.

With the details given and the mission clear, the team would then set out to investigate. The location of the hideout was approximately 10 miles to the north east away from the Banshee's Nightclub.

The Plan

The team moved in carefully as to not alarm the ghouls that would be stationed at the hideout. The plan is to be discreet, to avoid detection as long as possible, in order to not get overwhelmed by ghouls, and not risk the chance of Ron being compromised. The ghouls are to be taken out with tactical and precise, silent kills, and if push comes to shove and the team must go loud, then they have the firepower and the might to back it up.

The Run

Approaching the hideout, the team scoped the area, checking for hostiles. A combination of drone surveillance from Grasshopper and Throwback, with heavy demolitions prepped from Hamilton's combat drone. Ember would be the stealth specialist for quiet melee takedowns, and Dawn would be the big, heavy hitting brute force that would be needed to push through once things got loud. Throwback was able to hack the rogue host responsible at the hideout with relative ease, and through it, he was able to sabotage the enemy host, taking full control over its systems : cameras and data terminals. From the data terminals, the team would learn the dark truth of what the real plans for Ron were, and this prompted greater urgency to rescue Ron before it was too late.

Hamilton and Grasshopper maintained watch on the outside as well, just in case... and it paid off. Ghouls who were grave robbing nearby were about to be on the move to head back into the hideout, which could end up flanking the rest of the team on the inside. Thankfully, Hamilton's combat drone, in addition to Grasshopper's sniping drone made quick work of the assailants before they could get a chance to catch wind of the infiltration going on.

Meanwhile, Ember and Throwback would continue to eliminate ghouls on the inside quietly with teamwork. However, Grasshopper's fly-spy would be able to locate Ron, who was strapped onto a table and being inspected by a cybered-up Troll with a deadly, monofilament chainsaw for one of his arms. He was called 'The Ravager', and he was indeed the representative from Tamanous Organ Legging that wished to execute the dark plans upon Ron's body.

Seeing this, it was time for Dawn to make her move. The time for stealth was over, and now urgency took full priority. Dawn would metamorph into her drake form, and alerted a ghoul along the way. However, she backhanded the ghoul with such immense force that it terminated the assailant before he could even get a chance to scream. Dawn would then crash into the room where Ron was, to immediately face off against the Ravager and the ghouls present in that room.

Meanwhile, Hamilton's drone moved in to tactically assist the team in eliminating the rest of the ghouls in the building. With a precise, well timed grenade that was fired from his drone, it landed in a room full of several ghouls that were taken completely off guard, and blown to bits. This immediately followed with Ember also hurling a grenade with the design of a tennis ball, catching more ghouls off guard in another room that would likewise, blow them to smithereens. Throwback would move forward to meet up with Dawn, providing additional support to open fire against The Ravager.

Dawn would stand her ground against the enemy gunfire and melee, including from the Ravager's deadly chainsaw. Her resilience proved to be exactly what was needed to keep the upper hand for the team, and she would return the punishment back at her enemies by tenfold. The ghouls stood no chance against her, even while ganging up on her. The Ravager however, was able to clash his chainsaw against Dawns dragon scales, causing some damage, but no blood was spilled. In retaliation, Dawn and Throwback would combine their might to beat down The Ravager, taking away his vitality bit by bit, until he was no more. Once the Ravager was killed, and Ron was secured, the remaining Ghouls had already lost.

Following this, the team made quick work of the remaining Ghouls who were in disarray at the situation. They would leave a trail of destruction via explosives, followed by gassing the building to ensure that all ghouls inside were eliminated. Once the team was outside with Ron in tow, Dawn would be doused in C-Squared as there were some ghoul guts splattered on her from the destruction, and Ron was given proper care and treatment to ensure he was not infected. With this, they returned Ron to Mr. Johnson, who rewarded them handsomely for their precise and professional work on a job well done.


Ron Wilder is safe, and he was returned to his family safely by the Mr. Johnson. He and his family would be informed of what happened, and Ron and his family are eternally grateful for the brave and heroic service that the runner team provided to ensure his safety. Mr. Johnson (Thorium) looks upon the runner team quite fondly, and he mentioned to the team that if more jobs come up that he finds, he'll inform the runners of anything particularly interesting.


20,000 Nuyen and 3 Karma




"First time out with my new toy, wow is this thing effective. Quiet, effective. I love it! worth every penny. The job went of flawlessly, a crappy host to hack, a silent entry. The they didn't know what hit them, and the team worked so well. More like that please."

Fading of the Dawn

Heh, an underground target, getting paid to kill the whole opfor, and the target was even passed out? Perfect opportunity to go full dragon, and they freaked the fuck out. Pistols and knives bounced off of my scales, and even that guy's chainsaw wasn't quite good enough to put me down. Plus, I didn't have to worry about contagion like most people.


People think me being small means I don't have the might to hit back and well. i'm good in melee for a rason