Incorrect owners (retry)

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Incorrect owners (retry)
Part of None
GMToaster tech
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Fading of the Dawn



The J has lost a package and wants it returned.

The Meet

The meet occurred in a park in Redmond, a suspiciously new bench placed in the park, the Lady J, a woman dressed entirely in black, sitting atop it. The job fairly straight forward. The J's boss has lost a briefcase, the result of an attack at a fueling station nearby. A datachip was provided with some footage of the attack. Not happy with the reward Janus managed to talk her up 2000Y. The team agreed and set to examining the evidence.

The Plan

Travel to the site of the attack and try to find some information about the attackers. While enroute the team would investigate the data chip material.

The Run

Arriving at the fuel station, the team discovered cleanup from the attack underway. Teenagers were wiping up blood stains and patching holes. Throwback convinced one of them to let him access the camera footage, while the rest of the team talked to the local mechanic who seemed to not be in shock. Throwback got further footage of the attack showing the team to be well organized gangers, meanwhile the rest of the team found some of the bodies of the dead attackers. On one of the bodies they found a symbol. FMJ and Throwback took to the matrix to investigate the symbol. This investigation lead the team to a parking garage used by the gangers. Being rich in armor the team set out with designs on a frontal assault.

At the garage the party did some drugs and assaulted the facility. The gangers had a trained war dog, a flame thrower, an HMG, a mage, and a number of grunts. The team took to their perfered method of combat and dispatched many of the crew. During the scuffle Janus spotted and grabbed the missing briefcase and both factions retreated. The job was completed.


The team returned the case to the J and got their pay without incident.


8k nuyen

2k from negotiation)

6 karma

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"Another day another payday, this one was simple, I love these simple gigs. Get In, Get the goods, get out, get paid what's not to love."


"I am beginning to worry my current persona is too...normal for the crowds I run with. Perhaps I should adapt a new identity, one that is more eccentric. Regardless, a simple mission with a simple payout, what more can be said? Note to self: although highly uncommon, fire is still very much a threat and should be prepared for, even in these modern days."

Fading of the Dawn

Heh. Heheheh. I stand out too much, little guy? Anyway, it went pretty well. Of course, any run I don't get assensed or have to go all out is a good run. We found some ganger corpses the fucking staff had just dumped in the trash, then Sir Boris and our matrix guys tracked them down, we kicked their faces in, and then grabbed the package and legged it.